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  1. 1. 1125 US Highway Route 22 West, Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone (908) 429-8008 Ext. 315, Fax (908) 429-8005 Email: nikhil@cyberthink.com Contact: Nikhil Upreti www.cyberthink.com Resume SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS: • TEN years of professional experience in the IT industry with over SEVEN years as an Technical Lead/Oracle Applications DBA and an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) • Expertise includes working with Oracle Application 11.5.7/11.5.6/11.5.4,11.0.3,10.7NCA modules HRMS/Payroll, SSHR, OAB, OTM, OTL, AR/AP, GL, OM, INV, iProcurment, ASCP, WMS. • Expert in the administration of Oracle Database, Backup and Recovery, SQL Tuning, Disaster Recovery, Installation of Oracle Software, Oracle 8 Advanced Replication, Oracle 9iAS portal v1.0.2.2, Pro*C Programming, RMAN, Net backup. • Extensive hands-on experience on HP-UNIX, Solaris & AIX Operating Systems, Logical Volume Manager (LVM), SAM, SD Utilities, Veritas, Glance Plus, Sco admin and Admin tool. • Expertise in UNIX shell scripting (K Shell, C Shell, and Bourne Shell), and good knowledge of SMTP servers, ITO/ITA products, AIX and digital UNIX. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Database/ Software: Oracle (9i, 8i, 8.0.x, 7.3.4, 7.3.1), Oracle Applications 10.7 NCA, 11.0.5, 11i, Oracle 9iAS portal v1.0.2.2, PL/SQL, SQL*Forms 4.5/4.0/3.0, SQL*Reports 2.5/2.0, SQL*MENU 5.0, Pro*C, SQL*Loader, Java 1.0, VC++ with MFC, PERL, SHELL Operating System: HP-UNIX - 9.x/10.x, SCO UNIX Open server 5.0, Sun Solaris 2.6/2.8, AIX 4.2/4.3, Redhat Linux 7.0,Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/95/ 98, and DOS 6.22 Hardware: HP 9000 A800/A712/K360/D390 ES & EPS Series with Auto Raid, HP Net Servers, IBM m80, m70, H70, H80, Sun 420R,E450,Intel PC 286 / 386s / 486s / Pentium MMX / II, SMP Servers. Tools/ Special Software: RMAN, Netbackup, Tivoli, OEM, WSM, SMIT, SAM, Swinstall, License Manager, Data Install, Adadmin, Ad patch, Adrelink, Adctrl, Adclone, Oracle Expert, Erwin 3.5.2, PL/SQL, LoadRunner, Go Global 2.0, Tkprof, HP OMNIBACK 2.1, Sendmail 8.7,VI Editor, AWK, SED, Perl, Tektronix, HP Glance Plus B.10.15, HP Open View, Network Node Manager, HP Switch over Unix, HP Mirror Unix, HP JET Admin, Baynet Optivity Network Management software, Scoadmin (SCO UNIX), UNIX Shell scripts, ITO/ITA products, Admintool (Sun Solaris 2.6), MS-TCP/IP, Veritas Replication Utility. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: July 2002 – Present Agere Systems Oracle Application DBA Allentown, PA Agere Systems is the world's No.1 provider of components for communications applications with leadership in optical components and integrated circuits. This dual capability uniquely positions Agere to deliver integrated solutions that form the building blocks for advanced wired, wireless and optical communications networks. Agere also designs and manufactures a wide range of semiconductor solutions for communications-related devices used by consumers such as cellular phones, modems, and hard disk drives fro personal computers and workstations.
