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  • 1. Personal Details Name Alan Champion Dougall Address 2 Waytown Close, POOLE, Dorset, BH17 9WF Evening: +44 (0)1202 385014 Telephone Mobile: 0793 0696 428 Email Date of birth 19th October 1956 Place of birth Dunfermline, Scotland Nationality British citizen Registered Partnership Ref: 17257 84310 (IR35-compliant); VAT Reg. No.: 781 4136 31 Status Married with three children (19, 18 & 13) Health Very good (non-smoker) Interests volleyball, running, cycling, swimming, skiing, triathlons writing/directing Christian poetry/drama, DIY, chess, bridge hosting/entertaining foreign students, learning French Activities Vine Christian Fellowship, Poole (Trustee / Treasurer: 1990-93) Sunday School teacher / Youth Leader (since 1975) Sandbanks Volleyball Club (Wessex League 2nd division) Christchurch Runners (since 1996) Profile Working at the forefront of technology, I have a broad experience in analysing systems, producing quality solutions and supporting technical services for: • engineering industry: Siemens, BAE Systems, CSEE, Ferranti, Plessey, British Gas • investment banking: ING-Barings, ABN AMRO, N&P Building Society • software industry: Patriate, TesCom, Mait, ISDE, VSF, COGNOS • academic institutions: University of Westminster, Bournemouth University • start-up ventures: meta-CASE (incl. Queen’s Award for technology), e-commerce • associate contractor to supplier partner: Rational, CM-Logic Over 20 years hands-on experience across the entire spectrum of systems & software development: recommending processes, delivering solutions, systematic testing and providing reliable support: • Configuration Management process consultancy and implementation • ClearCase / MultiSite / ClearQuest / ClearDDTS administration & customisation (Perl/VB) • Web / Database Design: e-commerce and remote hosting (ASP/JSP/PHP/CGI & SQL/XML) • Systems Engineering: real-time embedded systems; telemetry/communications systems • Software Engineering: CASE, CM and CAST development tools (Ada/C++) • Methods Engineering: meta-modelling, UML, OOA/D, Shlaer-Mellor, SSADM4+ & HOOD • Systems Testing: analysis and automation for GUI/batch regression tests • Project Management: business analysis, project bidding and effective team leading/member • Process Improvement: process modelling and change management • Customer Support: tool supplier vetting and liaison with product issue tracking • Network Services: administration of Unix/SunOS/NT/W2K/XP & TCP/IP, IIS/Apache settings Other relevant activities: • developed Excel-based bookkeeping software integrated with tax-return software (QMS Ltd) • built/rebuilt PCs and installed operating system and business system software • developed a PowerPoint quiz presentation incorporating dynamic Excel score charts • assistance to developers on development forums and in A-level computing (VB, VC) Key IT Skills CM & ClearCase (MultiSite, UCM), ClearQuest, ClearDDTS, ClearTrack, CVS, PVCS, VSS. Testing Text Director (XRunner, WinRunner), Rational Test Studio (Visual Test). Web & RDB Design ASP, JSP, PHP, Perl, SSI, XHTML (jEdit, FrontPage, TextPad), XML, XSL. SQL (Access, mySQL, Oracle, Sybase), Tcl, VB (Access, Excel, PowerPoint). Analysis & RDD, RequisitePro, Rose 98i, SSADM-SF, UML. Development Ada (APEX, VADS), C/C++ (Sun Workshop, Visual Studio), Purify, Quantify. Standards & Methods CMM, ISO 9000, RUP, HOOD, Shlaer-Mellor, SSADM4+. Administration & Unix (SunOS/Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Ultrix, Linux (RedHat), FreeBSD), Apache, Motif. Documentation Windows (NT4, W2K, XP), IIS, FLEXlm (SAMsuite). Access (VB), FrameMaker, Excel & PowerPoint (VB), Visio, Word. Alan Dougall’s CV (11/08/10) page 1 of 4
  • 2. Education 1974 - 1978 Heriot-Watt University, EDINBURGH Degree: B.Sc. (Hon) in Computer Science Awards: ICL Award for 1st in Computer Science I Content: Pascal/Algol/Fortran Programming, Compiler Writing, Operating Systems, Information Systems, Communications, Pure/Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Translation, Computational Techniques and Computer Hardware. Thesis: Simulation of Human Memory - A study of short-term memory involving research and practical experiments in human learning, recognition and retention. The results were compared with the development of two simulation models: Dr J S Reitmann’s original model (1970); my proposed memory wheel model avoided defects in the original. Experience: tutoring Computer Science, missionary (voluntary), lifeguard, labourer and salesman. 