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Dennis D Kennedy, Resume (MS Word).doc

  1. 1. Dennis Kennedy Cleveland, OH 44135 USA Phone (216)240-2670 Executive, Business and Computer Consultant OVERVIEW 1982 – Present Self-Employed Business and Computer Consultant. With over 30 years in the technical computer industry, I am in the area of executive-level management, currently working as a consultant. For the last two decades, many of my assignments have been where I am the 'last' person called in to solve problems and produce results (efficiently effective), many of which were also remote (worldwide telecommute), and the first person called in for the management, design and architecture of the application(s). (Note that additional details can be found at .) Management: President / CEO, CIO, IT Management, Program / Project Management (assisted with up to $700 million singular contract / budget), General and Plant Manager, Global Technical Marketing and Management Consultant, Chief Architect, Business Analyst and Lead, Foreman. Administration of Enterprises, Servers, Clusters, Networks, Internets and Security: Windows Server, Cluster and Sharepoint (WSS/MOSS), UNIX (including Super Computers) SGI, Sun, HP-UX, AIX, Linux and MacX, SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing) Enterprise, HPC, SMP, Cluster, LAN, WAN, VPN, Extranet, Intranet and Internet. Database Administration and Programming: Oracle, MSSQL Server, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, Informix, Access, FoxPro, ADO, JDO. Custom Programming: Visual Studio '.Net' (C++, C#, VB, J#), ASP, VSTO, ADO, C++ (Cross Platform), C, VB, Java (J2EE, J2SE, J2ME), J++, JDO, ASP, JSP, JSF, CGI or Executable Internet based, Ajax, JavaScript, Perl. JOB TYPE: Executive Management, Contract/Project CATAGORY: Information Technology STATUS: USA-OH-Cleveland, US Citizen EXPERIENCE o1/1982 - Present Self-Employed Business and Computer Consultant oI have been a Business and Computer Consultant since 1982. I have recently been Project Management and Lead, Chief Architect and assisted the PM of the National Missile Defense program for the D.O.D., Boeing and Raytheon and have been from Tech Lead through IT Manager and even The President / CEO for multiple contracts and corporations. I have over 20 years continuing studies in Business, Accounting, Law, Macroeconomics, Finance, Marketing, extensive Computers and Technology, Engineering, Project Management, Psychology, Small Business Administration, Military Contracting, Quality Assurance and more with knowledge of Military Quality Standards MIL-S-45662, MIL- I-45208a, MIL-Q-9858a, ISO 900*, Six Sigma, SPC, etc, Mgmt Resource Planning (MRP w/ CPM), Just-In-Time and Systems Security. oI’ve successfully garnished millions of dollars in loans from various institutions for the continued growth of the corporation, created the purchase and finance of other supportive businesses into the corporation, applied for and received financial assistance from the Small Business Administration, both in Contract Guarantees and in Bank Loan Guarantees and successfully obtained Bank Lines of Credit. oI’ve established and implemented accounting measures, both in per-contract accounting
  2. 2. and in corporate, to apply to commercial accounts and military accounts, as well as applying to the Department of Defense, the Small Business Administration and to commercial Banking Institutions, established the procedures to provide both periodical Financial Statements (acceptable to all sources above) as well as to provide instantaneous information regarding the financial position of contracts and corporate, created Pro- Forma's and Business Plans (acceptable to all sources above) and internal studies to insure adequate capabilities, established measures for the monitoring of and the reporting to the Department of Human Resources (payroll compensation and tax credits for hiring through their retraining program) and made the decisions regarding the Tax Liability of contracts, purchases, donations and the like, as well as Investment Tax Credits, Capital Gains, Loss Assessment and Risk Analysis. oI’ve made decisions regarding the legality of performance of contracts and of the corporation as a whole, and of the insuring against potential