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Download Short Resume in Word format.doc.doc.doc

  1. 1. WILLIAM H. BRADSHAW, DIPL. T, CPIM PH5-711 5TH Avenue Phone: (778) 862-1670 New Westminster, B.C. Canada, V3M 1X6 CAREER PROFILE: Technical training in computer applications, systems and procedures, mathematics, business, accounting and software engineering. Intimate knowledge of mainframes, PC's, client/server, n- tiered architecture, structured methodologies, software development life cycle, object-oriented techniques, data modeling, various database types, computer hardware, data communications, operating systems, website design, development, marketing, security and internet/intranet delivery mechanisms MAJOR QUALIFICATIONS: 12 Over twenty years progressive experience as a Programmer/Analyst and Consultant in Quality Systems Development, Technical Support and Database Administration to increase profitability, reduce cost and increase productivity. 13 Technical training in software development, mathematics, economics, and accounting. 14 Vast experience in all phases of IT in most business environments including Manufacturing (APICS CPIM), Telecommunications, Energy, Insurance, Accounting (Level IV CMA) and Systems Consulting 15 Business experience in A/R, A/P, G/L, PO, Receiving, Payroll, Cost Accounting, Budgets, MRP II, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Dispatching and Credit Reporting. 16 Extensive experience in Technical Writing and manual documentation WORK EXPERIENCE: Project Manager/Senior Software Engineer October 1999 to Present Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.) Burnaby, BC. MAJOR TASKS 17 Design & developed Windows based software products for sale via the Internet. 18 Develop and manage Object Oriented software products for Database Administrators & developers. 19 Develop and manage E-Mail Security software for multiple Windows users. 20 Perform technological company needs and assessment. Responsible for building servers, installation and troubleshooting operating systems. 21 From original business plan to design, development and operation of several websites delivering streaming video and audio, content, layout and design. 22 Create dynamic websites by employing back end database using a variety of HTML / ASP, Delphi, MySQL, PHP, Windows Platforms, C++ 23 Develop marketing concept & software for viral marketing technique. 24 Overseen and manage staff of six personnel. Senior Programmer/Analyst February 1995 to October 1999 Chevron Canada Limited Vancouver, BC. MAJOR TASKS 25 Convert mainframe infrastructure “Cardlock” system to Windows software to reduce costs 26 System maintenance of Sales & Inventory, Accounts Receivables, / credit card (EDI) system. 27 Design & write programs for issuing “Cardlock” sales data for various customers billing cycles 28 Install & support remote site polling and updating software.
  2. 2. 29 Reverse engineer mainframe G/L systems and rebuild using Windows based software to reduce costs. 30 Develop Manufacturing Expense/Budget system for an oil refinery using Windows software. 31 Design and write sales/inventory/reconciliation system for Chevron agents. 32 Design and write agent field system to Chevron in-house sales matching system. 33 Provide audits using various programming/reporting tools and files access methods. 34 Convert software systems (Windows based and IBM mainframe) to be Y2K compliant. 35 Business Resumption Planning, Contingency Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning. 36 Reverse and forward engineering of various systems to map to new databases/data structures/languages. WILLIAM H. BRADSHAW, DIPL. T, CPIM PAGE 2 Senior Programmer/Analyst September 1991 to February 1995 Waterfront Employers of B.C./B.C. Maritime Employers Association Vancouver, BC. MAJOR TASKS 37 Develop Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Payroll system using Windows Platforms. 38 Develop Dental System for verification/payment of dental claims to reduce fraud. 39 Develop standards for Information Technology department to increase productivity. 40 Develop Direct Deposit system for cash deposit to bank account. 41 Create printer segmentation (virtual printers) to avoid extra software costs. 42 Write Feasibility Study, Requirements Analysis, Preliminary Design payroll related functions 43 Develop Impact Analysis system for programming staff to increase productivity. 44 Help develop/maintain Remote Payroll Entry system. Contract Systems Consultant September 1988 to August 1991 Axa-Home Insurance / Yonge & Eglinton Greater Ontario Dun & Bradstreet / CUMIS Insurance / World Vision Canada MAJOR TASKS 45 Install packaged accounting systems & support various revenue producing software products. 46 Provide technical support for database administration 47 Train application programmers in the use of software products. 48 Develop interface for Dun & Bradstreet software products to help increase revenue. 49 Finish Dun & Bradstreet software products when others could not finish the job. 50 Help in conversion of hardware from Toronto office mainframe to New Jersey mainframe to eliminate massive local hardware costs. 51 Design General Ledger chart of accounts. 52 Train users on accounting systems and other Windows based packaged software. Programmer/Analyst May 1987 to August 1988 Royal Insurance Canada Ltd Toronto, Ontario MAJOR TASKS 53 Worked on project team to develop major Commercial Property Casualty system. Programmer/Analyst June 1980 to October 1986 Microtel Limited (GTE) Burnaby, B.C. MAJOR TASKS 54 Helped develop Marketing Forecast system using database/fourth generation language. 55 Developed online Manufacturing Bill of Material Update/Inquiry system for MRP II.
