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Business analytics presentation
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Business analytics presentation


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Business Analytics services

Business Analytics services

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Business Analytics Services Marc Rodríguez Martinez Marketing Assistant BARCELONA | MADRID | SAN FRANCISCO
  • 2. 22 1 DatKnoSys 2 Business Analytics services 3 Value Proposition Index of Contents
  • 3. DatKnoSys’ Mission DEMOGRAPHICS, ECONOMIC, WORK MARKET, LAND REGISTRY, PRICES,… Specialized in helping companies in the process of business decision making. DatKnoSys merges internal and external data in order to enrich the information . COMPETITORS’ DATA CUSTOMER OPINIONMY DATA MY BUSINESS SALES, Nº COSTUMERS, ADVERTISING INVESTMENT ,… POSTS IN SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOG , SURVEYS,… INDICATORS FROM THE OWN SECTOR, Nº OF COMPETITORS, PRESS RELEASES,… EXTERNAL DATA 3
  • 4. Business Analytics services 4 Customer Intelligence Marketing Analytics Risks Web Analytics Social Media Analytics
  • 5. Business Analytics services – Customer Intelligence 5 • Definition and implantation KPIs (brand awareness, churn, satisfaction, ROI.. ). • Strategic and tactical segmentation of customers. • Reports and deserters recovery. • Customers’ evolution prediction. • Gain of new customers. • Customers’ retention. • Shopping basket analysis. • Customer life cycle.
  • 6. Business Analytics services – Marketing Analytics 6 • Segmentation. • Cross-selling and up-selling. • Analysis and optimization of marketing campaigns. • Business opportunities detection. • Geomarketing.
  • 7. Business Analytics services – Risks 7 • Customers segmentation. • Risk customer analysis, credits and policies. • Portfolio management. • Risk management. • Cost estimation’s complaints.
  • 8. Business Analytics services – Web Analytics 8 • Metrics and reports implantation and definition. • Traffic analysis and recommendations oriented to objectives. • Contents and conversations optimization. • Combined dashboards and reports (online-offline). • Search engines marketing optimization. • Internal search engine optimization. • Recommendation systems.
  • 9. Business Analytics services – Social Media Analytics 9 • Follow of social media accounts. • Competitive Intelligence. • Sentiment analysis. • Users behaviour analysis.
  • 10. Some proposals: Customers segmentation 10 • Customers segments’ identification based in purchase recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM). • Segment analysis and composition. • Follow customers movement between segments. • Segment marketing strategy definition.
  • 11. . Some proposals: Web Analytics 11 • Product sales analysis, conversion and profitability with actions proposal. • Product recommendation system adapted to users and segments promoting up-selling and cross-selling. • SEM optimization: keywords analysis and optimization of the invest plan in SEM.
  • 12. Value proposition We are experts in integration and data analysis We take advantage from your company data and the market data We provide a clear overview to understand what are happening We suggest you the actions that you can realize Let you decide with the maximum information 1212
  • 13. © DatKnoSys S.L ( Data Knowledge Systems) - Todos los derechos reservados ¡Thank you! We are at your service Marc Rodríguez| Marketing Assistant © DatKnoSys Inc. ( Data Knowledge Systems) – All rights reserved BARCELONA | MADRID | SAN FRANCISCO