legal liabilities, designed contracts and clauses with vendors and customers to inhibit potential future legal conflicts, designed employee procedures and manuals, also to inhibit potential future legal conflicts and to provide acceptable margins of safety as defined by OSHA and chose and hired attorneys, both for direct assistance and for support, specializing in the several areas of business law. oI’ve designed various Product and Manufacturing Marketing Strategies consisting first towards targeting a market niche. Also, Technical Marketing Consulting. oWith a Prime Department of Defense Contractor, I’ve established the procedures for MIL- Q as well as also the procedures for insuring that contract pricings were correct, contracts were filled out to spec (dot the i's, cross the t's), production capabilities were available and designated, financial resources were available and designated (including any applicable progress payments), vendors were evaluated, certifications were gathered, as applicable, weekly DOD production meetings were prepared, periodic financial and accounting meetings were prepared, production paperwork, quality paperwork and cost accounting maintained on a per-contract basis, first article inspections and final evaluation meetings were prepared, progress payment / final payment applied for correctly, guarantees from the Small Business Administration and periodic financial reports to the DOD and the SBA, etc. oCustom Programming: Visual Studio '.Net' (DotNet - Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual J#), Visual Basic, C, C++ (Cross Platform), J++, Java (J2EE), JavaScript, Perl, ASP, JSP. (Normal or CGI Internet based programming with database.) I've done Object Oriented Programming and Design in n-Tier since the early 1980's (well prior to Java or C++) and have programmed in C/C++ on every major platform including super computing and embedded systems. I have been a beta tester on Visual Studio since version 1.0 on NT 3.1 in 1993 and have used every facet of every version since, through .Net 2003/5/8B (becoming Certified) including Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and ASP (Ajax) / VSTO and with ADO / ODBC / OLE and I have used Java since version 1.0 and every version since thru J2EE (Sun Java / J2EE Certified). I've recently used Java 5/6 (J2EE, JUnits, Applets, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDO, JDBC, Web Services w/ XML) with NetBeans and Sun Studio Creator / Enterprise, all connecting to Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Access and with Uniface. oDatabase Administration and Programming: MSSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, ADO, Access, FoxPro and DB2. I've done SQL programming and DBA since the early 1980's. I have done virtually everything that there is to do with Oracle including Oracle Forms and Reports, Oracle 2000 and Financials, PL/SQL and Pro-C programming, client programming thru the Oracle ODBC, Oracle SQL Clients and the Oracle libraries and headers, setups (including TNS and SQL*Net), upgrades and administration, exports, integration with JDEdwards and SAP (Master Certification) ERP's (among others) and on every major platform. I attended Microsoft training on MS-SQL Server initially in 1995 and have set up, programmed and administered every version created since 4.2 (with Sybase)
  3. 3. and through WAN/LAN clustered systems. Additional Sybase, MySQL and PostgreSQL programming and administration. Programming in every major version of Informix since 1983 including 4GL as well in Progress 4GL and DB2. oAdministration of Enterprises, Servers, Clusters, Networks, Internets and Security: Windows Server, Cluster and Networks, UNIX (including Super Computers: Grid / Blade / Brick) SGI, Sun, HP-UX, AIX, Linux and MacX, SAP (Systems, Applications, Products in Data Processing) Enterprise, HPC, SMP, Cluster, LAN, WAN, VPN, Extranet, Intranet and Internet. I’ve beta tested Microsoft Operating Systems with setup and administration (including BackOffice) and created and wrote the MCSE practice test (using Perl w/ JavaScript), available for free on the internet to over a million users per year. I've done setup, upgrades, programming and administration of every major version of Unix (such as AIX, HP-UX, Irix, Sun