  2. 2. Member of Oracle Applications ERP team, working through various phases of the project, starting from Upgrade (from 11.5.6. to 11.5.7), Analysis, Design, Implementation, Customizations, Conversions and Interface development for HRMS/Payroll, OAB,OTM,OTA,OTL,SSHR,ASCP,WMS Module. Responsibilities: •Participated in Installation, Configuration and Administration of different modules of Oracle Applications. •Conversion from legacy systems data to Oracle Application HRMS module. It includes Organization, Job, Location, Employee, Assignments, Address, Salary, Elements, etc. •HR and Payroll Interfaces - Requirement analysis, unit test cases, development for third party maintenance. (Payroll, Service Award, Buck Retirement, etc.) •Used Adclone utility to replicate production instance to test and training instances •Created many shell scripts to run automatically through Unix jobs. •Participated in Upgrading Oracle Applications from 11.5.6 to 11.5.7 – 1. Participated in Pre-Upgrade analysis of impact. Before Upgrading, Prepared list all customizations made in Reports, forms and interfaces in HR/Payroll system. 2. Analyzed impact of customization on 11i upgrade. And provided alternatives/solutions for the same. 3. After upgrade helped client to test standard and non-standard functionality of system. 4. Participated in data conversion using standard APIs. 5. Participated in on going Development, customization and tuning of Oracle Applications HRMS/Payroll, ASCP module based on business/technical specifications using PL/SQL (stored functions, procedures and packages), Reports 6i, and Forms 6i. 6. Compiled FAST FORMULA for group VERTEX •Designed and developed ASCP, Workflow (Salary Change and Termination) •Creation and maintenance of new projects and tasks for Administrative (non-network) and network projects. •Loading Wages information into Project Accounting module from third party vendor. Environment: Sun Solaris 2.8, Windows 2000, Oracle Application 11.5.7,11.5.6 & 11.0.3, Oracle RDBMS 9i, 8i, Sqlplus, Net8, SQL/PLSQL, Oracle Developer 6i, Licence Manager, Data Install, Rapid wiz, Auto upgrade, Ad patch, Adadmin, Adctrl, Ad merge, Toad, SQLPlus, OEM, XML, VI, EMACs, awk, sed, Shell Scripts, Top Jan ‘01 – Jan’02 EYT Inc Oracle Applications 11i DBA Chantilly, VA EYT Inc. is formerly known as Ernst & Young Technologies. As a total solution provider, EYT provides access to the latest technology - via the Web or through traditional implementation. Integrating a powerful combination of expertise, infrastructure, strategy and world class implementation services to emerging, middle-market and Fortune 500 companies, EYT is a leading provider of application hosting, managed services, eSolutions and professional services. Oracle Applications 11i DBA in a Sun Solaris environment, performed major upgrades via family packs/ patch sets of Applications 11i Financial & HR modules (HR, GL, Payroll, AR, AP, FA, MRP, DRP Alerts, Order Management, ASCP, iProcurement/Purchasing -11i.PRC_FP_D etc.) to current levels (from 11.5.0 to 11.5.4). Also responsible for re-engineering RMAN 11i backup procedures to be more robust and quicker to recover from (gained further Veritas Netbackup exposure). Worked with End Users and Functional Analysts on issue resolution (concurrent manager problems, one off patches etc.), performed System Administration functions like alert setup, User setup, printer setups, Concurrent Manager Etc. Designed, implemented, scheduled automatic standard cyclical maintenance and setup new instance, tuned and ported data to a proprietary Data Base on a new NT Server, also developed and productionized new RMAN hot backup strategy for this instance.
