Doing Business in Russia: information and tips


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This presentation was supposed to be a part of the training program for the expats in case they are going to Russia in order to help them understand the Wide Russian Soul and give some tips on business behavior.

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Doing Business in Russia: information and tips

  1. 1. Welcome to Mother – Russia! intercultural training course Subject: Managing Across Culture Prof: Pr. Carbonnel By: Daria Chizhova
  2. 2. Welcome! Briefly about the program This program will contain: - Brief introduction into Russian history, geography, politics and realities - Russian Culture - Tips for foreigners - Business etiquette description: how to do business in Russia, with Russians - Quiz “Can u think like Russian already?” 
  3. 3. While you enjoy some welcoming canapés..
  4. 4. Big Russia… Official name - The Russian Federation Capital city - Moscow Official Language - Russian Currency - Russian rouble (RUR) 1CHF = 33,247 RUR Total area - 17,098,242 sq km Population - 142,500,482 million Ethnic Group - Russian 79.8%, Tatar 3.8%, Ukrainian 2%, Bashkir 1.2%, Chuvash 1.1%, other or unspecified 12.1% Religion - Russian Orthodox 15-20%, Muslim 10-15%, other Christian 2%
  5. 5. Strong Russia… Legal system - civil law system; judicial review of legislative acts GDP - real growth rate - 3.4% (2012 est.) GDP - per capita (PPP) - $17,700 (2012 est.) Unemployment rate - 5.7% (2012 est.) Inflation rate (consumer prices) - 5.1% (2012 est.)
  6. 6. Geert Hofstede Dimensions
  7. 7. jg опд
  8. 8. Russian traits of the characters or guidelines to become Russian (I) • • • • • • • • • • • If you're invited for a meal… We value generosity Some of us are naturally indifferent Some of us are quite emotional We love trends We are not politically correct We don't feel easy about talking to strangers on the street Some of us think that foreigners are very rich Women and old women are very respected Beware of the babushkas  If you are invited - bring something with you and don’t wear shoes in the apartment
  9. 9. Guidelines to become Russian (I) • • • • • • • • • If invited woman - be prepared to pay for her No, Russians are not racists Yes, we love vodka, but we're not alcoholics Yes, we are superstitious Russians learn English at school - but are shy to speak to a stranger We express what we feel, but we're not extrovert Most Russians feel strange about gays and lesbians Smoking is a national sport If you are a vegetarian, chances are you are one of those Hare Krishna guys 
  10. 10. Russian cuisine • Russia has long-lasting cold winter • The food should give us much energy • Essential components should provide more carbohydrates and fat rather than proteins • Top five components of a Russian meal are potatoes, bread, eggs, meat (especially beef) and butter
  11. 11. Tips for foreigners • Take care about adaptors for electronic devices • Shops are open 24/7 • Tips in restaurants are usually 10% of the bill • Don’t drink tap water! • Car traffic is awful in Moscow • Subway ticket – 30 Roubles • Check for National Holidays, they last forever • Internet access is available almost everywhere
  12. 12. Business. Management Style and Power Distribution: • Decision makers higher up have authority over their subordinates • Behavior has to reflect and represent the status roles in all areas of business interactions • Initiative is punishable
  13. 13. Dresscode • Dress code “one meet you depending on how you're dressed and say good bye depending on how wise you seem to be” • Russian businesspeople pay a lot of attention to how they are dressed
  14. 14. Gifts • Russians take pleasure in giving and receiving gifts, they spend a lot of money on gifts • Bringing a bouquet of flowers for women
  15. 15. Working Relationship and Communication (I) • Persistence and patience are essential. Once your appointment is scheduled, do everything you can to avoid cancellation • Faxes and emails are the best way to communicate in Russia, as the post can often be unreliable • Visitors should try to speak in a calm, moderate, ton e of voice at all times • Your Russian colleagues will be delighted if you make the effort to speak even a few sentences of their language
  16. 16. Working Relationship and Communication (II) • Russians are sometimes • The handshake is very careful about what common they say, speaking metaphorically, • Eye contact is very symbolically, and important, must be perhaps even cryptically maintained as long as the individual is • Bringing up the subject addressing you of Russian culture and history is appreciated • Physical contact during business meetings is a • Compliments - with positive sign caution, they may cause a feeling of misplaced obligation
  17. 17. Working Relationship and Communication (III) • Personal and informal contact is a central part in doing business in Russia • In situations of conflict - avoid taking an official stance as Russians will respond to a more personal approach • Business cards are essential, if possible, ensure that one side is printed in Russian and one side in English • Although many principal concerns are discussed in an informal environment final negotiations will be conducted in the office
  18. 18. Final Do’s and Don’ts (I) • DO shake hands firmly when greeting and leaving your Russian partners and make direct eye contact • DO partake in small talk, which normally involves talk of family and personal matters, before dealing with business • DO take a gift that symbolizes the stature of your company and the importance of the impending business deal
  19. 19. Final Do’s and Don’ts (II) • DON'T be afraid to show some emotion, the Russians won't! • DON'T as the Russian proverb states 'hurry to reply', but 'hurry to listen’ • DON'T praise or reward anyone in public as it may be viewed with suspicion or cause envy and jealousy
  20. 20. Quiz time! True or False based on your intuition 1. It is considered good luck to shake hands over the threshold of the doorstep 2. When taking flowers as a gift you must only take an odd number 3. If you leave something behind in Russia it means you're coming back
  21. 21. Bibliography s
  22. 22. Thanks for Your attention and Good Luck!