8 tips how to make beautiful presentation


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We created this presentation to share with you basic PowerPoint design principles. It will be great if it helps someone to create a slideshow that will present information better and more interesting visually.

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8 tips how to make beautiful presentation

  1. 1. 8 Tips How To Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Look Great
  2. 2. Following our advices you will learn how to make your presentation riveting and grab the audience attention
  3. 3. Use non-standard fonts only for headlines and subtitles1 For the main text you can use a standard font like Arial. Pick a font for text and headings that match the overall style of the presentation. List of the resources with free fonts: myfonts.com fontsquirrel.com jovanny.ru google.com/fonts
  4. 4. Pick up pairings of fonts that match together for headings and subheadings2 Pf Agora Slab Pf Agora Sans Pro Helvetica Garamond Font Museo Slab Lato font OSWALD FONT Georgia Bevan Font Radley font Georgia Arial Font Select two pairing fonts which work together to achieve your typographic aims. Some of the examples of good pairing fonts that we chose: use the fonts that you’ve selected throughout all the presentation. We recommend not to add any other fonts.
  5. 5. Material for font pairs with website — coolwebmasters.com. PT Serif & PT Sans Cowboyslang & Supria Sans Condensed Anodyne & Poulaire Droid Serif & Droid Sans Use recommended Google Font Combinations that match perferctly
  6. 6. Paid Resources: shutterstock.com (one of the most popular and extensive photo stock). activeden.net (loads of visual materials at reasonable pricing). Use images to illustrate your thesis. In case if you have a budget we recommend you to buy pictures on photo stocks. Feel free to check some of the resources that we recommend. Free resources: unsplash.com (great website that shares 10 new hi-resolution photos every 10 days). tockvault.net freephotosbank.com imagefree.com freeimages.com Use more images — 3less texts!
  7. 7. Use Modular Grids 4 To create a perfect layout you may use Grids and Guides. Grids help you see the balance and symmetry of a slide. It also helps you to organize images and texts on the slide. We created several templates with pre made grids — follow the link to download it! Download Grids and Guides
  8. 8. You can download short animated GIFs for free and insert them into the document as a regular image. Just remember that GIF shows correctly in PowerPoint format (.ppt) and during the export to PDF (.pdf) it will be displayed as a regular image. Download gif-animations: ifun.ru/category/1 ffffound.com Use animated GIFs on the slides 5
  9. 9. Use General Rules for Using Text Components6 Here are some simple rules that can make your presentation look more professional: 1. Left align of the texts 2. Don’t leave single word at the end of the paragraph. Use Shiſt+Enter for word wrap to the new line. 3. Don’t leave prepositions at the end of the stroke, bring them to the new line. 4. In case you need to use dash — use Alt+0150 instead of hyphen.
  10. 10. Limit the use of effects in your presentation7 Shadows, strokes, frames — all these effects are good when they used properly. We recommend to reduce the usage of these effects in case if you are not sure how to use them.
  11. 11. It’s easy to save document as PDF - just click on Save - Save as Adobe PDF. Main advantage of saving documents as PDF is that you can easily open that document on any device without any distortion. In case if you would like to edit your document later — save it as PowerPoint doc. Save all documents as PDF 8
  12. 12. Created by George Telpis, Senior graphic designer Dart117 Design Studio dart117.com contact@dart117.com All examples, free fonts and grids can be download here.