1970 - 1974 Dunfermline High School, DUNFERMLINE SCSE: Mathematics (A*), Arithmetic (C), Physics (A), Chemistry (B), Biology (B), History (C), Woodwork (B) and Engineering Drawing (A) Higher: Mathematics (A), Physics (B), Chemistry (B), Electrical Engineering (C), Mechanical Engineering (C) and Engineering Drawing (B) SYS: Mathematics: Calculus & Geometry (B) and Mathematics: Numerical Analysis, Programming, Applied Mathematics & Statistics (B) Experience: lifeguard, waiter (silver service), goods receiver, labourer (various), market gardener Professional & Vocational Courses Attended STC Christian Arts (2001) Java interactive self-training course (2000) ClearQuest Customisation (1999, 2000) ClearCase UCM Administrator (1997, 2000) ClearDDTS Administration (1997) NVQ Bible Training Leadership Course (1996-97) RDD-100 Systems Engineering (1996) CATS Test Methodology (1996) SSADM 4.2 (1994/95) Windows NT (1993) OOA/RD (1993) Methods Engineering/Business Modelling (1991/92) Presentation Skills (1989) Real-time Development (1984) OSI Network Design (1982) Management Training (1981) EE outreach / OAC sketch training (1979, 2002) Presentations & Courses Given Web development using PHP & Javascript (2002) ClearCase UCM for developers/documentors (2002) ClearCase for project managers (2002) ClearCase developers' workshop (2001-02) ClearCase/MultiSite administration (2001) ClearCase/ClearQuest for developers (2000) ClearCase/ClearDDTS for developers (1997-9) Quiz Presentations (1999, 2002) Church/Street Dramas (1995+, 2000+) RDD-100 Facilities Management (1997) Testing & CM Strategies (1996) CASE & CM Products (1994-95) Automated Software Testing (1993) Methods Engineering (1991/94) Configuration Management (1985) Communication Systems (1984) BASIC Programming (1980) Fortran Programming (1978) Alan Dougall’s CV (11/08/10) page 2 of 4
  • 3. Employment 10/02 – 01/03 Belaf Language Study Holidays, Genevieve Browne Ltd, HOTPEC (Cameroon) Business: Web Development (various businesses, plus a third-world country charity) Title: Web developer, Database design/administrator Role: Provision of generic back-end database management (mySQL, XML, XSL) with front-end online shopping services for businesses and charities (PHP, JavaScript in IE, Netscape). 9/02 – 10/02 ING-Barings, London Wall, London, UK Business: Investment Banking (contracted by CM-Logic Ltd, CM consultants) Title: CM consultant / ClearQuest developer / ClearCase administrator Role: Responsible for developing ClearQuest workflow (with Perl, Oracle) and integrating with ClearCase (UCM) on e-commerce projects (NT4,W2K) 7/02 - 8/02 Maersk Data, Copenhagen, Denmark Business: Travel / Shipping (contracted by CM-Logic Ltd, CM consultants) Title: CM consultant & ClearCase administrator Role: Responsible for upgrading ClearCase (SunOS/Solaris/NT/W2K). Responsible for toolset deployment, administration, training. Proposed ClearQuest integration plan. 1/01 - 4/02 Roke Manor Research Ltd, Roke Manor, Romsey, Hants, UK Business: Siemens Mobile Telecom Industry (contracted by W A Consultants Ltd agents) Title: CM consultant & ClearCase administrator Role: Responsible for introducing CM process with ClearCase & MultiSite with ClearQuest (Unix/NT). Single-handed responsibility for site toolset deployment, workshop training, process maintenance (Perl triggers) and product administration & online/intranet support. Expert planning in conjunction with Siemens sites in Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada and US. Assisted with SunOS/Solaris/NT/FreeBSD/Linux secure TCP/IP network configuration and IIS web-server administration on NT. Achievements: Established base ClearCase as company CM standard, importing existing CM systems from CVS and SourceSafe. 6/00 -12/00 Anthony Black Associates Ltd, Christchurch, Dorset Business: E-Commerce and Charitable trusts Title: Web developer / Technical Services director Role: Developed MLM affiliate software (in Perl,PHP,mySQL on Unix), and tested integration with Actinic shopping cart software and secure payment systems. Responsibility for the infrastructure and back-office operations within a start-up e-commerce business. 8/96 - 5/00 BAE Systems, Grange Road, Somerford, Christchurch, BH23 4JE Business: Communications and Defence Industry (formerly Siemens) Title: Development Tools consultant / engineer Role: Responsible for the introduction of new technology: process definition, tool evaluation, roll- out plans, deployment, training and support for various development tools and configuration management processes. I developed an IDE using ClearCase (SunOS, NT4) integrated with ClearQuest (with Perl,VB,SQL) to satisfy company CM policies on multiple projects. This included maintenance and migration from VSS, PVCS and ClearDDTS & ClearTrack, problem chasing on the development and process issues, automating reports (Crystal Reports). Complementary to this, I provided web-based information to support other methods & tools including RUP, UML, RDD, APEX, Purify, Rose, Rational Test Studio, MS Developer Studio. Assisted with SunOS, NT & Apache web-server administration. Achievements: Advised on all technical / licensing aspects for development tools across the whole business unit, and contributed significantly to reducing software tools costs from an annual budget exceeding £500k. I also developed an intranet site (ASP,JSP,VB) for BAE Systems running club to maintain and monitor performance in club / external races. 