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  • BTW address is out of date, none of the phone numbers work anymore nor does the email or web addresses.
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  • My CV from 1999! I hope this is valuable to someone, interesting trip down memory lane for me
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  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae for T. M. Holmes 11 August 2010 Personal Details Name Timothy Mark Holmes MBCS C.Eng BSc. MSc. Date of birth 22nd February 1964 Telephone 01480 350276 (Home) 07711 820153 (Mobile) Address 23 Post Street, Godmanchester, Cambs PE18 8BA Availability 1 month notice; contracted to end March 2000 E-mail Address Tim.Holmes@tesco.net WWW Homepage http://here.is/dreambright Current Status Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals R&D, Harlow Skill Summary Operating Systems Windows 9x/NT, OpenVMS, Solaris, Linux Programming Languages Java (EJB, Servlet, JDBC), Javascript, Oracle PL/SQL, Perl, Delphi, C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, IDEs Visual Age for Java (IBM). Visual Studio (MS), Delphi, JBuilder (Borland) Development UML, OO Analysis, Technical Design/Specification, Documentation, OO & Component Design (EJB, JavaBeans, ActiveX/COM) Design OO, Structured Design, Object Orientated, SSADM V4 (MSc.), Data Analysis Networking DECnet, TCP/IP, RMI, IIOP Database Oracle 8i, Ingres, Access Operational Database Administration, Systems Administration, Management of Production Systems Internet/Intranet HTML Authoring, CGI scripts, Java Applets & Servlets, Oracle Webserver, CORBA, Websphere
  2. 2. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 2 Professional Experience Start Date End Date Company Position Jun 1995 Smithkline Beecham Technical Consultant Pharmaceuticals R&D, Harlow Mar 1995 Jun Computer Associates, Belgium Technical Consultant 1995 Apr 1994 Mar Dial Contracts, Putney Consultant 1995 Mar 1994 May Barclays Commercial Services Consultant 1994 Nov 1993 Mar ASK Ingres Ltd Consultant 1994 Jun 1992 Oct Hunting Engineering Technical Consultant 1993 Feb 1991 Jun Banque Paribas Database Administrator 1992 Nov 1989 Jan Ingres Ltd Technical Consultant 1991 Aug 1986 Oct Quotient Plc Software Engineer 1989 Academic Experience Start Date End Date Institution Result Oct 1991 Jul 1993 Birkbeck College, MSc. Database - Information London Systems Oct 1982 Jul 1986 Brunel University BSc. (Hons) Computer Science 2:2 Sep 1975 Jun 1982 Buxton College 4 'A' levels 8 'O' levels Professional Qualifications MBCS - Member of the British Computer Society (Lapsed) C.Eng - Chartered Engineer
  3. 3. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 3 Academic Qualifications BSc. Computer Science Brunel University Covered Systems Analysis, AI, Hardware Architecture, Data Comms, Development, Software Engineering, GUI design. Thin sandwich course include three 6 month industrial placements at Ferranti Semiconductors Ltd, Oldham (1983) IBM UK, Hursley Park (1984) Downie Associates, London (City software house now part of ACT Financial Systems) (1985) Systems used at Brunel : DEC BSD Unix and Honeywell MULTICS (precursor of UNIX). MSc. Database and Information Systems - Birkbeck College, London Included Formal Design and Analysis techniques (SSADM V4), OO Development and design (C++), Relational Algebra, Functional and Logic programming, Database Systems (Oracle, DB2, VAX DBMS, Postgres), Distributed Systems, Database Modelling, Query Optimisation Project: * C++ implementation of a 'Persistent' Functional Language (a Functional Database System) on PC Unix system (LINUX). Systems used at Birkbeck : SunOS on SUN-3, Linux on 486-PC
  4. 4. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 4 Professional Experience June 95 - Smithkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals R&D, Harlow Overview (most recent first) OO Analysis and design of Data Entry subsystem of Biological Database system using UML, Rational Rose and XML (DTD & XML Schema) Implementation of above using Javabeans, Servlets, EJB in Java (Visual Age v3 Enterprise Edition / Websphere v3 Advanced Edition). Analysis, Design and Implementation of intermediate "FastFix" Chemical Registration system using Delphi COM and Excel/VBA Architect to Advanced Information Technology group: Development of Chemical Substructure Search intranet system using Netscape Livewire Pro and MDL Chemscape extensions Design and Development of Oracle Webserver application (PL/SQL) to provide intranet access to Biological data warehouse CORBA/IIOP database integration using IONA OrbixWeb & Development of JavaBeans as front end to CORBA servers OO Analysis of RDBMS/Search Engine interface Oracle to Muscat