Dexterity Warehouse Management for ERP


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Dexterity WMS is a powerful warehouse management system designed to fully integrate to most ERP systems and automate the warehouse functions using barcodes and WiFi mobile terminals.

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  • Who are we and what do we do?We’ve been in the barcode business for over 25 years supplying everything from simple barcode labelling & scanning solutions to complete warehouse management systems to a wide range of companies from small to major corporate businesses.In short we’re all about providing barcode driven solutions for Distribution, Wholesale and Manufacturing companies.If it says “barcode” then we’ll be able to provide some good practical advise and it’s more than likely we’ll be able to offer a solution.
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  • Dexterity Warehouse Management for ERP

    1. 1. Dexterity Warehouse ManagementJim Southern
    2. 2. Company Profile Established 1989 – Clitheroe, Lancashire Dexterity is wholly developed and owned by Dash Systems Integration is Key Cisco Select Certified Partner (SMB Specialists) Microsoft Developer Network Subscriber (MSDN)
    3. 3. Dexterity Technology Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or better Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Development Infragistics Design Layer Virtual Server Compatible – VMware “Live” ERP Integration ODBC / Event Tables / XML
    4. 4. Dexterity WMS FunctionalityCustomers Dexterity Warehouse Management Suppliers Demand Deliveries SolutionDelivery Suppliers Order Pick Face Goods Receiving Management Replenishment Outbound Inbound Service Stocktake PI Manufacture Order Picking QC Checks Checks Despatch & Audit & Intelligent Routing Traceability PutawayOn Time Other Efficiency Accuracy Optimisation The Smart Warehouse Payback ROI
    5. 5. Top Warehouse Issues Inventory Inaccuracy Poor Space & Location Management Poor Picking & Put-Away Procedures Stocktake Timeouts & Effort Inefficient Labour Utilisation Order Picking Errors
    6. 6. Warehouse Efficiency Inefficient Labour Utilization Inefficient Put-Away Procedures Inefficient Picking Procedures Picking & Shipping Errors Labour time analysis in a typical warehouse Thompson Associates - USA Travel Time Pick Orders Find Products Process Orders
    7. 7. Equipment in the WarehouseHandheld Terminals Wearable Terminals Fork Truck TerminalsMobile Printers Desktop Printers Wireless Network
    8. 8. Barcode Driven Product Labels Batch Numbers Pallet ID Labels Pick Notes Package ID Tracking Numbers Despatch Notes
    9. 9. Goods Receiving Receives against the PO record Uses RF Terminal or Dexterity Screen to receive stock QC Options can be built in  Mobile Terminal process  Dexterity Screen process Cross Dock / Back to Back / Reservations Customer Returns
    10. 10. Receiving & Putaway Strategies System can guide the putaway based on warehouse rules Pickface for product first (single pickface per product) Loc Group Aisle Bays above the pickface Empty location in the same aisle Same Product Group locations Reduces putaway time and accuracy Increases order pick efficiency Ship Rec’v
    11. 11. Planning & Order Management Colour codes for order status “Live” view of all outstanding orders Group and sort orders by customer, due date, carrier, etc.
    12. 12. Order Picking & Despatch Automates Order Picking via Mobile Terminals Dexterity guides the picker to the correct locations 3 to pick order lines Picking Activities Validated Against Sales Order 2 Ensures Customer Receives an Accurately Picked 1 4 Order Order Check Process – Blind check to ensure a 5 true recount Print Despatch Notes with Shipping ID, Customer Labels, Package Labels, Carrier Tracking Labels Ship Rec’v
    13. 13. Managing Pallet Units Dexterity manages pallet units Unique “Pallet ID” binds the stock together in the system Manage pallet sizes & locations Single scan for pallet movements Pick whole pallets units for bulk orders No item counting or errors Unique Pallet Record
    14. 14. Back to Back Orders / Reservations Dexterity manages “Back to Back” orders Dexterity uniquely labels and reserves the stock for the Sales Order Create Pallets/Packages Shipping Labels Dexterity will identify whether there are linked SO’s for the items from the PO record. Pallets are labelled and identified with unique customer and package ID’s with linked SO details.
    15. 15. Pick to Box/Bundles/Packages Pick & Pack Multiple Packages for an Order / Shipment small items Unique Package Label Individual package numbers shown on delivery documents with contents
    16. 16. Carrier Software Integration Seamless Integration with Carrier Shipping Software Automatically creates shipping labels, records carrier tracking details Complete traceability from pick to delivery
    17. 17. Event Communication - email Automates the line of communication from warehouse WH Manager Purchasing Customer A/C Manager Low Stock Orders Shipped WH Manager WH Manager Stockouts QA Issues Purchasing QA Manager Stock Arrivals Low Pickface Purchasing Sales Warehouse Manager
    18. 18. Pickface Management Proactive Replenishment  Daily task to fill pick face locations  Active Dashboard Views  Priority based on:  Empty Pickface  Low Level  Outstanding Orders to be picked for Item
    19. 19. Stocktaking / Cycle Counting / PI Physical Counts: Scan the locations and items to quickly count stock. Reduces stocktaking time and leads to perpetual inventory methods. Perpetual Inventory / Cycle Counting – Periodically by Location. Optional in-task counting (putaway & picking interleaved) Creates Stocktake in Sage 200 for Review & Posting
    20. 20. Promotes Efficient Warehouse Layout Use Dexterity statistics to determine the most efficient warehouse layout Generating velocity statistics helps the Warehouse Manager improve warehouse layout Slow Medium Fast Ship Rec’v
    21. 21. Dexterity WMS / ERP