Solaris, etc., even thru 'Internals' and HPC SMP Super Computers and Clusters), and including Linux (member of the Open Source Community, creator of WiniX), MacX (beta tester) / FreeBSD, Real Time (RTOS) and embedded systems. Setup and administered as large as world-wide networks and their security and with many thousands of direct connect clients. Multiple web based servers (Unix Apache and Windows IIS) and applications (static and dynamic content) including a multitude of databases in many languages. Social computing (Web 2), Sharepoint (WSS/MOSS), MS Project. oAuthor of the Real Time TimeLine Production Management System at and the Cross-Platform, Portable HPC Framework Library for Parallel Computing at . Contributor to Open Source Software with release experience on 100's of projects since early 1990's including the SGI (Silicon Graphics) Open Source Program since 1999 and the Hewlett Packard Open Source Program since 2007. CONTRACTS Include: Sherwin Williams, American Greetings, Medical Mutual of Ohio (Antares), Hewlett Packard, Amros Industries, The Dep’t of Defense, Boeing, Raytheon, Silicon Graphics, Advisory Services, Allsups, Santa Cruz Operation, Federal Reserve Bank, The U.S. Dep't of Treasury, Daewoo, Regional Sewer District, Kaiser Permanente, Akron General Medical Center, Allen Bradley div. Rockwell International, Case Western Reserve University, Marymount Hospital, NASA, Parma School District, Van Dorn Plastics, Paramount Stampings, Fairview Fire Dep't, Glaxo SmithKlein Beecham, Timken, NCAA Directors, Sales and Marketing Assoc, Transworld Advertising Agency, General Dynamics, Cleveland Pneumatics, Lockheed Martin, Figgie International, Spraying Systems, Hannah Mining, Realty One, Lear-Siegler, etc. o2/2008 – Present Sherwin Williams Cleveland, OH Automated Warehousing w/ Robotics. Design and programming of new mobile wireless (Radio Frequency w/ Scanners) Embedded Real-Time Linux (incl. builds), BSD (including ubuntu debian, red hat among others, terminal, thin, etc. with VirtualBox), significant stress testing, Windows CE / HPC / PPC, Android, WebKit, Chrome, Java 1.2,3,4,5,6 (J2EE, J2SE, J2ME, Multi-Threaded, Web Start, CLDC Midlet / CDC Minlet / WTK / JDK / SDK / OpenJDK, PhoneMe, JamVM, Classpath, NetBeans incl. Mobile and gcj), Intelligent Pre-processing, Real-Time Interactive Help System, w/ Oracle (JDBC, Portlet and Web Servlet / mod_plsql / JSP / JSF / Applet / JavaScript OOP / Ajax / XML / JSON – Apache, Tomcat, jBoss, WebKit, OSE), J#.Net, Oracle and CodeGear JBuilders, Bea Nitro / Workshop, DB2 Websphere Everyplace, Expeditor, J9, Open Source Contributions. Also, rework of embedded C++ program (Visual C++, Eclipse, aCC/DDE (HP-UX), gcc, cvs, svn) for Windows CE ARM to translate Cobol and recreate Oracle 9/10/11 PL-SQL Procedures w/ TOAD, Application Express, assist w/ PowerBuilder, Lotus Notes. Engineered to significantly reduce (50%) workload and productivity costs, all while extremely increasing simplification. Doubled the hardware life-cycle, eliminated man-years from future development costs, while including past, present and 'future' development. Worldwide Distributed Extendable Modular System Design (Multi-Tier) with well in excess of
  4. 4. one-hundred million transactions per year, while utilizing a mere fraction of available resources. Very extensive R&D. Multiple installation, administration, management, analysis, design, programming, instruction, teaching (including classroom) and training. o1/2008 – 5/2008 Digital Day Peninsula, OH Web design, programming and instruction of C#2008.Net3.5 front end to Sharepoint 2007 (WSS/MOSS 3.0), MS-SQL Server 8, remote / telecommute through Hamachi VPN for Transworld Advertising Agency Network ( ). Also, IIS and WSS/MOSS installation, administration, design, programming, instruction and training. o10/2007 – 12/2007 American Greetings Cleveland, OH Re-Engineering Distribution / Order Processing Application - Radio Frequency for Hand-Held and Truck-Mount (Windows CE ARM) – Embedded MS Visual C++ programming for AIX Unix v5 w/ Sybase v12.5, remote through Cisco VPN, Sharepoint for document control and inter- communications (social computing). o3/2007 – 11/2007 Medical Mutual of Ohio (Antares) Cleveland, OH Medical Economic Data Systems - Web Interface