  3. 3. 56 Helped develop standards for database and fourth generation language. 57 Helped convert mainframe applications to Windows based software to eliminate high overhead and increase productivity. 58 Developed Manufacturing Management Information System to provide timely information to upper level management. 59 Preliminary Systems Design and Cost Benefit Analysis for Accounts Payable package. 60 Helped develop Budget system to increase productivity and improve Budget reporting. 61 Developed standards for systems to increase productivity/improve standardization. 62 Developed online/batch Asset System to improve asset tracking. 63 Developed online/batch Project management system to decrease project costs. 64 Designed and developed Purchasing/Receiving system interfacing with Accounts Payable, Incoming Inspection, Receiving, Purchasing and Manufacturing Resource Planning system. This solution decreased costs significantly over the other proposed mainframe CICS system and provided much higher reliability/availability. 65 Developed & install Inventory Dollar Transfer system for Cost Accounting and MRP II. WILLIAM H. BRADSHAW, DIPL. T, CPIM PAGE 3 EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), January 1992 to Present. Advanced Diploma Program/Bachelor of Technology Burnaby, B.C Software Development - Database Administration Specialization. British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, B.C., September 1978 to June 1980. National Diploma of Technology in Computer Programming (Information Systems) American Production and Inventory Control Society West Virginia, U.S.A. Certificate of Production and Inventory Management (1985) Attended IDMS Courses in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Accredited in all IDMS modules 1985 Association of Shareware Professionals – Developer Member in Good Standing 2002 TECHNICAL SUMMARY NETWORKS & OS VERSION DATABASES VERSION IBM MVS/XA /DOS/VSE VM/SP OS/2 MySQL W2K Server Micrsoft Windows 95/98/W2K/NT /XP IDMS/R MVS & VSE IBM RJE SQL Server NT /WIN 2K Novell Netware IMS MVS Int. Protocol TCP/IP / UDPLAN/WAN DB2 MVS / OS2 / W2K Ethernet VSAM MS Access Windows 95/98/W2K xBase DOS/Win 98 LANGUAGES PLATFORM LANGUAGES PLATFORM Delphi (Object Pascal) Windows 2000 PL/1 MVS/VSE/VM
  4. 4. Cobol / II / LE MVS/VSE/PC ADS/O (OLQ,IDD,OLM,LRF) MVS/VSE Rexx MVS & VSE Assembler MVS & VSE CICS MVS & VSE RPG II MVS & VSE FoxPro DOS/Wins NT Application Manager OS/2 Visual Basic Win 98,NT Easytrieve Plus MVS/VSE Mark IV / Vision Builder MVS MS Active Server Pages Win NT/2000 Microsoft IIS Win 2000 Server HTML / JavaScript / VBScript / ASP / PHP C/C++ DOS/Windows Java WIN32 Visio Windows Rational Rose UML Windows Smalltalk Windows REFERENCES UPON REQUEST