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Improving Business Agility through IBM Business Insight Advanced
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Improving Business Agility through IBM Business Insight Advanced


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To watch the recorded on-demand web seminar go to …

To watch the recorded on-demand web seminar go to

A new simplified and rich interface for self-service reporting and analysis brings your business intelligence to a whole new level. Now, with all the capabilities of IBM Cognos V10.1.1, you can extend your business intelligence and have even more agility. Realize the advantages of upgrading to Business Insight Advanced from Report Studio Express and learn how to gain greater user satisfaction while maintaining proper IT governance.

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  • For more information on how FSR will eliminate building reports by hand while greatly enhancing controls and transparency into regulatory and statutory reporting requirements around the globe – join us in the expo hall to download complimentary research reports or visit us on the IBM Cognos FSR webpage on
  • Transcript

    • 1. Web Seminar:Improving Business Agility through IBMBusiness Insight AdvancedMay 4, 2012, 1:30 PM ET
    • 2. Welcome and IntroductionCarol FrassoDirector Education ServicesDataClarityAlan PrzyworskiPrincipal, Education ServicesDataClarity
    • 3. Session Objectives New studio Business Insight Advanced 10.1.1 improvements Demo and dive in lab/workshop Questions and Answers
    • 4. What is IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced? It’s a Web-based, drag and drop content authoring interface designed for business users. Content can be run as a standalone report or incorporated into Business Insight workspace. Use it as starting point for further enhancement by professional authors as needed. An interactive reporting tool for business authors which also includes exploration capabilities.
    • 5. What is IBM CognosBusiness Insight Advanced?  Easier to use than Report Studio Express Mode  Business insight combines the features of the Express Mode with Query and Analysis Studio to provide a more intuitive user interface and ease of use.  Reports built with Report Studio Express authoring can be opened, edited, and extended with Business Insight Advanced.
    • 6. What is IBM CognosBusiness Insight Advanced?  Because Business Insight Advanced supports both relational style authoring and OLAP style exploration in a single interface, it is an attractive option for users of Query Studio or Analysis Studio.  Reports built in Query Studio or Analysis Studio can be opened, edited, and extended with Business Insight Advanced.
    • 7. What is IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced?• Features that are an extension and replacement for Report Studio Express authoring mode:  Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced as a combined solution  Support for both olap and relational data exploration  Support for charting  Data exploration in Business Insight Advanced ► Drill up/down ► Member set exploration with right click explore/data menu  External data in Business Insight Advanced  Variety of report layout options vs. Report Studio Express  Improved data filtering  Business Insight Advanced enhanced user interface  Summarizing data
    • 8. The User Interface• Insertable objects Pane • Toolbox Tab• Properties Pane • Page Layers• Source Tab • Context Filter
    • 9. Insertable Objects:Source Tab• Includes items from the package that have been selected for the report.
    • 10. Insertable Objects:Source Tab• Relational Data  Contains objects from the package that can be added to a report.  Organized into query subjects, query items and facts.
    • 11. Insertable Objects:Source Tab• Dimensional Data  Contains objects from the package that can be added to a report.  Organized into dimensions, hierarchies, le vels, members and measures
    • 12. Properties Pane• Shows properties of an object in the report.
    • 13. Insertable Objects:Toolbox Tab• Includes objects to work with when creating a report.
    • 14. Page Layers• When working with dimensional data, use to create breaks in a report to display values for each grouping on a separate page.
    • 15. Context Filter• Used to filter a report to show specific data item values.• Sometimes referred to as a slicer filter.• Only available when working with dimensional data.
    • 16. Page Layout• The page layout can be used to:  Present the data  Enhance the report with formatting  Specify page to page data flow  The structure of a Business Insight Advanced report is a tree. The root node of the tree is the page container.
    • 17. Creating Page Layout• Select Visual Aids icon from toolbar for this functionality.• Can divide report into different layout combinations.
    • 18. Visual Aids• Help when designing report layout.• Visual aids can include:  Boundary lines  Page Header & Footer  Drag & Drag padding
    • 19. View the Data• By default report is viewed in Page Preview mode• Using Page Preview:  The report is populated with live data  The number of rows of preview data per page can be limited by setting the Preview Options.
    • 20. High productivity features Styles – Define appearance by category of object type Eye dropper – Quickly copy and paste multiple formatting properties
    • 21. Considerations for upgrading toBusiness Insight Advanced from Report Studio Express  Reports built in Report Studio Express can be opened and editing in Business Insight Advanced  Business Insight Advanced supports both olap and relational data sources  Query Studio and Analysis Studio reports can be opened in Business Insight Advanced  Business Insight Advanced interface and default click behaviors can be used as default or be configured to behave like Report Studio Express authoring mode  Changes to default behaviors for inserting members into reports with dimensional sources
    • 22. Integrating external data Combine and correlate data from external sources with corporate data – Combine financial targets and forecasts from spread sheets with actuals Import a list of records to filter a report – Import a lengthy list of customers, Claim IDs, or SKUs to filter reports Provide more flexibility for IT to enable users to use all of their data – Use as an alternative for off-requests to augment or create new data marts Wizard-driven mapping process with capability that can be secured
    • 23. Easily extended by professional authors Professional authors can extend the content using IBM Cognos Report Studio
    • 24. Business Insight Advanced – 10.1.1 enhancements  Custom groups (10.1.1)  Sectioning (10.1.1)  Filtering and sorting non layout items (10.1.1)  Design view (10.1.1)  Object name can be set in Business Insight Advanced (10.1.1)
    • 25. Summary New studio Business Insight Advanced 10.1.1 improvements
    • 26. Demonstration and dive in lab: Business Insight Advanced
    • 27. For more informationVisit us on the web at
    • 28. DataClarity Upcoming Web SeminarsRegister at:• Building Rich Dashboards with IBM Business Insight Date: Friday, May 18, 2012 Time: 1:30 PM EST Discover the new dashboard capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.1.1.• Deeper Insight into Performance with IBM Cognos Report Studio Date: Friday, June 1, 2012 Time: 1:30 PM EST See how improvements in Report Studio give your organization timely access and richer insight into information.• Raising the Analytics Bar with IBM Cognos Active Reports Date: Friday, June 15, 2012 Time: 1:30 PM EST Learn about the various IBM Cognos Active Reports features and how they can be used to create and distribute interactive reporting applications.
    • 29. Interested in Learning More?• Request a Cognos Training Plan for your organization - E-mail a request to - Submit a request at - Call or e-mail Carol Frasso 919.256.6710• Visit