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Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
Remote Capture Power Point
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Remote Capture Power Point


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  • 1.  
  • 2. What is Remote Capture?
    • The Fortis Remote Capture "best-of-breed" solution is a thin-client , web-browser based scan/import and index interface that seamlessly integrates with the Fortis document management system
    • Fortis Remote Capture is powered by Captovation's Web Capture module which lets you easily deploy browser-based document scanning and indexing as well as import at remote locations through a firewall . Prevent lost documents between sites
  • 3. Fortis Remote Capture Benefits
    • Documents can be scanned and indexed at their place of origination allowing companies to realize these major business benefits:
      • Reduce scanning requirements at central site
      • Eliminate shipping costs
      • Reduce labor costs
      • Improve customer service
  • 4. Fortis Remote Capture Features
    • Features:
    • Minimal Software Installation
    • Runs Within Browser
    • TWAIN-Compliant
    • Remote Database Linking
    • Database Linked Pick-Lists
    • Firewall Friendly (communicates via HTTP/S - port 80)
    • Centralized Administration
    • Auto-Populate Index Fields
    • Rotate and Deskew
    • Auditing of Remote Activity
  • 5. Why Fortis Remote Capture?
    • Easy Deployment and Use
    • Central Administration
    • Implementation Methods
    • Database Linking
    • Reliable Transmission
  • 6. Why? – Easy to Setup
    • Easy to Setup
    • Fortis Remote Capture requires no manual software installation at remote sites. The Web Capture Client is automatically downloaded and installed as soon as the user connects to the Web Capture Server.
  • 7. Why? – Central Administration
    • Central Administration
    • The Fortis Remote Capture system is administered through a web browser, allowing administrators to centrally configure scanning profiles.
  • 8. Why? - Implementation
    • Implementation
    • Captovation Web Capture supports three remote capture methods:
    • Scan/Import only
    • Scan/Import and index documents
    • Scan/Import and index batches (groups of documents). If indexing of documents is allowed, scanning profiles will determine which document fields are available for remote indexing
  • 9. Why? – Database Linking
    • Database linking
    • Fortis Remote Capture reduces data entry keystrokes and errors by allowing the indexing process to link to an external database and retrieve additional information.
    • For example, a user can quickly search a corporate database by customer name to retrieve and auto-populate a customer account number field.
    • The Web Capture Server performs all database searching to provide a firewall friendly and efficient method to search corporate databases.
  • 10. Requirements
    • Remote Capture Server requires:
    • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4.0 or above
    • Remote Capture Client requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or above (5.5 recommended) and a TWAIN compliant device.
    • In addition, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version 1.5.0 or above must be installed on any computer using Remote Capture Administration.
  • 11. Fortis Remote Capture Topology