search engine interface using Java/JDBC 1.2 (using drivers from Weblogic) Conversion/enhancement of Ingperl application to Oracle Web Server 2.0 PL/SQL Agent Migration of Ingres database to Oracle 7 Ingres Technical Consultancy Current Using UML and RUP to capture and analyse requirements for next generation of Chemical Registration system. Design involves use of components built and tested using IBM Visual Age for Java and deployed in IBM Websphere. Architecture will involve business data being passed through IBM MQ series message services as XML messages. Routing information for application logic will be soft configured using LDAP directory (IBM SecureWay). Involved in most aspects of this project, with emphasis on analysis and design. There were two aspects to this in which I was involved. Firstly, pressing business requirements forced a series of short term system changes to integrate essential new
  5. 5. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 5 functionality. This involved working with Oracle 7.3.3 and Delphi to deliver database and code changes to support additional chemical related entities within the system. By adopting a component based approach a COM DLL was developed in Delphi, effectively wrapping at the client level calls to an Oracle stored procedure package. This component is currently utilised in three major business areas, and integrated into applications written in including Excel (VBA) , Win32 C and Delphi. Also involved in architecture of "Phase 2" system, involving Enterprise JavaBeans (IBM Websphere), Lotus Domino (Notes), IBM MQSeries (Messaging system), Oracle 8i (with a server side data cartridge for chemical data), CORBA and COM. Prior to this Developed Chemical Substructure query system using IBM's Visual Age for Java and JavaIDL using Chemsymphony (Javabeans from Cherwell Scientific). Chemical data resides on an OpenVMS system and accessed through servers developed using ICL/PeerLogic DAIS (CORBA 2.0 compliant ORB) in C++. Business logic encapsulated in JavaBean components, residing in a middle tier Java Virtual Machine (WindowsNT). Delivered both Java application and also web based system through Java Servlet hosted in Javasoft's Java Webserver product. ActiveX wrapping of JavaBeans for use in VB and also use of DAIS COM2CORBA product to bridge between COM and CORBA. Participated in evaluations and feasibility studies into use of component technology, including Enterprise Java Beans IBM San Francisco ObjectSpace Voyager Lotus Infobus Weblogic Tengah Oracle 8i From January 1996 to December 1997 I was involved with in the Advanced Information Technology group, working with various Internet technologies. This included: JavaScript, HTML, Perl/CGI and Oracle Webserver 3.0 (using PL/SQL) in order to provide a Web front end to an Oracle Database containing chemical screening results.
  6. 6. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 6 Netscape Enterprise Server with server-side JavaScript to interface to a Chemical database. This involved using an existing Javascript library and the development of a JavaScript based object model. The use of CORBA technology with Java to prototype alternative techniques for getting at relational data. I added a CORBA layer to JDBC and created a set of JavaBeans for remote relational database access using OrbixWeb with Oracle JDBC drivers from Weblogic (later replaced with thin JDBC drivers from Oracle) My initial role in 1995 was to manage and develop a chemical data warehouse system which used Ingres. I later became involved in a project to port that database to Oracle. At the end of 1995 I demonstrated a Perl based CGI script running on the OSU VAX/VMS Webserver. This lead to some considerable interest in the role of the World Wide Web in an Intranet capacity (helped by the considerable hype which continues to this day). A team was put together to investigate this further. The Oracle Webserver system was purchased and I proceeded to port the CGI code to PL/SQL. This led to my involvement with subsequent Internet/Intranet technologies at Smithkline Beecham. March 95 - June 95 Computer Associates, Belgium Ingres technical consultancy of CA-Ingres and CA-OpenROAD products, for Belgian office based in Brussels. Support of OpenROAD, OpenINGRES, CACI/Upfront On a variety of Unix platforms, Microsoft Windows/NT and VMS. On-site consultancy, pre sales and telephone based support April 94 - March 95 Dial Contracts, Putney (Part of Barclays Leasing and Financing) Database System Consultancy, analysis and design of system using Gupta SQLWindows V5 with Ingres database server. GUI and database design as well as overall system architecture, including links to remote and internal third party systems. Review of system proposal, proposed logical design and overall implementation of physical database design. Specification of required database personnel skill base and development of technical questionnaire