2/96 - 8/96 ABN AMRO, London, EC1M 4BH Business: Investment Banking (contracted by TesCom International, Test Strategists) Title: Configuration Management consultant & administrator Role: Reporting to the Project Manager, I established and administered the configuration management procedures including formal delivery/release acceptance, problem/change management, h/w & s/w configuration tracking, installation co-ordination, tools support and CM workflow/training. Also provided integration test strategies, test rule definition and test scenario design using formal test methodologies (CATS and Visual Test). Achievements: TesCom provided the QA and test plan/execution roles in ensuring that the CREST project was developed and resilient in time for the system going live. The system under test comprised a trading service network comprising NT clients and SQL Server (on NT4) and Oracle database (on Ultrix). On completion of the contract, I was awarded a bonus on achieving the first phase targets and renewal of the testing/CM contract with TesCom International. Alan Dougall’s CV (11/08/10) page 3 of 4
  • 4. Employment (contd.) 5/94 - 12/95 ISDE Ltd, Camberley, GU15 3HQ Business: CASE / CM supplier/consultancy Title: Principal Consultant / Engineer Role: Reporting to the Managing Director, I was responsible for migrating CASE/metaCASE products to MS Windows. I supported a client-server issue traceability tool for tracking customer enquiries and problem reports from customers through to code impact. Achievements: Development (using Ada,Visual C++) and marketing (using VB) of an IS CASE tool which generated Informix SQL, in partnership with N & P Building Society (now Abbey National) undergoing process improvement. In collaboration with the University of Westminster, I produced a data/process modelling case study for an SSADM4+ CASE tool conformance test. Supported products on Windows 3.11,SunOS,Ultrix,AIX. Under contract initially, I assisted in the transfer of the business from VSF Ltd and provided essential continuity for customer confidence. 4/92 - 5/94 VSF Ltd, Crest House, Ringwood, BH24 1EU Business: Systems Engineering Solutions Title: Automated Test Engineer & Project Manager & Product Support Manager Role: Reporting to the Engineering Executive, I supported the Virtual Software Factory (VSF) metaCASE product and enhanced its automated test capabilities. This involved specification, design and redevelopment of the system through testing and customer support. Achievements: Funded by COGNOS Inc., I acted as the QA manager responsible for ISO 9000 reporting and quality testing of the product releases, development and testing of built-in regression test capabilities (X/WinRunner) and customer methods product consultancy. After taking responsibility for the metaCASE product, I redesigned the GUI for MS Windows. Supported products on OS2,SunOS,Ultrix,AIX. Prior to joining VSF Ltd, I was contracted by COGNOS Inc. (Canada) to advise on their future product architecture and contingency plans as a VSF customer. As a contractor for Mait Ltd, I assisted CSEE’s due diligence exercise to assess the value of Ferranti Defence Systems Integration contracts/prospects during their receivership. 5/86 - 1/92 Systematica Ltd, BOURNEMOUTH (bought by Mait Ltd, Winchester) Business: CASE/metaCASE developer/supplier Title: Graphics Editor Team Leader & Chief Designer Role: Reporting to the Engineering Manager, I was responsible for the specification, architecture, development and integration of a configurable rule-based CASE tool (c.500k lines of Ada,C for Ultrix,SunOS,AIX,OS2 platforms). Achievements: Funded by venture capital, I led the VSF system design team and developed the graphics models for generic diagram/text editors. The first prototype was achieved in 1987 and subsequently achieved £1m sales worldwide in its first year of trading. As product design authority in 1989, I liased with IBM to specify the CUA GUI & NLS (for OS/2). VSF (Virtual Software Factory) metaCASE attained a Queen's Award for Technology in 1991 as an IBM Partner for its AD/Cycle project. SSADM-SF (built on VSF) was the first version 3 product to achieve a CCTA 3-star rating in 1990. 7/83 - 3/86 Plessey Controls plc, Sopers Lane, Poole (now Marconi) Business: Communications Title: Senior Principal Software Engineer & Group Leader Achievements: I was part of the system design team developing a telex exchange for BT, involving real- time signalling and stress testing. 9/78 - 7/83 British Gas Corporation, Marine Drive, Edinburgh (now BG Transco) Business: Gas Distribution Title: Technical Analyst / Programmer promoted to Technical Services Officer Role: Reporting to the IT Manager, I developed a variety of office automation software (PLZ, BASIC, Z80 assembler). Achievements: After maintaining an existing telemetry system, I developed the graphical front-end, the database administration facility, the remote-site polling cycle and watchdog facility for a safety-critical command and control system (in Fortran, Macro-11). As part of an IT82 sponsorship, I developed a public information retrieval system for the Edinburgh International Festival/Fringe. I developed a graphics package that was presented alongside a LAN/WAN system on BBC Tomorrow's World. Alan Dougall’s CV (11/08/10) page 4 of 4