providing Instruction for C#.Net ASP DB2 (IMB OS Mainframe) and MSSQL SQL Server web program with AJAX, VSTO and XML, Active Directory with Windows Passthru and ASP Security, VSS including setup and admin, and Sharepoint w/ Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, etc. document control, inter-communications (social computing) and VSTO, plus Chief Architect and Design as well as Management, Lead, Programming, Client Intervention and Analysis. Utilize SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Crystal, Word, Excel and PDF. Create application framework. Created design for all future object-oriented development within corporation. Also assist with other web programs in .Net (incl. VB.Net) w/ Oracle SQL. Multiple installation, administration, design, programming, instruction and training. o3/2007 – 6/2007 Hewlett Packard CA Global Technical Marketing and Management Consultant for HP HPC. SGI and HP Super Computing expert. Technical leadership for a worldwide sales and marketing campaign for HPC (SMP) platform. Provide technical content and consulting support for customers that must migrate from their existing HPC platform to HP. Consulting and solutions architect responsibilities including migration documentation, technical requirements to product teams and field delivery resources, train field solution architects. Utilizing MS Windows Compute Cluster Server (WCCS), Linux (Red Hat - RHES, SUSE - SLES), HP-UX and OpenVMS with primarily C/C++ and Fortran. Periodic USA National and International travel. Put up my HPC Framework. Multiple installation, administration, design, programming, instruction, training and web knowledge-base documentations. o1/2006 – 3/2007 dkFlyer, Inc. Cleveland, OH TimeLine (Real Time) Production Management System – Managed, designed and wrote Multi- User, Multi-Threaded, Client-Server, Distributed Network, Web-Enabled (CGI with JavaScript and CSS plus Perl), Real-Time and Database (ADO, ODBC) program in Visual.Net including Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and ASP (Excel / Word Reporting), and Java 5/6 (J2EE, JUnits, Applets, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDO, JDBC, Web Services w/ XML) with NetBeans and Sun Studio Creator / Enterprise, with Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Access, with HTML Help and with PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers) for manufacturing, production and process control. o1/2002 – 11/2006 Amros Industries Cleveland, OH IT Manager. Real Time Production Control - Designed and wrote Multi-User, Multi-Threaded, Client-Server, Distributed Network, Web-Enabled, Real-Time and Database (ADO and DAO) program in Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MySQL, FoxPro, Access, Visual Basic, C# and C++ (through .Net), Java 5/6 (J2EE, JUnits, Applets, Servlets, JSP, EJB, JDO, JDBC, Web Services w/ XML) with NetBeans and Sun Studio Creator / Enterprise with PLC's (Programmable Logic
  5. 5. Controllers) and Robotics for manufacturing and production control. Designed and wrote Production Order Management (MRP-CPM) software program with Inventory to interface Invoicing with QuickBooks (QDK). Programming in X10 for additional automation and security including video. Database and Systems Admin. Computer and security maintenance of Windows network, including Windows and Sun Unix servers and Database administration. Set up entire internet web, servers and content (plus realtime). Multiple installation, administration, design, programming, instruction and training. o12/1999 - 9/2001 National Missile Defense, Upgraded Early Warning Radar (NMD:UEWR, DOD, USAF) Boeing, Raytheon and Silicon Graphics Boston, MA Digital Signal Processing (DSP)- SGI Origin 2000 / 3000 (multi-parallel processing up to 96 MIPS CPU's) embedded Supercomputers (HPC / SMP). Project Manager and Lead. Responsibilities include IRIX (UNIX) Internals, Real-Time (nanoseconds, complete cycle 55 milliseconds max) Object Oriented Design and Programming (OOD/OOP) of POSIX Compliant 64-Bit Multithreaded C++, Documentation (including Software Design Document / SDD), Unit Testing, Reviews and Instruction. Designed and programmed from scratch the application framework including the library of all base and general programmatic functionality