Community Webinar: 15 Commandments of Cassandra DBAs


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Are you a database professional looking for that next career boost? Maybe you are already using Cassandra and would like an edge in your job. Rachel and Patrick have been doing this for a long time and they can help! We’ll be going over some hard, fast rules that will save you time and trouble. Let our experience be your insider information. As a preview, here is commandment 0: Thou shalt watch!

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Community Webinar: 15 Commandments of Cassandra DBAs

  1. 1. 15 Commandments of Cassandra Admin Patrick McFadin Rachel Pedreschi Chief Evangelist @PatrickMcFadin ©2013 DataStax Confidential. Do not distribute without consent. Solutions Engineering Lead 1
  2. 2. dment mman C*o I
  3. 3. dment mman C*o II
  4. 4. dment mman C*o III your k IO is Dis em to t probl firs solve
  5. 5. ent IV andm C*omm
  6. 6. dment mman C*o V large brace Em nd deions a partit zation ormali n
  7. 7. ent VI andm C*omm raid to t be af Don’ nodes add
  8. 8. t VII n d me n omma C* d your Min ctions compa
  9. 9. t VIII n d me n omma C* er use Nev orage red st sha
  10. 10. dment mman C*o IX rstand Unde k, K ey e . Di s cach d Row an
  11. 11. dment mman C*o X e JNA ys us Alwa
  12. 12. dment mman C*o XI ow to earn h L . Bulk d data loa sert. oad. In L opy. C
  13. 13. t XII n d me n omma C* ’t just air isn Rep data broken for
  14. 14. t XIII n d me n omma C* ow the Kn onship relati tween be Level stency Consi lication d Rep an actor F
  15. 15. nt X IV andme *omm C 8G of e than Mor heap JVM t mean doesn’ etter b ance erform p
  16. 16. nt X V andme C*omm lved in et invo G unity comm the
  17. 17. The End Questions? Patrick McFadin :: @PatrickMcFadin & Rachel Pedreschi
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