Daryl Cox. Online Pitch. Synthetic (WT). University College Falmouth.


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Daryl Cox. Online Pitch. Synthetic (WT). University College Falmouth.

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Daryl Cox. Online Pitch. Synthetic (WT). University College Falmouth.

  1. 1. StoryRen, a human farmer on abackwater planet, thinks hisfighting days are done…untilan alien horde, theSlavvers, attacks his home andtakes his family as slaves.Another race of aliens, thePlatozians, bring Ren aboardtheir ship and revive him. ThePlatozians take Ren to theirhomeworld to interrogate himabout the Slavver attack…Mass Effect 3: ‘Reapers are Landing’ Wallpaper4me.com
  2. 2. There, Ren saves human Cmdr. KyraMatsuoka‟s life and inpayment, demands passage to savehis family. The Platozianscientist, who revived Ren, travelswith them.Ren, the commander, and thescientist journey to distant parts ofthe galaxy. They meet new friendsand fight old ones, face politicalcorruption, and work through theirdifferences to save Ren‟s family andthe galaxy as they know it.StoryDead Space 3 Gamesradar.comSpace War Game Scene Hdwallpapers.in
  3. 3. GenreSci-Fi ThrillerAction-AdventureImdb.com Imdb.comImdb.comSynthetic‟s genre is soft science fiction. Its narrative concentrates oncharacter, psychology, and sociology. The focus on the humanities accommodatesviewers who might otherwise be alienated by technological jargon and scientifictheories.The story includes elements from space westerns and military sci-fi, such as JossWhedon‟s Serenity (2005) and Paul Verhoeven‟s Starship Troopers (1997). I have alsoincluded aspects from action-adventures and thrillers. The intention here was toattract a larger audience base, because the former “make[s] the big headlines withthe record-breaking ticket sales” (Deane).
  4. 4. AudienceResearch suggests that science fiction films cater forthe “tastes of middle class consumers whosepassion for gadgets is inexhaustible” (Ebert 92).Synthetic, then, will use gadgetry and social valuesto meet its audience‟s interests.Also, 18-29 year old males appear to be the mainsci-fi film consumers. The latest title in the StarTrek franchise has received almost 22,000 IMDbuser votes from 18-29 year olds. Males account foraround 18,000 votes, while female numbers are justover a fifth of that figure. Consequently, I wouldexpect Synthetic to experience similar genderresults.However, my project includes strong femalecharacters, like Gary Ross‟s The Hunger Games(2012), which should attract a larger femaleaudience. Though more males in the 18-29 agerange voted on Ross‟s film, there were more femalevoters under the age of 18 than males.Furthermore, female voters both under and over 18rated it higher than male voters. As a result, strongfemale characters should add another dimension toSynthetic‟s audience.*Polls extracted from IMDb on 18.05.2013Star Trek: Into Darkness IMDb User Rating*The Hunger Games IMDb User Rating*
  5. 5. My research for Synthetic has included looking atother sci-fi films, audience values andexpectations, character appearance, productioncosts, and trending topics in the sci-fi, action-adventure and thriller genres.Surgery lasers from Logan’s Run (1976), memorymanipulators from Total Recall (1990), and firearmsfrom Aliens (1986) have inspired my story‟s warfareand medical instruments.ResearchAaron SimsAaron-sims.comAdam FisherTsumea.comTiger1313Tiger1313.deviantart.comAmadarienAmadarien.deviantart.comResearch into technology has lent me some ideas fromother sci-fi franchises. For example, there are shieldsand matter-transporters from Stargate (1994).Prometheus Stasisgame.com
  6. 6. CompetitorsImdb.comThe film most in contention with Synthetic is J.J. Abrams‟ StarTrek: Into Darkness (2013), because it includes similar subjectmatter. It explores deep-space adventure, alien incursion, andhuman interest themes.In the coming months, Synthetic‟s competitors will change.Ender’s Game‟s (2013) military sci-fi and human focus makeit a close match to my story. Similarly, Neill Blomkamp‟sElysium (2013) also deals with sociological discrimination ina science fiction setting.What sets Synthetic apart is how its small group of complex characters reactto profound events. At times the audience may hate the protagonists and likethe antagonists. Synthetic‟s mixture of setting and technology creates a senseof familiarity and originality.
  7. 7. ConclusionMy experience of the sci-fi genreallows me to express howSynthetic should feel. I believe amixture of science fictioninfluences will create somethingnew and exciting, but alsofamiliar. I know the characters,their desires and their universe.Synthetic will broaden the worldsthat other sci-fi works have onlyjust begun to reveal.Mass Effect 3 Warmatrix.comBoxofficemojo.com illustratesthat sci-fi titles make up five ofthe top 10 highest grossing filmsever in the International BoxOffice. They also make up eightof the top 10 in the US BoxOffice. Action-adventures formthe majority of the remainingtop 10. Consequently, Synthetichas the potential to succeed as ascience fiction-action-adventure-thriller.
  8. 8. Works CitedAfter Earth. Dir. M. Night Shyamalan. Columbia Pictures, 2013. Film.„After Earth (2013) Poster‟. Poster. IMDb, 11 May 2013. Web.<http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3502351872/tt1815862?ref_=tt_ov_i >.Aliens. Dir. James Cameron. 20th Century Fox, 1986. Film.„All Time Box Office: Domestic Grosses‟. Box Office Mojo, 14 Apr. 2013. Web.<http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/domestic.htm>.„All Time Box Office: Worldwide Grosses‟. Box Office Mojo, 14 Apr. 2013. Web.<http://www.boxofficemojo.com/alltime/world/>.amadarien. Alien Concept 2. Illustration. Deviant Art, 18 May 2013. Web.<http://amadarien.deviantart.com/art/Alien-Concept-2-181555875>.Bischoff, Chris. „Prometheus_screencap47‟. Screen capture. Stasis Game, 19 May 2013. Web.<http://www.stasisgame.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/ prometheus_screencap47.jpg>.Dead Space 3. Dev. Visceral Games. Electronic Arts, 2013. Game.„Dead Space 3 – Must-Know Facts about the Dead Space Universe‟. Games Radar, 19 May 2013. Web.<http://www.gamesradar.com/16-must-know-facts-about-dead-space-universe/>.Deane, Michael. „Movie Genres that Make the Most Money‟. 9 Apr. 2010. Investopedia, 14 Apr. 2013. Web.<http://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/ 0410/movie-genres-with-the-best-roi.aspx>.Ebert, Teresa L. „The Convergence of Postmodern Innovative Fiction and Science Fiction‟. Poetics Today 1.4(Summer, 1980): 91-104. Web. 4 May 2013.Elysium. Dir. Neill Blomkamp. Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2013. Film.
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