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Sow p9 Sow p9 Document Transcript

  • p9GroupStatement of Work for (___) Professional Services Prepared for CLIENT’S LOGO CLIENT’S NAME IMPLEMENTATION
  • CLIENT’S LOGO Table of Contents1. Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------32. Scope of Work Summary --------------------------------------------------------------------33. Assumptions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------44. Service Description----------------------------------------------------------------------------45. Description of Tasks, Deliverables and Services----------------------------------------5 5.1 Business Process Analysis (Requirements Assessment) ----------------------------5 5.2 Functional Configuration ----------------------------------------------------------------6 5.3 Technical Configuration -----------------------------------------------------------------6 5.4 Supplier/Catalog Adoption --------------------------------------------------------------7 5.5 Training ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------7 5.6 Testing and Acceptance------------------------------------------------------------------8 5.7 Quality Review----------------------------------------------------------------------------9 5.8 Documentation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------9 5.9 Post Implementation Support -----------------------------------------------------------96. Service Approach---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 117. Investment Summary----------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 2 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGO1. IntroductionThe purpose of this document is to summarize the scope of work for a pilotimplementation of the procurement system. The scope of work is outlined with the tasksnecessary for a complete implementation of the system. Each task and the associatedDeliverables and Completion Criteria are described in details.The Scope of Work document is based on information provided during the sales processand will lay the foundation for development of the Project Plan and definition of p9 andCLIENT’S NAME resources. The scope of work will include the data integration points,supplier catalogs, and system users identified for Phase I of the project.Additional integration points, supplier catalogs, and users will be addressed throughsubsequent project phases.2. Scope of Work SummaryThe tasks below outline the scope of work for Phase I implementation: 1. A Business Process Analysis to assess current procurement related workflows and processes and a proposed procurement model that incorporates the _____system. 2. Functional configuration of the ______system for users, and System Administrator at CLIENT’S NAME. 3. Technical configuration of the system. 4. Integration Points?? 5. Development of Custom Purchase Order form. 6. Supplier adoption incorporating ___ catalogs. 7. Training to 20 users and one System Administrator. 8. Test plan scenarios and guidance for users participation in the Testing and Acceptance activities. 9. Quality Review to identify any discrepancies or conflicts in the configured system. 10. Documentation including BPA Summary, Technical Readiness, Functional Readiness, Functional Test Plan Scenarios, Training Manual, Technical Landscape, Quality Review, and Miscellaneous Change. 11. Post implementation support for five (5) days after the final “go-live” date.The tasks stated above will be delivered as described in Section 5. Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 3 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGO3. Assumptions Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning _______ will provide a summary document on the system and application databases to be backed up. It is assumed that a regular and comprehensive backup and recovery process is established at CLIENT’S NAME and will include the application when implementation is complete. Remote Connectivity to CLIENT’S NAME Network A remote connection to the production server will be necessary for technical specialists to perform certain configuration and troubleshooting tasks remotely. Availability of Project Team Members All project team members are expected to be available for regular Project Team meetings and additional issue resolution meetings. Issues that may affect the project time-line are expected to be resolved expeditiously so that project delays are not realized. Project Team Working Space The project team members will need a workspace that includes a digital or analog telephone line and a network connection. The space should accommodate a minimum of two project team members at once. Integration Activities The “owner” of the ___________that will be integrated with the system is expected to be a member of the CLIENT’S NAME project team. This individual’s involvement will be critical to the successful integration of the purchasing system (TBD).4. Service DescriptionIn this engagement, the client shall perform the following tasks, which will be deliberatedin the next section. p9 will assign a minimum of one (1) full-time functional analyst forthe duration of the project. Task Activity Number 1 Business Process Analysis (BPA) 2 Functional Configuration 3 Technical Configuration 4 