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PPT PPT Presentation Transcript

  • Richard Byrom Consultant RPC Data 9 th June 2002
  • Discoverer Overview
  • Presentation Purpose
    • Provide you with an understanding of what Oracle Discover is and what it is capable of.
    • Demonstrate the capabilities of the product on a test system.
  • What is Discoverer?
    • Market leading end-user ad hoc query, analysis and reporting tool that is also web enabled.
  • What does it do?
    • Enables users at any level in an organization to gain rapid access to information stored in their transactional databases, data warehouses or data marts.
    • Provides powerful navigation and analytical capabilities such as pivoting, drilling, aggregations and calculations.
    • In an Oracle Applications environment, it provides and intuitive way for non technical end users (like execs and business analysts) to get rapid answers to business questions.
  • Discoverer Strengths
    • Ease of Use
    • Analytical Power
    • Scalability and Performance
    • Ease of Administration
    • Integration and Customization
  • Ease of Use
  • Business View of Database Information Hiding the complexity Database User’s View cl_addr1||','|| cl_addr2|','|| cl_addr3||', '|| cl_twn||', '|| cl_zipcode sum(nvl(qty* unit_price,0))
  • Strong Focus on Customer Usability One Click Operations
    • Wizard Driven
    • Tutorials
    • Reduced Learning Curve
    Drag & Drop Layout Interactive Dialogs
  • Single User Interface Discoverer for Windows Desktop Edition (c/s) Discoverer 3i User Edition Plus (java) Discoverer 3i Viewer Viewer (HTML)
    • Drill Down
    Drill Everywhere Europe France Paris
    • Drill Down
    Drill Everywhere Europe France Paris External Data
    • Drill Out
  • Analytic Power
  • Power and Simplicity You Demand
    • Answers to Analytical Questions
    • “ What are my top ten products...”
    • “ What is the 3 month moving average ...”
    • “ What is the cumulative sum of my sales by Region...”
    • “ What is the ranking of my sales this year compared to sales last year?”
  • Analytical Power at your fingertips !...
    • Calculator functions (+ - * / )
    • Intelligent (Sub)Totals & Percentages
    • SQL functions: Financial, Arithmetic, Logical, Analytic
    • Enhanced Data Aggregation
    • Custom functions - PL/SQL registered
    • Leverage Analytical Calculations: use with Conditions, Sort, Pivot and nesting
  • Empower your users Ratios Subtotals Rank
  • Nesting Analytic Power Nested Calculations: 1 sales yr ago : lag(sales, 4) 2 growth : sales yr ago/sales this yr 3 rank growth : rank(growth)
  • Performance & Scalability
  • Discoverer Architecture Application Server(s) Clients Internet users Metadata in DB Database Server (s) Database EUL Metadata Oracle9 i Application Server Oracle9 i Web Cache Oracle9 i Application Server Oracle9 i Application Server DMZ Load Balancing Firewall Support Multiple Servers internet
  • Cubic Client Cache Performance Client Oracle9 i Application Server Discoverer Services Client Session Database
    • Re-using cache
    • OLAP type access
    • Rapid drill & rotate
    • Re-using cache
    • OLAP type access
    • Rapid drill & rotate
    • Incremental Drill
    Client Database Oracle9 i Application Server Discoverer Services Client Session Cubic Client Cache Performance EUL ?
  • Advanced Query Prediction Performance
    • Uses the resources without showing results!
    Reactive Query Governor
    • Stops queries after a pre-set time
    Predictive Query Governor
    • Predicts time a query takes before execution
    • Does not waste valuable resources!
  • Batch Scheduling
    • Wizard Driven
    • User friendly scheduling
    • Easy management
    • Automatic notice when result set is ready or to expire
  • Detail Rows Summary Table Summary Redirection Select Store, Period, Product, sum(video_sales) From video_details Group by Store, Period, Product
    • Slow Table Scans
    • Machine Intensive Aggregation
  • Automatic!! Detail Rows Summary Table Summary Redirection Select Store, Period, Product, Sales From video_summary
  • Ease of Administration
  • Discoverer Administrator Easy End User Layer Management Easy Administration Bulk Load Wizard EUL Management Wizard Tutorial Installation
    • Oracle9i Discoverer Administrator
    • Populate Business Area
      • Hierarchies
      • Joins
      • Default Aggregates
      • LOVs
    • Create/Delete EULs
    • Sample schema and EUL for
    • training
  • Administrative Reporting
    • Which Folders are users querying most? Which Items?
    • Where are my long running queries?
    • Who owns what workbooks? When were they last used?
    • What are my users privileges?
  • Simplified Deployment Database Application X Application Application Application Application Application Application Oracle9 i AS Discoverer Services Application Browser Browser Java
  • Centralized Metadata Reports Metadata X Database Reports Metadata Reports Metadata Reports Metadata Reports Metadata Oracle9 i AS Discoverer Services
  • Discoverer Automated Summary Management
    • Discoverer Summary Wizard
      • recommends summary policies,
      • create summary tables with a single click,
      • allow users to view and fine tune policies as needed.
    Evolutionary solution for optimizing query performance!
  • Discoverer Automated Summary Management
    • 100%
    • Easy to use
    • Customize
    • Graphical
    : automated - summary policies : don’t need to be a DBA : the algorithm - tune for different policies : performance gain estimate
  • Customization & Integration
  • Discoverer Viewer Custom Look and Feel Standard Custom
  • Complete and Integrated BI
    • Oracle9 i AS OEM
    • Oracle9 i AS Reports
    • Oracle9 i AS Portal
    • Oracle9 i AS Web Cache
    • Oracle Single Sign On Server
      • Oracle Internet Directory
    • Oracle9 i Warehouse Builder
    • Oracle e-Business Suite
  • Discoverer integration with Portal Worksheet Portlet: Graph Worksheet Portlet: Crosstab List of Workbooks Portlet
  • Oracle e-Business Suite Business Intelligence Solution Financial Applications Query/Reporting Tools Manufacturing Applications Business Intelligence System OLAP Applications Application Product Tables Logical Data Model Business Views Discoverer EUL
  • “Out of the Box” Oracle e-Business Suite Integration
    • Native Oracle Application Security
      • Respecting 100% Apps user accounts /responsibilities
      • No extra setup
      • The same level of multi-org access control
      • Reporting on cross organizations w/ users Apps grants
    • Applications Key and Descriptive Flexfields
      • Reporting on full apps data inc. customized flexfields
  • Meeting Requirements... Requirements Ease of Use Analytic Power Central Administration & Security Integration Customization Price Oracle9 i AS Discoverer Single UI Instant Web Deployment Free SQL Analytics Centralized Metadata Single Sign On (SSO) Database, OWB, Reports, Portal, Web Cache, SSO, e-Business Suite XSL Style Sheet 4 Times Less
  • Benefits... Yes Benefits Empowered Users Reduced Administrative Costs Reduced Deployment Costs Reduced IT Dependency Competitive Advantage Better Decision Making Oracle9iAS Discoverer Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • Demonstration - Query
    • Description of how to build an end user layer specific to user requirements and security specifications – different views for different people
  • Demonstration - Analysis
    • Tables, page detail reports and cross tabs
    • Show the use of conditions, exceptions and calculations and drag and drop
    • Show a graph with a drill through
  • Demonstration - Reporting
    • Show how you can export the data to excel and express
  • A Q & Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R S