w/ Wrappers, Object Cooperation, and Modular ('Plug-In' with 'fill-in-the-blank') themes (new inventions and concepts for OOD/OOP). Designed and programmed all general utilities, such as queues, communication, sockets, threading, synchronization, locking, memory usage and allocation, application control, timing, portability, program and thread safety, workflow, testing, parallel, etc. towards removing all low-level and non-specific functionality from the Modules (for all of the other programmers to use), wrote device drivers and set up reporting to Oracle for analysis. Wrote multiple tests (including stress tests), Unix shell scripts and designed scheme for the debugging and testing of code coverage and error handling. Designed and developed the Makefile system. Wrote multiple documents and gave presentations, training and classes towards the education and instruction of UNIX, C++ and my library and provided developer support. Debugged the SGI Irix Unix RTOS kernel and the associated libraries. Utilized ProDev Workshop (cvd) (portability: HP-UX aCC DDE, Sun Studio, Linux gcc, MSVC++, etc.), IrixView, Rational Clearcase (including administration), etc. Extensive R&D towards achieving quality of Eight-Nines (less than one-third of a second total downtime per year). Assisted on MAS (Analysis) design, programming and integration on HP-UX Super Computer. Assisted the Program Manager on the $700 million singular contract / budget. SGI Consultant on project. Contributor to the SGI Open Source program. Multiple installation, administration, design, programming, instruction and training. o12/1999 - 7/2000 Advisory Services, Inc. Cleveland, Oh Portfolio Manager, Financial and Accounting - Converted an Informix program (complete program rewrite) into 4GL/SQL for Y2K error on SCO OpenServer 5.0. Also fully converted into PIC Visual C++ and Java Web Database (Multitier Application plus Multitier Database) w/ JavaScript utilizing both Informix and FoxPro Databases (with C/C++ source) for full high- speed Intranet and Internet access. Performed misc. SCO OpenServer 5.0 and Windows NT 4.0 Server administration, security and networking. Previously, built 12 Windows workstations and one Windows NT 4.0 Server (PDC). Set up SCO OpenServer 5.0. Wired 10-Base-T network with patch panel, etc. Set up MIIS with Proxy, Exchange, RAS, DNS, DHCP, NFS, etc. Fully serviced account since late 1980's. o8/1999 - 10/1999 Allsups, Inc. and Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) Clovis, NM Point of Sale - Made final corrections on a Point of Sale program, converted (C-Code) from DOS to SCO UNIX, including the communication between registers and the servers, the file transfers between registers, resetting the ports, connecting the notebook (auditor's program - FoxPro), the barcode scanner, the check scanner, both UPC printers (with old and the new barcodes), the handheld scanners, IBM Touch Screens (the larger offset and scaled), set up and taught UNIX and SCCS, wrote a secure TCP/IP Socket Program for transfers (300 stores) to the Home Office, etc. Designed setup and rollout of 900 computers. SCO Consultant on project.
  6. 6. o11/1998 - 3/1999 Medical Mutual of Ohio (Antares) Cleveland, Oh Patient Information / Remote Quote System - Visual Basic Client to Oracle (AIX) - Finished a Visual Basic conversion (DAO, direct SQL, ActiveX and Sheriden OCX tools) that connected to an Oracle Database on an RS6000 via secure Modem by using ODBC and Oracle SQL client connectivity. o8/1998 - 11/1998 Federal Reserve Bank and The U.S. Dep't of Treasury (SecureID) Cleveland, Oh Linux C Programming for connectivity to PowerBuilder and C Programming for a Sybase database - (1 - FRB - January, 1996 to March, 1996) Set up Linux and network (LAN, SLIP and PPP) between Windows 3.1 (Trumpet Winsock), Windows NT and Linux for testing of motion software (Robotics). Programmed in 'C' on Linux for Socket Calls and in PowerBuilder on Windows / Windows NT for database. (2 - FRB/USDoT - 1998) Wrote a C / C++ program to interface with Sybase on AIX to load, update, query, etc. records. I wrote it in a 'Visual Basic / PowerBuilder' style (future maintenance similar to current skillset), including creating routines similar to Basic / PB. I also made the program 'look' like the Sybase Database, creating Structures similar to the Sybase Tables and Functions similar to Sybase Routines and Stored Procedures. o8/1998 - 1/1999 Secant, Inc. Cleveland, Oh Database Middleware – Managed and Led the conversion (single source) of a multithreaded SQL Library / Framework written in C and (primarily) C++ (Borland, Microsoft, approx. 