  7. 7. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 7 Training in relational design and Ingres SQL. Review of functional documentation Developed Data Dictionary application (using Gupta SQLWindows) Analysis of data migration requirements Design of data model for Contract Accounting subsystem Evaluation of CASE technology for Business Process Modelling Analysis of business audit requirements Analysis of data warehousing requirements Assisted with implementation of third party packages including General Ledger package, Credit Vetting system and analysis of EIS requirements Evaluation of OLAP products from Holos, Comshare and ESSBASE Ingres system administration, configuration of Ingres/NET and ODBC Mar 94 - May 94: Barclays Commercial Services (BCS), Hastings Planning for the implementation of an Ingres production environment. Developed series of DBA procedures and performed Ingres technical support in order to train existing Database Administrator. Details Enhanced in-house data dictionary tool introducing version control and incremental upgrade facility. Reverse-engineered physical database into conceptual data model, working with SSADM and business analysts. Uploaded subset of model into graphical CASE tool ERWIN/ERX to front end data dictionary. Specified role of Database Administrator specifically for BCS, outlining roles and tasks within department. Provided job descriptions for Data Management and System Administration. Assisted in evaluation of current state of the project which, already running 3 years late was duly cancelled. Nov 93 - Mar 94: ASK Ingres Ltd. (Consulting)
  8. 8. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 8 Primary responsibilities Windows4GL Design, DBMS Performance Engineering Nottingham Constabulary: Three months as Windows4GL design consultant working on Burglar Alarms system (for identification of alarms and relevant key holders) and a Crime Statistics system for trend analysis by region (beat). Developed SSADM design guide for use with Windows4GL development. Database design and physical implementation of Crime Statistics application. Involved with implementation of Ingres/REPLICATOR system. Greig Fester: Configuration and general performance tuning of VAX/VMS based Ingres system. Advised moving away from VAX Cluster installation to client-server architecture to maximise benefits of Ingres FAST COMMIT feature, with changes to network topology to filter unnecessary "noise". Data General / Hewlett Packard: Provided Ingres consultancy for two separate benchmarking exercises. Developed Windows4GL application for Data General to assist with demonstration of Ingres system running under DG Aviion system. Similar exercise undertaken for Hewlett Packard at their benchmark centre in Amen Corner, Bracknell. Made changes to database design to reduce database activity from 45 minutes down to 5, thus satisfying Sainsburys plc of the performance of a warehouse system provided by an third party software company. Enterprise Systems: Ported existing C library functions from Sun OS to Microsoft Windows 3.1/Visual C++ to provide complete portability between different platforms running Windows4GL. TNT Europe: Worked on MS-Windows version of Windows4GL interfacing to Borland Paradox database using Q&E library and also Bits per Seconds Graphics Server product to provide standalone system for analysis of global parcel delivery services.
  9. 9. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 9 Jun 92 - Oct 93: Hunting Engineering Primary Responsibilities: DBA, performance tuning, Technical Design and development. Database Replication Software: Upgraded fault tolerant database system (using two phase commit protocol) through significant redesign and development of replication software in order to introduce true concurrency to a previously single-threaded mechanism. Written in ESQL/C. Performance Load Testing: Ingres performance tuning Database structure changes Support software (results loading, data capture, analysis reports) using ESQL/C, Report Writer and Knowledge Manager Windows 4GL: Problem resolution, technical support Consultancy: Ingres design issues Ingres performance VMS issues Database security Projects: Data Replication design Ingres installation and configuration Failover mechanisms (Database Resilience) DECWindows VAXTPU interface to Ingres DECWrite (used for all reports) Database Administration: Standard database maintenance/housekeeping duties, and design of relevant procedures Use of Ingres Knowledge manager to trace database activity.
