Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Powerpoint Presentation


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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Powerpoint Presentation

  1. 2. What’s a G eographic I nformation S ystem ? It’s more than a pretty map.
  2. 3. What’s in a Geographic Information System or GIS ? Hardware – Servers, Workstations and Desktops Specialized Software – Commercially Available – MapInfo, Smallworld, ESRI ( ArcGIS, ArcView ) etc. A Database of Geospatial Information – Spatial Data and an associated Relational Database Trained Professionals , Specialists and Informed Users
  3. 4. RIDEM – GIS Map Analysis Using Mapping and Tabular Data Bases
  4. 5. Who’s Using GIS ? (Everybody ) The Feds – FGDC – Federal Geographic Information Committee -( coordination and standards development ) The States – NSGIC- National States Geographic Information Council -( 50 state member coordinating committee) Rhode Island Geographic Information System – ( public, private, academia - oversight management and coordinating committee)
  5. 6. What’s the RIGIS An organization of public and private partners in Rhode Island supporting the development and use of GIS technology in Rhode Island. Public Sector – Federal, State and Municipal Agencies Academic Institutions – The URI, RIC and Brown Private Sector – Businesses and Not-for-Profits The RIGIS Executive Committee – An Oversight Management and Advisory Board
  6. 7. & Municipal Government RIGIS Executive Committee Representation Cranston Providence New Shoreham South Kingstown   Quarterly meetings are open and municipal interests are welcome. Past representation has also included Burrillville, East Greenwich, Newport, and Warwick
  7. 8. RIGIS Guidance, Products and Standards
  8. 9. RIGIS 2005-2010 Strategic Plan   GOALS AND OBJECTIVES - 6 Municipal Government GIS Activity Support and Assistance: Provide support and assistance to Rhode Islands cities and towns for implementing and using GIS technology within municipal government. Strategy a. Support GIS Activities in Rhode Island’s Cities and Towns by offering technical guidance, implementation models, and standards criteria. Action: Develop guidelines regarding privacy issues and cost recovery efforts for municipalities engaged in or considering cost recovery for GIS development. Strategy b. Facilitate cost sharing ventures or partnering opportunities with municipal government entities or private organizations with mutual interests in developing GIS related capabilities, data, or products. Strategy c. Work together with municipalities and regional government organizations to assist in incorporating GIS data and technology from the local level up to regional or state levels. Strategy d. Work with Rhode Island’s cities and towns to develop a long-term strategy to incorporate data generated and maintained by municipal government into an expanded RIGIS database.
  9. 10. GI Status in Rhode Island Cities & Towns
  10. 11. GIS in Town Hall “ It’s not just the Town Planner’s Glitzy Tool Box!”
  11. 12. Using GIS In Town Hall Board of Canvassers Tax Assessor Facilities Siting Building/Zoning Permitting
  12. 13. RIDOT-Graphic Visual Display
  13. 14. Deployment Strategies GIS User Alternatives Different Strokes for Different Folks ( and budgets ) Power Users – Highly Trained GIS Systems Specialists – The Whole Ball of Wax - ArcGIS software, Applications Server Management, Database Administration, IMS Support etc. Mid-Level Desktop GIS Users –GIS Applications Specialists - ArcView Software with Database Access and Product Output (Map and Analysis) Capabilities Low End Users – Data Viewing and Basic Query Capabilities -GIS Data Viewers, ArcExplorer, ArcReader, Internet Map Services (IMS), Adobe Acrobat etc .
  14. 15. The RIDEM Internet Map Server Site
  15. 16. Places to Go, Things to Do ! - RIGIS Data and GIS Information - RIDEM IMS Site – Example Small Town (MA) IMS Site Mark Your Calendar – Monday, June 20 th-1:30-3:30 , Cranston City Hall- Rhode Island Geographic Forum on Municipal GIS (Five city and town speakers share their experiences in creating successful municipal GIS services.
  16. 17. The GIS Ballgame’s In the Early Innings John Stachelhaus [email_address] ri . gov 222-6483 ?Who’s Up? ?Got Questions?