Ontology and Reports


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Ontology and Reports

  1. 1. OntologyandCivil Military Fusion Center (CFC)ReportsBill Mandrick, PhD
  2. 2. Civil Military Fusion Center (CFC)Report• “Armed Groups in the Sinai Peninsula”• 3100 words total• 228 terms identified as ontology content• Map to 65 Parent Classes…then to…• 17 Higher-Level Parent Classes• Give structure to “unstructured data”– Text heavy documents do have a structure– Aggregation of data and facts– Creation of a Common Operational Picture
  3. 3. CFC Report
  4. 4. “Listen, S-2,” the colonel said, “I don’t care about how many inches of rainfall to expect.I don’t care about the percentage of lunar illumination. I don’t want lots of facts andfigures. Number one, I don’t have time, and number two, they don’t do me any good.What I need is to know what it all means. Can the Cobras fly in this stuff or not? Will mytanks get bogged down in this mud? Don’t read me lists of enemy spottings; tell mewhat the enemy’s up to. Get inside his head. You don’t have to impress me with howmuch data you can collect; I know you’re a smart guy, S-2. But I don’t deal in data; I dealin pictures. Paint me a picture, got it?” (MCDP 6 pg. 2)
  5. 5. Mapping CFC Report Content to Ontologies• Artifact– Facility– Technical Artifact• Event– Criminal Event– Military Event• Name– Artifact/Facility Name– Place Name– Person Name– Organization Name– Geographic Feature Name• Geographic Feature• Object Aggregate– Network• Organization• Person Roles• Artifact Roles228 terms in the Civil InformationFusion Center (CFC) report wereidentified as ontology contentThey map to Ontological Categoriesshown hereThis is the semantic structure of thereport……which is made up of unstructureddata
  6. 6. Organization Names in CFC ReportMilitant Organization NamesIslamic Militant OrganizationLibyan Militant GroupJaish al Islam (Army of Islam)Ansar Bayit al Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem)Ansar JerusalemAlgerian Militant GroupTawhid al Jihad (Monotheism and Holy War)Palestinian IntifadaMilitary Organization NameIsraeli MilitaryEgyptian ArmyTerrorist Organization NameHamasHezbollahMuslim BrotherhoodTafkir Wal Hijra (Anathema and Exile)al QaedaOrganization NamePalestine Liberation Organization (PLO)Mujahedeen Council of Shura in Environs ofJerusalemAnsar al SunnahCivil Military Fusion Center
  7. 7. Names in CFC ReportNews Magazine NameLong War JournalTimeNews Website NameAhram OnlineAl MonitorJerusalem PostTimes of IsraelAhram OnlineAfrica ReviewThe GuardianY Net NewsDefence WebDaily News EgyptNews Organization NameEgypt IndependentReutersCNNNew York TimesPBSReutersBritish Broadcasting Corporation
  8. 8. Event NamesArab Spring2005 Sharm el Sheikh BombingMilitary Event NameOperation EagleOperation SinaiEvent Names in CFC Report
  9. 9. Person NameHosni MubarakAllan JohnsonOsama bin LadenShukri MustafaMohammed MorsiEssam HaddadTribal NameSawarka TribeTarabin TribeMuszeina TribeArtifact NameSuez CanalNames in CFC Report
  10. 10. Place NameNorth AfricaSanaiMiddle EastIsraelNorth SinaiSouth SinaiGazaKhartoumGeospatial Object NameNorthern Sinai Mountain RangeNorthern SinaiCountry NameEgyptIranIsraelSpainLibyaSudanPlace Names in CFC Report
  11. 11. Objects in CFC ReportGeospatial ObjectBattlegroundOperational AreaBorder AreaDemilitarized ZoneTerritoryLawless RegionEscape RouteBorderPeninsulaMainlandTerrorist SanctuaryRugged TerrainObject AggregateNetworkDisenfranchised PopulationObject RoleHideoutTransit PointTarget
  12. 12. Artifacts in CFC ReportFacilityMosqueWeapons FactoryMilitant BaseTunnel NetworkTunnelGas PipelineTechnical ArtifactWeaponFenceBombLandmine
  13. 13. Events in CFC ReportCriminal EventAct of MurderRocket AttackMortar AttackIndividual AttackArms Trafficking EventBombing EventSmuggling EventAssassinationTerrorist EventIllegal ActivitySmuggling EventHuman Trafficking EventKilling EventKidnapping EventSmuggling EventSmuggling ActivityTerrorist ActMilitary EventBlockade EventRevolutionary EventMilitary ClashMilitary CampaignMilitary OperationAirstrike
  14. 14. Organization Ontology
  15. 15. Organizations in CFC ReportMilitary OrganizationArmyMultinational ForceEgyptian Security ForceMulti-National OrganizationMultinational Observer OrganizationSocial/Familial OrganizationClanTribeBedouin TribeFamilyCriminal OrganizationTerror GroupTerror OrganizationRadical GroupRadical Islamic OrganizationExtremist GroupJihadist GroupCriminal NetworkTerrorist NetworkSmuggling NetworkTerror GroupCellTerrorist OrganizationTerrorist Group
  16. 16. Person Roles in CFC ReportPerson Roles in CFCReportJournalistPoliceInfidelGovernment MinisterBedouin LeaderSoldierWorkerTouristJournalistPolicemanEnemyExtremistMap toPersonOntology
  17. 17. RelationsStandardized relations, such asthe ones shown here, are usedthroughout reports to relategeospatial objects,organizations, events, persons,locations, etc…Relations create informationfrom data and are required fordescribing the world—e.g.creating a Common OperationalPicture.
  18. 18. Conclusion• Standardized Ontologies facilitate:– Semantic Enhancement of Data Resources basedupon common ontologies– Grouping of terms under commonly acceptedcategories– Enhanced querying across report/data types– Enhanced retrieval of documents and dataelements– Facilitate “Painting” a Common OperationalPicture from data