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Application Architecture 2.0
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Application Architecture 2.0


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  • 1. Application Architecture Esnatech Unified Communications platform
  • 2. Content
    • 1. Telephony Integration
    • 2. Web Access
    • 3. Email & Networking
    • 4. Unified Messaging
    • 5. CTI – Desktop Connectivity
    • 6. Other Modules
      • Administration
      • LDAP
    • 7. Complete Architecture
  • 3. 1. Telephony Integration Voice Server Architecture PBX 1. Analog / Digital Integration 2. IP Integration 3. T1/E1/ISDN Interface EEAM –Enterprise Edition Access Manager EEAM Voice Server 2. TAPI / Mitai / SIP 3. Intel / Eicon 1. Intel Serial Integration SMDI / MCI Speech Services ASR / TTS Sybase - DB
  • 4. 2. Web Access Voice Server Architecture Web Client - http & https WAP Client SRM – Service Recovery Management. EEAM –Enterprise Edition Access Manager EEAM Internet Information Services WEB Client WAP Client WAP Client Web Client Sybase - DB Internet SRM Web Reports
  • 5. 3. Email & Networking Voice Server Architecture VPIM 3. VPIM Client 1. POP3 / IMAP Internet VPIM – Voice Profile for Internet Mail EEAM –Enterprise Edition Access Manager EEAM Sybase - DB POP3 IMAP4 2. SMS / MMS / SMTP
  • 6. 4. Unified Messaging Voice Server Architecture MS Exchange IMAP TSE – Transparent Storage Engine EEAM –Enterprise Edition Access Manager IMAP TSE Gateway EEAM Sybase - DB IMAP4 To any Email Server Contacts Synchronization IMAP4 Synchronization and web services Message and Call Logging MAPI
  • 7. 5. CTI – Desktop Connectivity Voice Server Architecture UMST – Unified Messaging System Tasks EEAM –Enterprise Edition Access Manager UC Mobile UC Client Manager EEAM Sybase - DB UMST Client PC or Devices IP Dialer – Outlook Extension – MS Fax agent
  • 8. 6. Other Modules Voice Server Architecture System Administrator PC MMC – Microsoft Management Console LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol EEAM –Enterprise Edition Access Manager EEAM Active Directory LDAP Server MMC / Snap In Administration Sybase - DB LDAP
  • 9. 7. Complete Architecture Sybase - DB UMST IMAP TSE Getaway Internet Email Server Speech Services PBX Interface Intel/IP/TAPI PBX Web Applications IIS LDAP UC Mobile PDC MMC Snap In UC Client Manager Remote Administration Voice Server POP3 IMAP4 VPIM EEAM
  • 10. Esna’s UC Server Software
    • Middleware at the core of all enterprise communications
    • Single platform for voice, mobility, messaging, and presence
    • Directs communications based on established workflows and policies
    • Proven integration with diverse enterprise telephony systems
    • Proven integration with major email platforms
    • Proven integration with enterprise databases
    • Adds substantial value to business applications
    • Simplifies management of communication infrastructure for IT professionals
  • 11. User Access Unified Communications Architecture Browser UC services GroupWare Solutions Enterprise portals Business Applications MS Exchange 2000/2003/2007 Lotus Dominos Novell GroupWise Google Apps ZIMBRA IMAP servers BEA EIP MS Sharepoint IBM WebSphere Microsoft CRM, Oracle, Frontrange, ACT SAP, Netsuite Binnacle POP3 IMAP WIFI SIP DTMF Speech HTTP HTTPS XML VXML SIP SOA IMAP Universal access Gateway to content
  • 12. UC Server Architecture Overview (continued) Windows Desktop UC Services Telephony Infrastructure Client Gateway Services (UMST) SMTP Server/IMAP POP 3 Access Directory Gateway Services (LDAP) Mail Server Gateway Services (TSE) Database Access Component (EEAM) Web Gateway Services: HTML, WML, IMAP, POP Admin Tool Reporting Tool Utility Services IP PBX: SIP/3Com/Avaya IP Access: SIP/TAPI/MITAI/VTI PBX CTI Stream: SIP-CSTA/ TAPI/CSTA/MITAI Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise Mobile Device: J2ME, BlackBerry, Windows CRM, Other DB: Salesforce, SQL Server, Custom Access WWW WAP IMAP/POP Desk Phone XML LDAP Active Directory License Manager SMS Connector Voice Server, FAX Server, IVR Engine Telephony Gateway Component (EEVoice) Voice, Fax, CTI Services Speech Services: Nuance ASR/TTS IP Access: SIP/TAPI/MITAI/VTI TDM Access: Dialogic/Eicon CTI Services: CSTA/MITAI/TAPI/SIP Client Applications Back Office Applications Mail Server: Exchange, Dominos, GroupWise, IMAP Client DB, CRM Live Communication Server Database (Sybase)
  • 13. UC Server Architecture Overview
    • Highly modular solution
      • UC services can be enabled / disabled individually
      • Easy to customize based on customer needs
    • Deployable on a single server or on a cluster of servers
    • Primary Server Components
      • Communication system abstractions (wrappers)
      • UC engines / services
      • Relational databases
      • Technical libraries
    • Unparalleled Interoperability
      • More than 100 different PBXs from all major vendors: Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel, Siemens, Avaya, NEC, 3com, etc.
      • Integrated IP telephony support: SIP, TAPI, CSTA, SIP-CSTA
      • Out of the box connectors to enterprise applications: MS CRM, MS Outlook, Goldmine, Act, etc.
      • All major email platforms: Microsoft, IBM, Novell, any IMAP-compliant platform
      • Databases: Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, any other SQL database
      • 3rd party technology: ASR, TTS, Fax
  • 14. Application Architecture Esnatech Unified Communications platform