Supplier/Catalog Adoption 5 Training 6 Testing and Acceptance 7 Quality Review 8 Documentation 9 Post Implementation Support Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 4 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGO5. Description of Tasks, Deliverables and ServicesThe following section defines the Tasks, Deliverables and Services to be provided byp9Group in this Statement of Work. (Refer to table illustrated in Section 4)5.1 Business Process AnalysisOverviewThe objective of this task is to develop comprehensive functional requirements anddocument through an in-depth discovery process. Through this process, the currentCLIENT’S NAME procurement business processes will be defined and recommendationsfor improvements will be made. The Business Process Analysis (BPA) document willserve as the blueprint for the design, configuration, and deployment of the system.This task consists of the following activities: Gather and document current CLIENT’S NAME procurement practices/processes. Development of the Business Process Analysis Summary document for system configuration.The focus of the BPA workshops and summary documentation will include: Functional Readiness All critical information regarding the CLIENT’S NAME’s procurement practices/processes, as well as the scope of work, will be defined. During this exercise, industry standards, including “Best Practices” in procurement and e- business, will be applied to the existing business process. As the procurement process is analyzed, a proposal for an improved purchasing model will be developed including roles and responsibilities. Technical Readiness This task is to ensure the appropriate software and hardware infrastructure is in place for deployment of the system. The Technical Architect, in coordination with the CLIENT’S NAME System Owner(s) will complete and sign-off on the Technical Readiness Sign-off document. This will confirm that the appropriate software and hardware configuration is agreed upon and accepted. Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 5 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGODeliverablesBusiness Process Analysis (BPA) Summary includes: Documentation of current business processes. Recommendation for improved business processes. Custom PO form requirements identified and documented. Organizational structure, spend limits and approval hierarchy defined.Completion CriteriaThis task will be completed when the BPA Summary document is delivered andsigned-off by CLIENT’S NAME.5.2 Functional ConfigurationOverviewThe team will configure all modules of the system based on the findings in the BPAdocument. Functional configuration will include ___ users and ____ SystemAdministrators.DeliverablesConfigured systems for ____ users and ____ System Administrators.Completion CriteriaThis task will be completed when the system is installed, configured, and ready forformal functional testing from each user’s PC.5.3 Technical ConfigurationOverviewThe Technical Team will be responsible for the installation of the software. They willalso be responsible for configuring the databases and executing the ‘Start-up’ StandardOperation Procedures (SOPs).This task consists of the following activities: Hardware Installation p9 shall participate on an as needed basis; to be determined by CLIENT’S NAME IT staff, in the installation of any required hardware. Licensed Program Installation p9 shall perform the installation of the systems. Database Connectivity p9and CLIENT’S NAME will jointly perform all necessary steps to confirm connectivity between the application and database servers(s). Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 6 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGODeliverables Completed hardware and software installation to the existing network. Completed CLIENT’S NAME technical landscape documentation.Completion CriteriaThis task will be completed when the required servers are installed and connected to theCLIENT’S NAME network.5.4 Supplier/Catalog AdoptionOverview____ supplier catalogs have been identified for import into the system for Phase I.p9will perform all necessary import activities and tasks. CLIENT’S NAME’s dataformat requirements will be submitted to the appropriate suppliers.Import of additional supplier catalogs will be addressed with subsequent project phases.DeliverablesSupplier catalogs imported into the system.Completion CriteriaConfirmation of successful import of the supplier catalogs during functional testing.5.5 ERP/Legacy IntegrationDeliverablesInterface Specification document.Completion Criteria5.6 TrainingOverviewThe purpose of this task is to ensure a smooth hand-over of the system to CLIENT’SNAME. Training will be conducted in a phased manner for identified users. Allnecessary preparation for successful completion of the training courses will be completedby the Training Manager. Class Duration No. of participants No. of sessions Application Training System Administration Training Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 7 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGODeliverablesEnd-users trained.Completion CriteriaThe task will be completed when the above training sessions are successfully conductedon-site during previously agreed upon dates.5.7 Testing and AcceptanceOverviewThe goal of the