  3. 3. Responsibilities: • Oracle Applications (Financials, MRP, HR, BOM, ASCP, WMS) migration and upgradation via mini pack from Apps 11.5.0 to 11.5.4 • Cloned Oracle Application 11i using ADCLONE utility 8.1.7 database. • Scheduled, coordinated, lead, architected, and aided in execution of the migration • Responsible for full life cycle of the database from design to creation and maintenance to support of database. • Working closely with Data Architect and Database Administrator for the database design, performance and tuning. • Implementing new life products on the systems and giving user training to the Business users. • Installed, configured Oracle 8.1.6, 8.1.7 and 9i in Solaris and AIX platforms • Installed, configured Oracle Apps 11.5.4 in Solaris platform • Oracle Application patches management. Proficient in Application Object Library, Application system administration and admin utilities like ADPATCH, ADADMIN, ADCTRL, ADRELINK etc. • Installed, configured Oracle 9iAS Portal v1.0.2.2 in Windows NT, Windows 2000 platforms • Installed, configured and supported Lawson application • Installed, configured and support Great Plains Application • Developed Logical and Physical data models incorporating normalization, user performance needs and de-normalization for the system. • Conducted database administration tasks like backup and fine-tuning task like database consistence checking was carried on the database. • Using RMAN restored and recovered database table space, data file and full database level. • Materialized views, refresh run via the PL/SQL package with errors, history, and performance logs • Reorganized application database using standard oracle export. • Coded, upgraded and tuned data filling and extraction scripts in PL/SQL, Pro*C • Troubleshoot and documented netback up backup problems. • Developed shell and PERL scripts to automate the tasks. • Trained non-oracle support persons to support oracle activities. • Mentored other Database Administrators. Environment: Sun Ultra enterprise 450, Sun Solaris 2.6,AIX 4.2, Redhat Linux 7.0,Windows NT, 98 & 2000, Oracle Application 11.5.4, Oracle RDBMS,XML, XMS, SQLPlus, SQL/PLSQL, Oracle Developer 6i,VI, Emacs, Ad patch, Adadmin, Adctrl, Tivoli, RMAN, Veritas Netbackup, SMIT, WSM, Lawson, Great Plains, awk, sed, Shell Scripts. Jul ‘00-Dec ’00 Resource/Phoenix Senior Oracle Applications DBA / Oracle DBA San Rafael, CA ReSourcePhoenix.com™ (RPC) is a leader in online financial outsourcing services and e-business information management. As a full-service provider, RPC is the first company to provide a complete, Internet-enabled solution bridging the technology gap with established business processes and trained professional staff. 0 1Responsibilities: • Installation, configuration and administration of an Oracle Application 10.7NCA,11.0.3 on Sun Ultra platform.(AP,AR,GL,FA,BOM,OE) • Installed, implemented and configured Oracle Application 10.7NCA, 11.0.3 using distributed configuration and creating TEST environment. • Performed all the Database Administrative activities, Patch application during the migration of Oracle Application using ADPATCH, ADADMIN, ADCTRL, ADRELINK, etc. • Converting TEST environment to MULTI ORG Set-up. • Creating a control copy of TEST environment for further use
  4. 4. • Creating Development environment from the controlled TEST environment. • Cloned production database to development server for development usage. • Setting up Custom Development environment on Development Instance. • Creating custom Schema and correspondingly preparing Custom Schema Structure on APPL_TOP. • Creating proper set-up for accepting data in flat format from an external source to be used in custom Application. • Creating Production environment from the controlled environment. • Applying Patches and MINI Pack on all the three environments. • Migrating Custom Developed Structure from Development to Test Instance. • After Proper Testing, Migrating Custom Developed Structure from Test to Production Instance. • Installation and Configuration of ADI on Client System. • Reconfiguring Oracle Application after change in IP address and Domain Name. • Replicated data from master site to surrogate user. • Preparing Scripts for Backup of all the three environments. • Regular refresh of development and test instance from Production Instance. • Monitoring and maintaining Mount Point Space Management activities for all the three instances. • Documenting complete installed architecture. • Documenting all the issues logged with Oracle Corp. • Regular monitoring of Invalid Objects and recompiling those objects. • Responsible For System Study, Analysis, Database Design and Development. • Created And Maintained Table spaces, Rollback Segments. • Designed Storage Clause for Table spaces, Rollback Segments, Tables, and Indexes. • Defined User Security By Creating Views And Granting Roles And Privileges • Generated Scripts For Auditing At Privilege Level, Statement