Directory of African Cultural Administration Training Centres ...


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Directory of African Cultural Administration Training Centres ...

  1. 1. Directory of African Cultural Administration Training Centres Online In cooperation with UNESCO and ENCATC (European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres), OCPA has developed a regional directory of African training centres and institutions existing throughout the continent in the field of cultural policy, administration and management as well as cultural development. The objective of the project is to collect the information existing in this field and make accessible on-line, free of charge. The results of the inquiry, the data concerning some 70 African training institutions and programmes, are posted at the ENCATC/UNESCO Directory web page ( The latter already contains information concerning Europe, Russia, the Caucasian countries and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The Directory is an interactive on-line database presenting updated information about existing training programmes on cultural development for professionals and students concerned. • List of the Training Centres Identified (November 2007) • Liste des centres de formation identifiés (novembre 2007) New institutions can propose to add their profile to this directory below or online at Contact: • Questionnaire on Administration Training Centres for the OCPA Regional Directory (MS Word, 229 kB) Directory of African Cultural Administration Training Centres Online List of the Training Centres Identified (November 2007) *** Répertoire des centres africains de formation en administration culturelle en ligne Liste des centres de formation identifiés (novembre 2007) Region/Country Name of the institution and link to the full description in the UNESCO/ENCATC Database Région/Pays Nom de l’institution et lien vers la description détaillée dans la base de données UNESCO/ENCATC
  2. 2. 1. Afrique, régional Africa 2009 (ICCROM, Rome)* 2. Africa regional International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM, Nairobi)* 3. Africa regional Centre for Heritage Development in Africa (CHDA, Mombasa)* 4. Afrique, régional Centre africain de formation à l’édition et à la diffusion (CAFED)* 5. Afrique régional Centre régional d’action culturelle (CRAC, Lomé, Togo) 6. Afrique régional Marché des Arts du Spectacle Africain (MASA, Abidjan)ôte%20d´Ivoire&id=478 7. Afrique, régional Observatoire des politiques culturelles en Afrique (OCPA, Maputo) 8. Afrique centrale Fondation Marcel Hicter (Bruxelles) 9. Afrique sous- Union économique et monétaire ouest-africaine (UEMOA, Ouagadougou) régional 10. Afrique sous West African Museum programme (WAMP, Dakar) régional
  3. 3. 11. Angola Institut national du patrimoine culturel (Luanda)* 12. Bénin Ecole du Patrimoine Africain (EPA, Porto Novo) 13. Botswana University of Botswana, History department, Museum studies 14. Burkina Faso Institut national de formation artistique et culturelle (INAFAC, Ouagadougou) 15. Burkina Faso Institut supérieur de l'image et du son (ISIS)* 16. Burkina Faso Université de Ouagadougou, Troisième cycle (UFR - Sciences Langues, Arts et Communication, Lettres modernes, AGAC 17. Cameroun Regroupement des professionnels des arts et de la culture d’Afrique centrale (REPAC) 18. Congo Société Congolaise de Développment des Industries Culturelles (SOCODIC)* (Brazzaville),%20Democratic%20republic%20of&id=490 19. Congo, RDC Centre Culturel Français (Kinshasa),%20Democratic%20republic%20of&id=491 20. Congo, RDC Institut National des Arts(Kinshasa),%20Democratic%20republic%20of&id=492
  4. 4. 21. Congo, RDC Université de Kinshasa, Centre d’Etudes Politiques,%20Democratic%20Republic%20of&id=416 22. Côte d’Ivoire Institut National Supérieur des Arts et de l'Action Culturelle (INSAAC), EFAC : Ecole de Formation à l'Action Culturelle*ôte%20d´Ivoire&id=493 23. Egypte Cairo University, Faculty of Archaeology, Conservation Department 24. Egypte Centro Italo-Egiziano per il Restauro e l'Archeologia (Le Caire) 25. Egypte Culture Resource (Le Caire) 26. Egypte Université Senghor (Alexandrie) 27. Kenya Artmatters (Nairobi) Cultural Centre, Kenya National Institute of Performing Arts (KNIPA, Nairobi) 28. Kenya 29. Mali Conservatoire des arts et Métiers multimédia Balla Fasséke Kouyaté (Bamako) 30. Mali Institut national des arts (INA, Bamako)*
  5. 5. 31. Maroc Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines, Université d'Agadir* 32. Maroc Institut Supérieur d'Art Dramatique et d’Animation Culturelle (Rabat)* 33. Mauritius University of Mauritius, Department of History and Political Science (Reduit) 34. Nigéria Foto Sofia Crafts (Asaba, Delta State) 35. Nigéria Institute of Archaeology and Museum Studies (IAMS, Jos)* 36. Rép. Espace Linga Téré (Bangui)* Centrafricaine 37. Sénégal Alliance culturelle africaine (ACA) 38. Sénégal Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENA) 39. Sénégal Zhu Culture 40. South Africa Art I Kapa
  6. 6. 41. South Africa Cape Town University, Departement of Archeology, Postgraduate Diploma in Museum Management* 42. South Africa Cultural Development Trust 43. South Africa Human Science Research Council, Democracy and Governance 44. South Africa Investing in Culture* 45. South Africa K-CAP Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre 46. South Africa North-West University, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Arts management* 47. South Africa Transvaal Museum 48. South Africa University of KwaZulu-Natal, Centre for Creative Arts 49. South Africa University of KwaZulu-Natal, Leadership Centre 50. South Africa University of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Music, Applied Ethnomusicology & the African Music and Dance
  7. 7. 51. South Africa University of Pretoria, Department of Anthropology and Archeology* 52. South Africa University of South Africa (UNISA)* 53. South Africa Vuka Design 54. South Africa ZAG Consultants 55. South Africa Wits School of Arts, Division of Arts Culture and Heritage Management 56. South Africa Arts Training Consortium 57. Tanzania Bagamoyo Arts College* 58. Tanzania University of Dar es Salaam, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Culture and heritage programme* 59. Togo Institut Beryco (Lomé) 60. Tunisie Forum Eljahidh, Comité de formation et de renforcement des capacités (Tunis)
  8. 8. 61. Tunisie Institut National du Patrimoine – INP (Tunis) 62. Tunisie Institut supérieur d’animation de jeunesse et de la culture (ISAJC, Tunis)* 63. Tunisie Théatre El Hamra 64. Tunisie Institut supérieur d'art dramatique (Tunis)* 65. Uganda Makerere University, Language department (Kampala) 66. Uganda Makerere University, Music and Dance Departement(Kampala) 67. Zimbabwe University of Zimbabwe, Graduate degree programme in heritage studies* 68. Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Academy of Arts Education For Development (ZAAED)
  9. 9. Institution not listed in OCPA’s directory but present in ENCATC’s database : SOUTH AFRICA CAPE Africa Platform Research Department 8-10 Spin Street 8001 in Cape Town - South Africa • Director : Mirjam Asmal-Dik • ENCATC Contact : Mirjam Asmal-Dik • Phone : +27-21-4883064 • Fax : +27-21-4883061 • E-mail : • E-mail : •