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KQuiz.doc KQuiz.doc Document Transcript

  • ITK 478 Prerequisite Knowledge Quiz Abhilasha Sharma Points: 40 Background Question: Name: Abhilasha Sharma Phone: 309 287 8801 ( C ) , 309 438 5797 (Office), 309 454 2443 ® Email (give the email to contact you with for this semester): asharm4@ilstu.edu Student Category: Grad Student Fulltime Expected graduation date spring 2005 Majors: Information Technology Computing Courses taken previously (at ISU or elsewhere) and current courses: attached as a separate sheet. Object-Oriented Programming Experience (if any): took an introductory course in OOPS in undergraduate studies. Designed and implemented a couple of projects using OOPS technology. GPA: 4.0 Computing Work Experience (jobs, Internship) who for, when, doing what? • Graduate Assistant InfoTech- Extended University, ISU Aug 15,03 - present Working as assistant to the web developer. Work includes web development using PHP and maintenance and updating of information on the website www.exu.ilstu.edu. Knowledge of deployment and maintenance of web servers (apache, IIS 5.0). • Intern Occupational Development Centre, Normal Present Working as an intern for the ODC. Responsibilities include maintenance of the website and the network. • Summer Intern Ruchi Infotech, Indore, India May, 02 - July, 02 Training in various web technologies like HTML, DHTML, JavaScript and Flash. Assisted in the ongoing projects. • Software developer Infobeans, India May, 03 - July, 03 Developed web portals in ASP.NET and designed the web site layouts. Was administrative in- charge for maintaining the portal www.aapkaindore.com. CERTIFICATIONS IBM DB2 certifications Exam 700 Family fundamentals April 2003 Exam 701 Linux, UNIX and Windows Database Administration April 2003 WSAD user level certification January 2003 Database Systems Experience, if any. Which ones? When? What did you do? 1
  • ITK 478 Prerequisite Knowledge Quiz Abhilasha Sharma Undergraduate project Web Enabling of TOMAS My Role: technical Lead and Planning Team Size: 3 Developed a research prototype for Soft link Ag, a Switzerland based company. This project used Xml Technology and Java Servlets to access data from an Oracle 9i database server on Red Hat Linux 7.0. Career Goals: What type of work do you want to do in the "real world" (e.g., analysis, programming, network administration)? Why? I want to initially start as a web developer and later switch to managerial position. I want to enter the field of web technologies as the new technologies always interest me and working in web technologies would give me a chance of being at the fore front of a new and developing field. Some time later in my career, I wish to switch to teaching. Graduate Students: Do you plan a thesis or project (if applicable)? Do you have a topic area or committee selected yet? No. No. Current Activities/Interests: Are you working this semester? Where? What hobbies or other main interests do you have? Presently, I am working as assistant to the web developer. Work includes web development using PHP and maintenance and updating of information on the website www.exu.ilstu.edu. Other Interests :- • Playing basketball. Was a national level basketball player in India. • Writing poetry. • Listening to music. • Internet surfing and knowing about the new technologies. Experimenting with the new tools available in the market. Prerequisite Questions 2
  • ITK 478 Prerequisite Knowledge Quiz Abhilasha Sharma 1. Consider the following relational design CAR (CAR#, YEAR, MAKE, COLOR, LICENSE#, SIZE, CHARGE) CUSTOMER (CUST#, PHONE, NAME, STATUS, CURR_BALANCE) RENTAL (CAR#, RENTALDATE, RETURNDATE, CUST#, MILEAGEOUT) Write an SQL statement to list all rentals of “red” cars from customers with a current balance greater than $50. For each such rental, display the year, make, and license # of the car, the customer’s name and phone number, and the rental and return dates. Query :- SELECT YEAR, MAKE, LICENSE#, NAME, PHONE, RENTALDATE, RETURNDATE FROM CAR, CUSTOMER,RENTAL WHERE CUTOMER. CURR_BALANCE >50 AND CAR.COLOR =”RED” AND CAR.CAR#=RENTAL.CAR# AND CUSTOMER.CUST# =RENTAL.CUST# 2. Consider the following schema. Employee (EmpNo, FirstName, LastName, Salary, Manager#) Assume the EmpNo and Manager# are defined on the same domain. a. Write a single SQL query to list all employees whose salary is greater than the average salary and show by how much their salary is greater than the average. You need to list the EmpNo, LastName, Salary, and the difference as given above, i.e., how much the salary is greater the average. Query :- select empno, lastname, salary, diff=(salary - (select avg(salary) from employee)) from employee where salary > (select avg(salary) from employee) b. Write a single SQL statement to update the salary of all employees managed by EmpNo 123 so that they all get a 10% raise. Query :- update employee set salary = salary * 1.10 where manager = 123 3. Explain why the following table is not normalized (at least 3NF) and give an equivalent set of tables that are normalized. EQUIP-RENTAL (Equip#, DateOut, DateDue, Cust#, Description, Charge, DatePurchased) 3
  • ITK 478 Prerequisite Knowledge Quiz Abhilasha Sharma Functional Dependencies: Equip# + DateOut  DateDue Equip# + DateOut  Cust# Equip# + DateOut  Description Equip# + DateOut  Charge Equip# + DateOut  DatePurchased Equip#  Description Equip#  DatePurchased ANS:- when we consider the following table :- EQUIP-RENTAL (Equip#, DateOut, DateDue, Cust#, Description, Charge, DatePurchased) For a table to be in the 3NF, it should • Meet the requirements of 1NF and 2NF • Remove columns that are not fully dependent upon the primary key Our first requirement is that the table must satisfy the requirements of 1NF and 2NF. Since there any duplicative columns and we have a primary key, the Equip#. Therefore, we satisfy the requirements of 1NF. Also, there are no subsets of data that apply to multiple rows and so we also satisfy the requirements of 2NF. But, the table has functional dependencies, which are not permitted in the 3NF. Hence, the normalized table would be EQUIP-RENTAL (Equip_rental_ID#, Equip#, Cust#, Date_issue#, Charge#) CHARGE (Charge#, Equip_rental_ID#, Description, Charge) EQUIP (Equip# , DatePurchased) DATE (Date# , Equip_rental_ID, DateOut, DateDue) CUSTOMER (Cust# ) 4. Map the following Entity Relationship Model to a relational design. That is, name the tables and columns that would be used, underlining the primary key of each table. Also circle each foreign key (for which you would create a referential integrity constraint). TEAM (TEAM#, SPORT, NICENAME, HEADCOACH, PHONE) ATHELETE (SSN#, NAME, HOMETOWN, STATUS, TEAM#, ENROLL_ID#) 4
  • ITK 478 Prerequisite Knowledge Quiz Abhilasha Sharma ENROLL (ENROLL_ID#, SSN#, CLASS_ID#,SEMESTER, RESULT) CLASS (CLASS_ID#, TITLE, DEPT_ID#) DEPARTMENT(DEPT_ID#, ADVISOR) TUTOR (SSN#, NAME, PHONE, DEPT_ID#) *Sport Nickname TEAM HeadCoach Phone member of *DeptId Advisor *SSN Name majors in Hometown ATHLETE DEPARTMENT Status enrolls in Semester used for Pass/fail ind TUTOR (SSN#, NAME, PHONE, DEPT_ID#) offered by TUTOR *ClassId Title CLASS *SSN 5 Name Phone
  • ITK 478 Prerequisite Knowledge Quiz Abhilasha Sharma 6