Level And Object Level. • Designed Backup Strategies For Online Backup 24hrs Running Database And Generated Scripts For Easy Operation • Played A Major Role In Optimal Backup And Recovery Process In Current Status. • Generated Script For Monitoring The Database Usage And Its Performance. Environment: Sun Ultra enterprise 450, Sun Solaris 2.6, Windows NT, 98, ADI 6.4, Oracle Application 11i, 11.0.3 & 10.7NCA, Adpatch, Adadmin, Adctrl, Oracle RDBMS 7.3.4,8.0.5 & 8i, Oracle Express Server, Oracle Web Server 3.0,Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Sqlplus, svrmgrl, Sql*Net 8.0,Sql/Plsql, Performance Pack, Oracle Enterprise Backup Utility, Veritas Replication Utility, Shell Scripts VI editor, awk, sed, Shell scripts May1999- July2000 AT&T Senior Oracle DBA Herndon, VA 2Worked for AT&T Production support, as Oracle DBA, the main application is DSBS (Desktop suit based services), an application used for customer information and billing system used by the Customer Support & Service Representatives and Sales Representatives of AT&T, through out US. I was responsible for System & Network maintenance and supporting hundred engineers in an environment consisting of Solaris and HP-UX systems. This job also involved Software &Hardware upgrades, network management. 3 4Responsibilities: • Installed Oracle 8.0.5 and migrated data from 7.3.4 to 8.0.5 • Upgraded Oracle 8.0.5 to Oracle 8.0.6 • Scheduled Hot backups and cold backup (RMAN) • Installed of Application tools • Developed PL/SQL programs according to work Schedule and specifications
  5. 5. • Performance Tuning of Oracle database • Forecasted the database growth • Monitored alert log, system log • Configured SQL*NET 8.0 on all the servers. • Monitored database for fragmentation and de-fragmenting the tables • Performed daily maintenance routines on SUN&HP servers, monitoring system access, managing space and tuning the system for optimum performance. • Written shell script for system maintenance and file management. • Trouble shooting for developer/tester/user with all system related Problems (E-mail, file restoring, and Network problem). • Maintenance/backup/recovery of servers. Environment: Sun Ultra enterprise 3000/1000/450, Sun Solaris 2.6/2.5.1/2.5, HP6000, 9000, ADI 6.4, Oracle RDBMS 7.3.4,8.0.5 & 8i,RMAN, Oracle Web Server 3.0,ORACLE Enterprise Manager, SQL/PLSQL, SQLPlus, SVRMGR, SQL*NET 8.0, Performance Pack, Oracle Enterprise Backup Utility, Veritas Replication Utility, VI, EMACs, Shell Scripts. April 1995 – February 1999 Citi Bank N.A, Oracle DBA Bombay,India Designed the physical database in Oracle 7.3.x by splitting data files across disks, stripping the most frequently accessed tables/indexes, created rollback and redo logs on different disks. Created batch rollback segment for the application having batch processing. Tuned Pro*c application code. Deciding the optimizer to be used for application Responsibilities: • Installed of Application tools • Performance Tuning of Oracle database • Scheduled Backup for database, Forecast the database growth • Monitored alert log, system log • Installed of Standby Database • Configured SQL*NET 2.0 on all the servers. • Monitored database for fragmentation and defragmented the tables • Refreshed development database from production for testing • Implemented Snapshots • Application SQL code tuning using TKPROF and Explain Plan utilities • Developed Stored Procedure, packages using PL/SQL • Written shell scripts to automate various tasks • Provided support to end users and developers • 24 X 7 production support and contingency servers. • Recovered Production database using the offline and online backup • Add data files • Reorganization of the tables, table space, Database. Environment: Sun Ultra enterprise 450, Sun Solaris 2.5, HP9000, Windows NT, 98, Oracle RDBMS 7.3.4, Oracle Web Server 3.0,Oracle Developer 4.5,Oracle Forms, SQL/PLSQL, Oracle Enterprise
  6. 6. Manager, NET8, Performance Pack., Shell Scripts, VI, EMACs, March1992 – March1995 Jay Art UNIX System Administrator Bombay, India Responsibilities: • Installed/Upgraded Sco-Unix 3.4. Operating System & Administration • Installed/Upgraded HP-UX 9.x Operating system & Administration • Applied patches to operating systems • Managed MTI Disk arrays • Administration, Object Administration, Server Administration, • Backup/Restore Operations, Print Administration, Virus Proofing • Setup and Administered NIS (Master server), DNS Server, NFS • Developed Programs • Database Administration • Software Upgrade/Patch Installation • Dealing with Vendors Environment: HP-UX 9.x, HP9000, Sco-unix 3.4,VI Editor, Shell Scripts, ’C’, C++ EDUCATION • Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications TRAINING/CERTIFICATIONS • Syspro, Bombay, India - Oracle Certification July 1995-Sept 1995 • VMCI, Bombay, India C, C++, VC++ 4.0,OLE 2.0, OCX May 1996-Sep 1996 • IBM, USA - IBM AIX 4.2 Training & Certification 23rd July 2001-27th July 2001