testing and acceptance activities is to ensure that the configured systemmeets all the functional and technical requirements specified in the BPA Summarydocument. p9 will provide CLIENT’S NAME end-users, who will prepare the useracceptance test, activities to ensure that the delivered system meets their requirements.The users involved with the Testing and Acceptance activities will be those who havesupplied input during the user requirements gathering stage and who are authorized tosign-off on the user requirements documentation. The project team will guide these usersthrough the creation of the acceptance scenarios.Test plan scenarios will be created utilizing the finalized BPA. Testing will be conductedupon successful completion of the system configuration (TBD). A test environment(sandbox) will be used to execute all CLIENT’S NAME test plan scenarios. Uponcompletion of the testing scenarios an intact database will be restored on the productionserver.This task consists of the following activities: Identify a select group of test users. Test users will participate in the preparation of the necessary test data. Test users will be given test scenarios to execute and document. Test users are required to verify the test results. System error or problems found during this period will be logged and resolved accordingly by the p9 project team.DeliverablesFunctional test plan scenarios created, executed successfully, and signed-off byappropriate CLIENT’S NAME team members.Completion CriteriaThis task will be completed upon sign-off of the Test Plan Scenarios by CLIENT’SProject Manager. Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 8 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGO5.8 Quality ReviewOverviewDuring this task, a p9 Senior Consultant, who did not participate as a member of the coreproject team, will execute the configured pre-production system through the Functionaltest plan scenarios executed during the Testing and Acceptance Phase. Anydiscrepancies or conflicts in the configured system will be formally reported to theProject Manager and escalated according to procedures.DeliverablesReported issues from the quality review will appear in the system issues managementdatabase.Completion CriteriaIssues to be resolved according to due dates set in the issues management database.5.9 DocumentationOverviewp9will submit documentation upon completion of various project milestones. The list ofdocumentation (in hardcopy) that will be delivered for the proposed CLIENT’S NAMEsystem is provided below. CLIENT’S NAME may reproduce as many copies of thedocumentation as necessary.Deliverables Documentation Description Quantity 1 BPA Summary Document 2 Technical Readiness Survey 3 Functional Readiness Survey 4 Completed Functional Test Plan 5 Training Manual 6 Technical Landscape DocumentCompletion CriteriaThe task will be completed when the above documents have been delivered to theCLIENT’S NAME Project Manager.5.10 Post Implementation SupportPost implementation support shall be provided by a minimum of one (1) functionalanalyst for five (5) days after the final “go-live” date (Formal sign-off of the functionalTest Plan Scenarios). The p9 project team will provide the “go-live” support. Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 9 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGODeliverablesOne-on-one support from the p9 project team members to the CLIENT’S NAME end-users.Completion CriteriaThis task will be completed upon expiry of the post implementation support agreement. Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 10 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGO6. Service Approachp9 Working Approach p9shall complete the work described through a combination of work on-site and work at office facilities. p9shall produce a schedule of meeting dates for the key personnel to base their appointments on. This schedule will be produced when the project commences. p9 will revisit and where necessary, update the project schedule and corresponding details after completing the requirement validation task.Project Delays p9 shall not be responsible for the timely delivery of the hardware and other materials not explicitly provided by p9. However, in the event there is a delay, p9 shall use best effort to accommodate the delay into the project’s schedule. Where there is a delay to the original project schedule, which was not caused by p9, shall discuss such changes to the original project schedule. It is also assumed that CLIENT’S NAME’s management turnaround time on project related issues is to be two (2) business days.Project ChangesAll changes that any party may wish to make to this SOW shall be mutually reviewed toasses the cost and timing impacts of those changes, and must be approved by all partiesin the project.New ReleasesThe system is p9’s product. All functionalities and features of the product are limited tothe release purchased by CLIENT’S NAME. Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 11 of 12
  • CLIENT’S LOGO7. Investment SummaryResource Billable Days Standard Daily Rate ExtensionProject Mgr. $ $Functional Consultant $ $Technical Consultant $ $Quality Manager $ $Training Manager $ $Forms Developer $ $ Total for Professional Services $ Proprietary & Confidential Client Services Page 12 of 12