  10. 10. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 10 Feb 91 - Jun 92: Banque Paribas Ltd. Position: Database Administrator, Technical consultant to Development and Methods/Architecture group. Project management with Windows/4GL. Permanent position. Responsibilities: Production environment System configuration and tuning Co-ordination of change requests Database housekeeping - table restructuring, optimisation Management of backup and recovery procedures Support for Data Distribution process Operational procedure automation 24 hour and weekend support Support Of Ingres Development: Primary Ingres Technical Support Contact Database design for performance Query analysis (QEP) Windows/4GL and other Ingres tools Technical problem solving Release Planning Consultancy for strategic design decisions Project Lifecycle: code walkthroughs, design specification Projects: Windows/4GL Multi-tasking (Design and specification) Data Distribution: Ethernet Multi-cat Update (Concept and Design) Parallel Checkpointing Ingres DBMS Usage by Session Accounting package Client-Server Architecture Design (Object/Knowledge Manager and DECthreads)
  11. 11. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 11 Nov 89 - Jan 91: Ingres Ltd. Position: Team Leader for group providing technical support for Ingres, specifically for VMS platforms. Permanent position. Expertise: Team Leader Ingres architecture; logging and recovery; DBMS internals Front End tools (QBF, RBF, RW, ABF, Windows4GL) Programming with Ingres SQL, 4GL(OSL), QUEL, ESQL: C/COBOL Application design Performance tuning Ingres/Net Ingres/Star DBA functions : checkpointing, journalling, maintenance. Strategic Support/Consultancy: Technical account management of specific customers; including assisting in release 5 to 6 conversions, large clustered multi-server environment, distributed processing, Windows/4gl etc. On-site consultancy : system problems, application design and performance/tuning considerations to strategic and other customers. Specific responsibility for direct post sales support of two of the largest Ingres clients in the UK (Both in the City). For one client (the larger of the two in terms of Ingres usage), led a Strategic Support team of 3 technical consultants. Projects: Real time foreign exchange type application. A simple application demonstrating a real time application using Ingres. Personal Finance System. An application developed using Ingres 4GL. Windows/4GL and VMS integration A paper describing the possibilities of using VMS shared libraries with Windows/4GL.
  12. 12. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 12 Aug 86 - Oct 89: Quotient Plc (City Based Financial Software House) Position: Initially a COBOL application programmer, moving on to more technical aspects of Financial Software Experience: Requirements analysis for technical applications Software development, testing and implementation Programming: Cobol, Fortran, Pascal, C, Macro Using: VMS, DCL, RMS, SMG, Non transparent DECnet, Datatrieve, DLM, VAXClusters, VMS/RMS Performance monitoring and system tuning Product installation and technical support Procedure review for application development environment Software development strategies for workstation environments General application software support User training and technical presentations. The support role entailed dealing with enquiries at various levels of complexity. Projects: XTAS User Interface - development, maintenance and support (VAX Pascal) XTAS management tools - development and maintenance (VAX Pascal/Fortran) "Vintage" (form definition language) - design and development (VAX Pascal) Batch scheduler - development, maintenance, support, training (VAX Cobol) A Communications Server for interface to external institutions (VAX Pascal) DECWindows Research (VAX C) General purpose file interface (XTASIO) - Low level interface to RMS written in VAX C General purpose enquiry system - development and design (VAX Cobol) Independent Consultancy and Training June 97 – Ingres training for Computer Associates on an occasional basis, most recent March 1999.
  13. 13. 2 June, 1999 CV for Tim Holmes 13 Sep 94 - Two days Windows/4GL design consultancy; prototyped application for team of two analysts explaining some of the potential pitfalls involved with running Windows/4GL on a PC platform. System was for allocation of travel cards and taxi vouchers for the elderly. Nov 95 - Cantor Fitzgerald, London. Weekend installation and configuration of Ingres 6.4/05 on VMS and brief technical audit of architecture. Produced short report of suggestions for improvements to performance. Jan 96 - Cabletel, Guildford. Weekend installation and configuration of Ingres 6.4/05 on Digital UNIX. This page, and all contents, are Copyright © 2000 by DreamBright Systems Ltd., Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and may not be reproduced, copied or distributed without prior permission by the author. Last updated 11 August 2010. For latest update see http://this.is/dreambright