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2008).doc 2008).doc Document Transcript

  • MOHSIN KHAN Mobile: 0545809750 Email:mohsinkhan.ou@gmail.com OBJECTIVE “Aim to be associated with a progressive organization that gives me scope to apply my knowledge and skills along with my hard work and patience and to be involved as a part of a team that dynamically works towards the growth of the organization” SUMMARY OF OVERALL EXPERIENCE “Over 3+ years of experience in Oracle Database administration,monitoring tuning and troubleshooting on multiple Databases. Have good experience in oracle DBA (8i, 9i,10g) on various UNIX and Windows platforms (Sun OS 5.8/5.9,Linux RH AS2.x, Windows 2000, and 2003) in Production, Support and Development environments” .I also worked as a Unix System/oracle Database Administrator on HP-ux/IBM –Aix and solaris.Experience in a ERP Environment as a Backend Database administrator. ORGANISATIONAL EXPERIENCE B RIGADE C ORPORATION P V T L T D H Y D E R A B A D DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR Brigade corporation : Worked as a DBA in Brigade corporation Pvt. Ltd. Hyd, an ISO 9000 company. Position : Database Administrator ERP : SAP R/3 Ecc 6.0 Platform Support : HP-ux Database : Oracle 10G June 2006-DEC 2007 Job Responsibilities: • Creation of Roles, Profiles and modification of user accounts. • Creating, Altering and Dropping Profiles. • Creation of Schema objects, Granting Roles and Privileges to the users and setting default and temporary tablespaces. • Auditing to scrutinize regular and suspicious activities on database. • Configured the Database in Archivelog mode. • Multiplexed controlfile, Redologfile and critical datafiles. • Configured RMAN. • Performed full backups, incremental backups using Scripts on Tapes. • Performing backups using RMAN for backups. • Performing backup of control file in case of structural changes. • Performing backups using EXPORT and IMPORT utility. • Administering Tablespace management Lmts and Dmts ,extent and segment mgmt. WILSHIRE SOFTWARE T ECHNOLOGIES P V T L T D H Y D E R A B A D U N I X &D A T A B A S E A D M I N I S T R A T O R Position : UNIX SYSTEM &Database Administrator Platform Support : Unix IBM-AIX/HP-UX Unix
  • Database : Oracle 9i/10G ERP : Oracle APPS 11i Jan 2005-may 2006 Job Responsibilities: • Creating and Managing Database users. • Creating and Managing user profiles and roles using SQL*Plus & Enterprise Manager • Managing Locally and Dictionary Managed Tablespaces. • Performing backup of control file in case of structural changes. • Creating and Managing Database Objects such as Database Tables, Temporary Tables, External Tables, Index organized Tables, Partitioned Tables, Public & Private Synonyms, Views, Materialized views and Indexes. • Managing Redo logs and Data files like adding, renaming and resizing. • Managing Control files like adding, recreating and tracing to physical locations and tracing backup • Managing and Monitoring Database Performance • Performing backups using RMAN for backups.. • Performing backups using EXPORT and IMPORT utility System Admin Task: Managing File system at O/S level and maintaing disk consistency. • experience in VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER & VERITAS FILE maintenance and performance analysis / tuning. • Configuring & installing various hardware devices to the Unix Server. • Implemented and Configured Network Attached Storage (NAS) Configured Sun StorEdge N8200 Filer (NAS device) which communicates using Network File System (NFS) for UNIX environment, Common Interface File System (CIFS) on MS Windows environment, FTP, HTTP and other network protoco • Performing User Admininstration and assigning permissions to users. • Performing Backup & Restore Operations at O/S levels,job automation. ORACLE 9I/10G DATABASE PROFESSIONAL SKILLS SET Installing Oracle software and Creating Database: • Installing Oracle 9i, 10g on Solaris 10, Linux RH AS 2.1/8/9, Win 2003 server software Using the oracle Universal Installer. • Upgrading the Oracle from 9i ( to 10g R2(10.2). • Maintaining Optimal Flexible Architecture. • Creating database using Database Configuration Assistant. • Creating database using Scripts. Configuring Oracle Database Environment: • Configuring name resolution to connect to the Oracle server. • Creating and managing Listener. 1. Static registration. 2. Dynamic Instance registration. • Configuring Oracle Server architecture according to the type of application. 1. Dedicated Server Architecture. 2. Shared Server Architecture. • Configuring client connection type. • Configuring service aliases. • Configuring Listener Security.