8,250,000 characters of source code) from Windows NT and OS/2 to Sun Solaris (32/64Bit, GNU, Solaris CC and WorkShop), HP-UX (10.2/11, 32/64Bit, GNU, aCC with DDE), AIX (4.1, GNU, Visual Age - future usage) and Linux (GNU - future usage), POSIX Compliant, using COM, CORBA (w/ IDL/ODL, custom and COTS orbs), MFC, OWL and STL as well as Yacc, Lex and Java (Swing - approx. 1,250,000 characters of source code) for GUI to connect to and interface with Oracle (7.x & 8.x), Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Informix, DB2, Access, SQLAnywhere, etc. We also set up HP-UX (new D-Box) 10.2 and 11.0 (OpenVue CDE w/ Exceed/ReflectionX), Oracle 7.3 and 8.0 on 10.2 and Oracle 7.3 and 8.0 on 11.0 and the Sun Ultra 5.6 Sparc Server (OpenWin w/ Exceed/ReflectionX) with Oracle 7.3 and 8.0 and Sybase 11 and utilized Rationals Rose and Purify, shell scripting, libtool, autoconf, automake, Samba, Sharity, CVS and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. o3/1998 - 9/1998 Daewoo, Inc. Cleveland, Oh Database Programming - Merged two (2) unlike database systems together, approx. 7,000,000 records, while creating data and relational integrity. Programmed multiple corrections and additions using Informix 4GL and FourGen Accounting / Application Generator on IBM AIX UNIX. Corrected FoxPro integration, VBA for Excel, assisted with SGI IRIX, HP/UX and AIX admin and ASP Web w/ Microsoft Transaction Server, Web Servers and SQL. o7/1997 - 10/1997 Regional Sewer District Cleveland, Oh VAX and Oracle Administration - Set up TCP/IP Network between DEC VAX (UCX) and WFW, Windows 95 and Windows NT. Set up Oracle Network (TNS, SQL*Net) between VAX Server and Windows Clients, set up ODBC Connections and SQL*Plus. Multiple VAX and Oracle corrections. Wrote temporary PLSQL Script to Export. o4/1997 - 2/1998 dkFlyer dba Dennis Kennedy Cleveland, Oh Virtual Database and Web Database - (1) Created a 'Virtual, 3D, On-The-Fly Database' for health care program utilizing Visual Basic with Access and Crystal Reports. (2) Created a Linux based Web Database (Internet/Intranet/Extranet and cross-platform) utilizing a Browser with JavaScript, in C++ and Java, with FoxPro '.dbf' tables (extremely fast combination). Extended Real-Time capabilities with memory resident binary database (faster). (3) Created Shopping Cart program to run on Windows MIIS and Linux.
  7. 7. o2/1997 - 6/1997 Medusa Cement Cleveland, Oh Visual Basic, Access and Oracle Programming - Programmed in Visual Basic, Access and Oracle to design and create a program for auditing the flow of invoicing, from the actual order through the final invoice, while providing for corrective measures. Also assisted in correcting the setup and configuration of their Sun Sparc Server and Oracle Developer/2000 and Financials Database. o10/1996 - 2/1997 Narco, Inc. Cleveland, Oh HP/UX Administration - Networked, Configured and Updated eight (8) HP-UX 9000's (seven E- K Series, one J Series running X-Windows, HP-Vue, 9.04 through 10.20) through each other as well as through Novell, Windows NT Servers and Windows 3.1 for their worldwide secure network. Installed, upgraded and configured the Operating Systems and installed and configured the OpenSpool Printing Program (Master/Slave Realms) and the Network Management Monitoring Program. Redesigned (optimized) their backup routines for both the Servers (with and without OmniBack) and the Oracle Exports. Assisted in programming with Pro-C and advised with the design of the set up the new SAP Servers (with SAP Training and Oracle 7.x) on the HP-UX UNIX Systems and on their Windows NT 3.51 Servers to help replace their Oracle Based JCL System including designing the setup of SAP R/3 Technical: ABAP, BASIS, Workflow (on UNIX and NT) and the SAP R/3 Functional: AM, CO, FI, HR, MM, PM, PP, PS, QM and SD and designing and set up their BASIS defaults, JCL Integration and Conversion, Clients, Master Data, Printer Configurations, Default