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Microsoft Dynamics NAV data integration
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Microsoft Dynamics NAV data integration


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Data Integration for Retail Management Data Integration for B2B Market On-Premise & On-Demand CRM Integration On-Premise ERP Integration Government & Public Sector
  • 2. Agenda 1. Profile 2. Products 3. References 4. What is the Replicator 5. Replication Methods 6. Examples 7. Replicator 5.0 – Replicator On Demand 8. Q&A
  • 3. Data Backbone Software A/S Profile • Software development company • We provide integration software solutions for data exchange, replication and database integration • We have over 15 years of experience in developing data integration solutions Values • We believe in delivering high quality and secure software that lets you get started within short time. • We focus on a short implementation process instead of a lengthy development project, so you can concentrate on your core business. • Fast and qualified support
  • 4. RapidiOnline Profile • On-Demand Data Integration & Data Migration • Fast and easy hosted data integration and migration solutions • Based on Data Backbone’s powerful technology Values • One Data Integration Platform • Even quicker implementation • Pre-configured, ready to use immediately after subscribing to our service. • Fast and qualified Support
  • 5. Internal Integration Headquarter Sales Force Logistics Subsidiaries Production Facilities Departments Sales Force
  • 6. External Integration Business Partners Suppliers Headquarter Retailers
  • 7. Products On-Premise - Replicator for MS Dynamics NAV – data replication between two or more MS Dynamics NAV systems - Data Backbone Universal Edition - data integration between any of the supported systems, generic configuration - Data Backbone for MS Dynamics NAV - data integration between NAV and any of the supported systems, configuration inside NAV - Data Backbone for Lotus Notes - data integration between Lotus Notes and any of the supported systems, configuration inside Lotus Notes On-Demand - Preconfigured Solutions, easy to deploy and getting started: • MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 - MS Dynamics NAV • – MS Dynamics NAV • MS Dynamics RMS – MS Dynamics NAV - RapidiOnline Generic - data integration between any of the supported systems, Web 2.0 based set-up and configuration - Data Migration - data Migration projects (1-3 months)
  • 8. Supported Systems and Databases Oracle Navision Financials IBM DB/2 Navision Attain IBM DB/2 on iSeries MBS-Navision 3.70 and 4.0 MS-SQL Server MS Dynamics NAV ODBC NAS Connector Lotus Notes Microsoft Dynamics AX Sybase SQL Anywhere Microsoft Dynamics XAL Sybase Mobilink Microsoft Dynamics CRM (PDA replication) Microsoft Dynamics RMS MySQL PostgreSQL NetSuite Navision 3.56 And more
  • 9. Benefits from Data Integration • Linking your different systems together o Let you share and keep updated vital information from all your business departments of your organisation • Improve your business processes o Eliminating duplicate data entry o Liberating valuable resources o Saving you time and money
  • 10. Why choose Data Backbone Software? • Powerful software o Over 15 years of experience built into the software o Flexible technology o Solves your specific needs • Short implementation process o Configuration – no programming needed o Quick and easy setup
  • 11. On-Demand Integration Why choose Fastest Time to Market: • NO Software to install. Up-and-running in minutes! • Configuration, not coding • Quick start-up: Production-ready Lowest Costs: • No software to license or deploy • Fixed monthly fee for as long as you use the service • Fixed price for configuration • Easy to use and implement Flexible solution: • Pre-configured integration setup (e.g. MS Dynamics NAV and • Easy to adapt and extend to your specific need • Easy to extend to integrate custom developed modules
  • 12. Customers • Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics, Germany • Bang & Olufsen, Denmark • Danisco, Denmark • Adidas, Germany • Siemens, Austria • GM-ITM, Denmark • Wiesenhof, Germany • Rema1000, Denmark • Kaffee Partner, Germany • Versatel, Germany
  • 13. Replicator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV® Version: 4.22
  • 14. Replicator Mobile Laptop Central Navision database Replicator Internet Satelite Connection Subsidiary or Remote Site Department (e.g. ship)
  • 15. What Is Replicator • Replicate data between two or more MS Dynamics NAV databases whether the databases are placed locally or running on servers • Setup Application in MS Dynamics NAV database • Can replicate between MS Dynamics NAV databases and older versions of NAV (e.g Navision 3.56 or Navigator) • Programmed with C-Toolkit an C/Front • High replication speed • Safe replication: Using Navision commit
  • 16. What Is Replicator Main Menu
  • 17. What Is Replicator Specification Card • ”Entire table” for minor setup maintenance
  • 18. What Is Replicator Specification Card with Field List • Can specify down to ”field to field” replication
  • 19. Replication Methods • Total Replication o ”Entire table” + all records compared o Update – Add – Delete • Replication of Changed Records Only o By using the Source Counter facility o Update-Add only • Star Replication o Distribute changes made in one database to all other databases that replicates with the central database • Action Replication o Have Replicator execute specific tasks in the destination database, for example, deletion of customer 10.000 • Design Object Replication o Replicate Navision design objects (codeunits, tables, forms etc.)
