Darwin Presentation - What is a Brand


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A presentation describing what a brand is, what is isn't and what it can do for you.

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Darwin Presentation - What is a Brand

  1. 1. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGAt one level a brand is a product orservice with a name.BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETING
  3. 3. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGA “brand” can be a company, product,service, utility, charity, football team andeven a government initiative.
  4. 4. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGA brand is composed of many differentelements, all of which have a combinedeffect on consumers.
  5. 5. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGThese elements include: logo,publicity, website, collateral,packaging, adverts, business card,signage and vehicle livery.
  6. 6. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGBut in reality it includes any pointof contact between a company,its customers and any otherinterested parties:
  7. 7. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGStaff behaviour and their telephonemanner, the way staff deliver a service,the company’s written style, its facilities(i.e. buildings and other customer facingspace), even the coffee it serves!
  8. 8. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGBasically, everything it is, does, saysand how it looks.
  9. 9. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGAt one level a brand is quite simplya product or service with a name.
  10. 10. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGBranding is principally the process ofattaching a name and a reputation tosomething or someone.
  11. 11. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGPerception is reality.
  12. 12. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGAnd perception starts with the eye.
  13. 13. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGA prospects’ perception of a brand is fluid– a mental image that is updated everytime they come into contact with it.
  14. 14. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGTherefore, it needs to be managed.
  15. 15. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGManaging a brand is about positivelyinfluencing the way consumers thinkabout a company, the values theyassociate with it, and the quality ofthat feeling.
  16. 16. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGWhen a prospect needs a problemsolved, something fixed, or a productdelivered it is the brand (the mentalimage) that makes them choose aparticular company on each occasion.
  17. 17. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGIt acts as a ‘short-hand’ for features,benefits, performance, quality, servicesupport, and the values that thebrand possesses.
  18. 18. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGThe brand can be viewed as a product,a personality, a set of values and theposition it occupies in people’s minds.It is everything the company wants thebrand to be seen as.
  19. 19. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGEvery organisation has “consumers”of some kind.
  20. 20. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGAs consumers in a consumer society weuse brands everyday to help us defineour values, our lifestyles and our goals.
  21. 21. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGIt’s a fact that products that arewell branded sell better thanthose that aren’t.
  22. 22. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGThe exact same is true of companies.
  23. 23. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGThe stronger the brand, the morepeople listen.
  24. 24. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGThe stronger the brand, the greaterthe profit margin.
  25. 25. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGPeople form relationships with brands.They don’t choose companies. Theychoose brands.
  26. 26. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGPeople pay more for known brandsthan lesser known brands eventhough the service, product andexperience may be exactly the same,the brands are clearly different.
  27. 27. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGBusinesses of all shapes and sizesoutperform their competitors whentheir brands connect with people.
  28. 28. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGBranding helps connect the peoplewho want to buy with the peoplewho want to sell.
  29. 29. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGAt one level a brand is a product orservice with a name.If you are looking to sell moreproducts or services, increase yourshare of the market, grow yourbusiness or even sell your business,then first and foremost your prospectsneed to know that you exist.BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETING
  30. 30. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGIt’s no longer about being in the right placeat the right time. In todays’ information richsociety, it’s about being in all the rightplaces, all of the time.
  31. 31. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGThat’s where branding comes in.
  32. 32. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGGood branding enhances prospects’familiarity and comfort level with yourproducts or services and that makesthem far more likely to purchase.
  33. 33. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGA strong brand can delivercustomers and profits.
  34. 34. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGIn todays’ competitive businessenvironment, effective branding hasnever been more important.
  35. 35. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGNow go and build your brand!
  36. 36. BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETINGemail: hello@darwinbrandconsultants.comwww.darwinbrandconsultants.com