User Parameters and Menus, Extended SAP with ABAP/4, etc. The following includes some of the BASIS Administration that I have Set Up and Maintained: Set Up and Maintained System Security and Authorization Profiles, Job Schedules, Spooling and Alerts, Reports, Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP), Data Archiving (ADK), SAP GUI (Clients), Update Monitoring, etc. Analyzed System Logs and Dumps, Monitored Output with the Output Controller, User and Process Load Balancing, Database Performance Tuning, Automated Processes, etc. Set Up and Maintained the Development, QA, Live, Training and DR Instances, Migrated (Transported - CTS) Instances, Established Logon and Access Policies, Developed Reports, Developed Master Data, Transactions, Data Dictionary Elements, ABAP/4 Programs and Screens, ABAP Queries and Documentation. Also assisted with the HP3000 and set up the HP-UX web servers. o7/1996 - 1/1998 Kaiser Permanente Cleveland, Oh Became IT Manager - Windows NT (et al) Server and Network Administration (WAN/LAN, thousands of clients), Microsoft SQL Administration and Programming, Visual Basic, Visual C+ + (MFC) and Access / MS-SQL Programming - Used Visual Basic to connect with Access (ODBC) and Microsoft SQL (VBSQL / DB32) as the Database for Multiple Applications, including NetCheck (Computer, Network, SQL and Virus administration), a Windows NT Memory Analysis Program, a Server Maintenance Program, a Network and SQL Sampling Program and a Heads Up Data Entry WorkFlow and Processing Program (Workflow Optimization and Automation), among others. Corrected errors in the Visual C++ SQL Distributed database custom program. Optimized workflow process, access, network and database as a unit. Reset the entire network of thousands of computers, including WFW and Windows NT Workstations, Servers and PDC/BDC's, both 3.51 and 4.0, DNS, DHCP, WINS, RAS, PPP, SMS, Proxy, SNMP, RAID (Hot- Swap), Trusts, Security, implemented the IBM ADSM backup system, Arcserve backup, set up Netscape and MIIS web servers, did minor server (Tricord) hardware maintenance and set up StorageTek SAN. Set up the file servers. Administered the Distributed (Clustered) MS-SQL Server Network (Microsoft training) of 21 Databases across 21 Servers over a WAN. Wrote additional Visual Basic and Visual C++ Programs to help with this Administration, including NetCheck (device / database administration), Tables (a program to synchronize Every Table, Field and Index on All 21 Servers), as well as others. Established the Backup Routines (Tasks to Dumps), created Devices, Databases and Tables, recreated Indices, wrote SQL Scripts, Stored Procedures and Triggers, optimized Replication, automated periodic 'Resets', created Web Based Reporting, etc. Automated and optimized scheduled events of network and database administration around users. Set up singular-administration capability. Also temporarily led the department, trained employees and documented. While usage increased
  8. 8. by a factor of 18, total traffic decreased by a factor of 12, with uptimes of nearly 100%. Oracle database programming and administration for Call Center with Multi-Processor HP-UX Administration. Designed, Wrote and Managed Very Massive Distributed Electronic Medical Document Storage, Retrieval and Management System. o4/1996 - 5/1996 Akron General Medical Center Akron, Oh Misc - Operating System, Network and Database corrections and instruction. o3/1996 - 7/1996 Allen Bradley div. Rockwell International Cleveland, Oh Visual Basic for Motion Control - Wrote the Visual Basic Intelligent Front Panel software (DDE) for controlling one or more CNC (Motion) Controls (Hard Real-Time) from Windows NT, for (multiple axes) Lathes, Mills and Grinders. Designed 78 screens to mimic the 9/260 CNC control. Automated testing. Multi-Lingual. Debugged C++ server interface. Previously wrote and debugged CNC motion controls and PLC controllers. o1/1996 - 4/1996 Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Oh Telephone / Time Tracking and Recording System - Programmed Informix 4GL to track and record telephone usage for students and teachers. Interfaced with PBS and commercial (external) phone service. o4/1982 - Present Self-Employed Self-Employed Customers have included (non-inclusive) Government: the Board of Education, the Dep't of Defense (D.O.D.), the Federal Reserve Bank, Muni Fire Depts, N.A.S.A., the Regional Sewer District, the U.S. Treasury Dep't (SecureID), Commercial: Advisory Services, Akron General Medical Center, Allen Bradley div. Rockwell Int'l, Allsups, Inc, Amros Inds, Case Western Reserve Univ, Daewoo, Inc, Figgie Int'l, Kaiser Permanente, Marymount Hospital, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Medusa Cement, Inc, Narco, Inc, Raytheon, Inc, Santa Cruz Org (SCO), Secant, Inc, Silicon Graphics, Inc (SGI), SmithKline Beecham, as well as multiple non-profit and not-for-profit organizations and associations, multiple local churches and others and the 'dkFlyer' webzine. Additional customers have included Cleveland Pnumatic (Aerospace), Timken, Eaton Corp, GE, Gould Ocean Systems, Nuclear Power Plants, Van Dorn Plastics as well as assistance with GTE, Gojo, The IRS, Kitchler Lighting, etc. Led and trained customer employees in operating systems, applications and programming. Beta tester for multiple Microsoft operating systems and applications (such as MSVStudio for example) and for MacX10. Additional programming in FoxPro, Delphi (Pascal), C++ Builder, J+ + Builder, Fortran, Progress, HTML, Perl, ASP, QB (DOS/Mac) and C (Mac/OSX), etc. – over 100 programming and database languages, Motion Control (Programming as well in CNC/DNC/ APT/Conversational/PAL/PLC), CAD/CAE/CAM (3D), etc. Additional training in SAP (Master Certification), minor and (over 20 years) continuing studies in Business, Accounting, Law, Macroeconomics, Finance, Marketing, extensive Computers and Technology, Engineering, Project Management, Psychology, Small Business Administration, Military Contracting, Quality Assurance and more. Knowledge of Military Quality Standards MIL-S-45662, MIL-I-45208a, MIL-Q-9858a, ISO 900*, Six Sigma, etc, Mgmt Resource Planning (MRP), SPC, machining and manufacturing (former President). Systems Security. Contributor to Open Source Community. Author of 'PIC' - originally 'Production / Inventory Control', extended to 10,000,000 characters of FoxPro source code, 550,000 characters of help and over 500 tables for Association Management, Contact Management, Stock and Portfolio Management, Accounting, Law, Manufacturing, Motion Control, WWW, etc. (Note: for one example, Amros Industries has been using original 'PIC' to run their packaging business for well over a decade.) Rewrote 'PIC' in Cross-Platform, Object Oriented C++ (Web Database) to 'Practical Intelligence Computing', with 'Practical' Artificial Intelligence enhancements (learning decisionmaking), extremely extensive Quality Assurance, Process Control, Encryption, Parallel and Distributed, Real Time (incl. Motion Control), X10, etc. Designer of UniDos (in 1991) that utilized UNIX (XWindows) and DOS (OS2/Windows)
  9. 9. together seamlessly, similarly to what is now in use today. Also included parallel, automated computing, X10 and a full Security System, among other items. (Skeletal versions in use by Amros and Advisory Services for several years.) Built multiple Linux PC's and Networks and designed our own flavor of Linux called WiniX prior to Y2K (1998) which was a version of Linux that was designed specifically to run with all versions of MS Windows (including BackOffice), Novell and Mac. WiniX worked as a very inexpensive Super Server with PDC, WINS, DNS, NIS, etc., and as a WorkStation. WiniX had Super Computer capabilities which could be expanded into Inter-Process Parallel Processing infinitely by merely adding more computers and also included Real-Time Linux (RTOS) for full processing and small memory models for embedded systems. Recent extensive use of SGI's Video/Audio/Imaging software, Apple's IMovie/QuickTime and the RealVideo/Audio software, including streaming. Designed the Trailer Axles for the MX- Missile Program in 1986 (blueprints on file with Kelley Air Force Base). Built First Article. Bid and built components for the wind tunnel for NASA Lewis Research in 1984, as well as for nuclear power plants. Designed and built Injection Molds (plastic and rubber), Tools, Dies (progressive, short run, four slide and injection), Jigs, Fixtures, Patterns, etc. (Note that all dates are approximated. Please respond via email.)