    22. 22. System Architecture Built on Microsoft™.NET ERP “Live” end-to-end system Carrier email alerts IntegrationPutaway GRN Rules Dexterity LabelsPicking DocumentsLocations Pick NotesZones Despatch Notes Processes Mobile Terminals/ Printers Warehouse Floor Operatives
    23. 23. Dashboards & KPI’sThe Dexterity Dashboard is a powerful tool used to provide a real-time “mission control” view of Warehouse Operations as well asgiving instant reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) “Live” data views in dials, charts, graphs & grids Say goodbye to “hearsay” figures This is actual live information Save on manual and spreadsheet work for monthly KPI’s Measure Actual v Planned in real-time Data Analysis based on Historical Data Pick out warehouse wide statistics Specific Process Statistics (Picking, Receipts, Issues) User Specific Statistics (User Activity Levels)
    24. 24. Dexterity Software
    25. 25. Dexion Comino Warehouse & Storage Solutions Sage 200 Integration Distribution Operation QA Inbound Process Back to Back & Stock Reservations Pick to Bundle – Unique ID & Labelling Vehicle Loading Delivery Documentation Multi-Company with Sage 200“We chose Dexterity WMS from Barcode-IT primarily because of its verytight integration with Sage 200. However, in addition to the software, wehave been very impressed with the completion of the project byBarcode-IT within our very demanding timescale.” says Eric Wood-Thompson, Warehouse & Inventory Manager at Dexion.
    26. 26. Coach House Antiques  Furniture & Giftware Wholesaler  Sage Integration  Distribution Operation  500,000ft2 Warehouse  14,000 SKU’s  Route Planning & Picking  Reverse Load Building  Pick to Box – ID & Labelling  Customer Returns  Delivery Documentation  Showroom Order Taking"The Dexterity WMS has enabled us to expand the business to a level thatwe could not have reached without its implementation." says MarilynBurgoyne, IT Manager at Coach House. “With Dexterity our warehouseoperation is really efficient and completely transparent. The equipment iseasy to use so training new staff is incredibly quick."
    27. 27. Kays Medical Medical Supplies Sage 200 2010 Integration Linked Back to Back Orders Discreet Order Picking Kit Building / BOM Customer Returns Delivery Documentation"The Dexterity WMS solution was ideal to integrate with Sage 200 andBarcode-IT made our barcoding ideas into a reality." says Andy Johnson,Operations Manager at Kays Medical. “Dexterity has allowed our operationto be much more efficient and picking accuracy is almost 100%. Staff literallycant pick the wrong items now!"
    28. 28. Caledonian Bottlers Bottling Plant – Manufacture Soft & Alcoholic Drinks SAP R/3 Integration From End of Line to Despatch Pallets, Part & Mixed Bonded & Non-Bonded Stock 3rd Party Products Delivery Documentation"The project was carried out in a very professional manner with both theBarcode IT team and the in house teams creating a very good understandingfrom the start. All our requirements were met and the Barcode IT team weremost helpful when the scope of the project was in the developmentstage." says Martin Meldrum, General Manager at Caledonian Bottlers.
    29. 29. SCO-FRO Seafood Food Plant – Manufacture Breaded Scampi £4m Factory Expansion Project Raw Materials / WIP / Finished Goods Pallets, Part & Mixed, Weights, Grade Expiry / Best Before Dates Key Microsoft Dynamic NAV Integration (Aug 2011) Product & Material Traceability Key“We selected Barcode IT over other companies due to their demonstratedexperience. The Dexterity system was delivered to coincide with our £4Mfactory expansion in August 2010. Barcode-IT understood our requirementsand delivered the project they promised on-time” says Michael Murphy,Production Director at SCO-FRO Seafood.
    30. 30. Endon Lighting Premier UK Lighting Wholesaler Sage 200 2009 Integration Container Management Automated Pick Order Allocation Bulk Order Picking Housekeeping & Dual Cycling Advanced Location Management  Ti-Hi Pallet management Carrier Software Integration Delivery Documentation"Dexterity has allowed us to refine our stock profile, without compromising ourcustomer service." says Greg Ward, Logistics Manager at Endon Lighting. "Wenow always have the right products ready to ship without over stocking, which waspreviously a major problem. Before Dexterity we re-checked all picked ordersbefore dispatch, but now accuracy is so high we pick and directly dispatch to thecustomer, which saves time and man power."
    31. 31. Dexterity Features Summary Goods Receiving and Putaway Location Management Quarantine Locations Pick Face Management Sales Order Management Back to Back Order Management Create & Manage Shipments Directed Order & Wave Picking Despatch Documentation Carrier Software Automation Event notifications (email) Space Management Multi-Location and Company ERP “Live” Integration
    32. 32. Project Services Project Scope & Design Determine Warehouse Best Practice Scope Design Wireless Site Survey On-Site Installation Configuration Services Systems Integration Project Management Support Implement System & User Training On-Site “Go-Live” On-Going Support Manage
    33. 33. ROI & Justification Questions Payback is gained by increasing warehouse productivity, accuracy and efficiency whilst maintaining or reducing cost levels. Be able to deliver more with the same resource levels Typical Questions: Is your labour resource in the warehouse fully utilised? Are your warehouse tasks and processes streamlined and performed in the most efficient way? How many putaway, pick and despatch errors do you currently have? Do you have customer returns and fines for incorrect deliveries? Do you have to shut down warehouse operations to do stocktakes? Do you have additional practices and checks that could be eliminated by introducing a WMS system? Are you holding too much stock with poor stock rotation practices? Do you have to print customer labels & despatch documentation manually?