  • 20. Replication Methods • Scheduler Replication o Set up automatic replications o Schedule Specifications or MS Dynamics NAV codeunits o Can be run as a Windows Service
  • 21. Replication Methods Replicator Server Replication • Reduces the total transfer time significantly when using mobile phones or internet • Can be run as a Windows Service Head Quarter MS Dynamics NAV Configuration Replicator Packed and compressed Department Replicator Server MS Dynamics NAV
  • 22. Flexibility • Replicator can replicate sub tables o For example order header and order lines or customer and comments o You specify field relation between header and lines in Navision • Filters o Replicate data corresponding to the filters defined • Table-Linking o Replicate between tables that have different primary keys
  • 23. Salesman Solution Salesman PC Navision Server Navision Client Central Local database database Products Products Customers Customers Prices Prices Discounts Discounts … … Orders Orders
  • 24. Salesman Solution • Central Database o All master files maintained (Customer, Product …) and changes are transferred to the salesman PC once a day (using Source Counter facility) o Changes to orders and deliveries belonging to this salesman is transferred to the salesman • Local Salesman Database o A simulation of the booking process is programmed: Orders are checked and marked for transfer – after this the salesman cannot change the order anymore + separate number series o Orders are transferred to central database
  • 25. Salesman Solution Example Replicator MS Dynamics NAV MS Dynamics NAV LAN Access (Native or SQL based) Replicator configuration Replicator Navision Client MS Dynamics NAV Replicator Server
  • 26. Department Solution Navision Department Server Navision Server Central Dept. Database Database G/L Account G/L Account G/L Entries G/L Entries Customers Customers Cust. Entries Cust. Entries … … Sales Orders Sales Orders Statistics Statistics
  • 27. Department Solution • Central Database o The master files G/L Accounts, Customer, Supplier, Price etc. are maintained centrally and replicated to the department using Flag Field facility o Flag Field must be maintained in the central database • Department Database o Sales and purchase are booked locally and accumulated figures are transferred to the central database (to a ledger), where they are booked again using ToDo table transfer o Some customers can be maintained in department
  • 28. Department Solution Example (ill.) MS Dynamics NAV (MS-SQL Server option also supported) MS Dynamics NAV Windows XP/Vista LAN Access (Native or SQL based) Replicator configuration Replicator Navision Client Replicator Server
  • 29. Data Management MPS Main Database Database G/L Products Customer BOM Supplier Production G/L Entries Resources Navision Navision Cust. Entries Purchase MPS Main Supp. Entries Server Server Replicator Statistics Logistics Database Database Product-Stat. Products Sales-Stat. Products- Purchase-Stat Navision Entries etc. Statistics Navision Control Server Logistics Server
  • 30. Data Management • Standard Solution o Separate different tasks into different databases o Simpler structure and AL-code • Performance Optimation o Better performance when users are on separate servers/ Load Balancing o Better performance when AL-code is simpler o Less keys needed – only need keys that support one solution, not several
  • 31. Why Choose Replicator • Replicator Ensures Maximum Up-time o In case the line breaks down, then it will not affect the user, he will still be able to continue his daily work. Replicator will continue as soon as the line is restored o Reducing the number of employees involved, if the Main Server breaks down. The distanced user will still be able to continue his daily work, because he has his local database (for instance on Laptop) or the Branch Server to work on • Replicator Ensures High Flexibility o Laptop users can work off-line anywhere • Performance Optimization
  • 32. Replicator 5.0 • Replicator 5.0 – On Demand Solution on • Functionality like the Replicator Additional Benefits • Subscription-based -> lower end-price • Easy to set-up -> no need to setup vpn connection • Easy to monitor and maintain -> Configuration via web-browser • No need to purchase extra NAV objects • Possibility to use NAS Server (Access to C/AL Code)
  • 33. References • Rema1000, DK: Replication between head quarter and 176 retail stores • Adidas, DE: Data transfer between Central and subsidiaries • Jetter, DE: Salesman Solution with 5 laptops • Work in Progress, DE: Salesman Solution with 50 laptops + Internal Replication with 10 Servers • Wiesenhof, DE: Internal Replication with access to 200 Servers + Replication between 14 internal servers • Kaffee Partner, DE: Salesman Solution with 57 laptops • Metabo, DE: Salesman Solution • IMAN Cosmetics, USA: Replicator 5.0 • Tremco Illbruck, DE: Replicator 5.0 For case stories and more information go to:
  • 34. Contact information Sales & Technical Support: Data Backbone Software A/S Sdr. Tingvej 10 DK- 6630 Rødding Denmark Ph: +45 73 84 85 50 Development & Marketing: Data Backbone Software France 19, Grand Rue F - 11500 Quillan France Ph: +45 73 84 85 56 Ph: +33 468 206 200