  • Managing Database Security and User Management which includes: • Creating and Managing Database users. • Creating and Managing user profiles and roles using SQL*Plus & Enterprise Manager. • Authenticating and Authorizing Users on Database Server. • Auditing Database usage. 1. Fine-Grained Auditing. 2. Value-Based Auditing. • Administering Centralized security. • Granting System Privileges and Object Privileges. •Enforcing SQL*Plus restrictions on users to limit access to SQL*Plus interface and SQL commands, as well as PL/SQL statements. • Securing critical Instance Parameters such as UTL_FILE_DIR, REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT,07_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY and REMOTE_LOGIN_PASSWORD. Schema Management which includes: • Managing Locally and Dictionary Managed Tablespaces. • Creating and Managing Database Objects such as Database Tables, Temporary Tables, External Tables, Index organized Tables, Partitioned Tables, Public & Private Synonyms, Views, Materialized views and Indexes. • Creating Database Triggers for performing audit and security related tasks at system events such as the database startup, shutdown and user logon and logoff events to enhance Database security. Managing and Monitoring Database Performance: • Identifying and Repairing invalid objects. • Identifying and Repairing Unusable Indexes. • Gathering object statistics. • Viewing Statistics with Dynamic Performance Views. • Diagnosing and Tuning Oracle using new Diagnosing and Tuning Advisors in 10g. Sizing and Monitoring Undo and datafiles: • Creating Undo segments and Undo Tablespaces. • Checking Error conditions related to Undo such as ORA-1555, snapshot too old. • Setting Undo Parameters such as UNDO_MANAGEMENT, UNDO_TABLESPACE and UNDO_RETENTION. • Sizing, Shrinking and Dropping Undo segments. • Managing Redo logs and Data files like adding, renaming and resizing. • Managing Control files like adding, recreating and tracing to physical locations and tracing backup. Database Backups and Transportation of data: • Configuring Database for Recoverability from different failures. 1. Statement Failure. 2. User Process Failure. 3. Network Failure. 4. User Errors. 5. Media Failure.
  • • Taking regular backups both logical and physical on timely basis. Logical Backups (table level, tablespace level, schema level and database level) using SQL*Plus, RMAN,Oracle Export and Datapump utility. • Implemented nightly backup routines, which include database export, tape backup and copying database files to the development server for precautionary measures. • Suggested Backup strategies for implementation of nightly backups using Unix CRON jobs. • Ensuring tried-and-tested strategy for backing up the database. • Creating, monitoring and scheduling backups in both ways User Managed (online and offline) and Oracle Recovery manager (RMAN). • Moving tablespaces using transportable tablespace between databases. • Using Oracle advanced feature to protect the database such as Flashback database. • Detecting Block Corruption using: 1. DBVERIFY Utility. 2. Recovery Manager. • Loading data from FoxPro, Ms-Access, flat files into Oracle Database using SQL Loader utility. Implemented Enhanced Data Protection from unexpected disk and other hardware failure: • Maintained a high availability system in place using Oracle Data Guard Standby Databases, which offers high availability, protection against disaster, protection against physical data corruption. • Failover and Switchover capabilities, which can be used for both planed and unplanned switching of production and standby databases. ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS  Bachelor of Science (B.SC) in Computer Science & Electronics (CSE) from Osmania University, Dept of Science & Technology Hyderabad.  Intermediate (M.P.C) Board of Intermediate Education Hyd A.P.  S.S.C from St.Stephens High School Board of Secondary Education Hyd. ACHIEVEMENTS: PROJECT DONE: Title: Performance Tunning Front End: sap Back End: ORACLE 10g The project entitle “ONLINE TEST SYSTEM” done in DATABASE tunning and it is a production project, and use to maintain the increased Efficiency and to Speed up the database activities in and also to improve the oracle performance with different access paths to the different users. ERP SKILL SET: • Good understanding of Enterprise database Integration in production environment. • SAP Client Administration including client creation, local client copy, remote client copy, client export/import, Transport Management System (TMS • Update Processing, Operation Modes, Logon load balancing, Workload monitoring, system Logs, Short Dumps and Trace Files, applying support packages and patches,notes. • Lock Management, Support Package administration. Profile Parameter Maintenance. SAP Security experience, users/authorizations, troubleshooting and day-to-day support.
  • • Spool administration, background job administration and Batch session's management. Operating system activity, Buffer management. Database space administration, Backup management Taking on-line and off-line backup Using SAPDBA. TECHNICAL SKILLS OPERATING SYSTEM : UNIX (Solaris, HP_UX, AIX), Linux (Red hat & Suse)and Windows (NT,2000 server, 2003 Adv server , XP,Vista). Databases : Oracle 9i and 10g,SQL-server,Ms-Acess. HARDWARE : Sun-SPARC,HP PA-RISC,IBM-POWER servers H/W Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Hardware for Desktops and Notebooks, Trouble shooting methods etc. NETWORK SKILLS : Tcp/Ip, LAN, DNS,NFS,NIS,FTP,TELNET,APACHE,SAMBA & CONCEPTS Computer Networks, Computer Organization and networking Concepts & Technologies. Troubleshot network connectivity, printer Connectivity. Application : MS-Office (XP, 2003,2007, win 98), SAP,Oracle. TOOLs :OEM, RMAN and Data Loader, ERP : SAP R/3 BACKUP & STORAGE:SAN, DAS,NAS,veritas Clusters, netbackup & veritas volume mgr. STRENGTHS  Excellent written and verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills.  Hard Working, Honest and co-operative in nature.  Excellent Listening Skills  Managed to achieve all targets efficiently PERSONAL PROFILE NAME : MOHSIN KHAN. DATE OF BIRTH : 16 TH JAN 1983. LANGUAGES KNOWN : ENGLISH, HINDI, TELUGU, ARABIC AND URDU. NATIONALITY : INDIAN. IKAMA : TRANSFERRABLE HOBBIES : PLAYING GAMES,READING BOOKS ADDRESS : AL-JUBAIL OPP SHIFA MEDICAL CENTRE FLAT NO 17,KSA. CONTACT : CELL: 0545809750 / 3616793 E-MAIL : mohsinkhan.ou@gmail.com REFRENCE: References available on request. I declare that the above stated information is true to the best of my knowledge. Place: Al-jubail,KSA (MOHSIN KHAN).
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