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RTO get smart & compliant webinar 1 slides
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RTO get smart & compliant webinar 1 slides


This slide show is for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia. …

This slide show is for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia.

Does RTO compliance give you a whopping headache? Let us ease the pain by helping you get smart and strategic with your compliance. This slide show was part of a free 1-hour webinar to help managers build a strategy that will get rid of this headache once and for all.

The first step in getting rid of your compliance headache is to create a systematic governance structure for your RTO.

You can view the webinar here

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. GET  SMART  &  GET  COMPLIANT   WEBINAR  1  of  2   A  good  governance  structure  for  your  RTO  
  • 2. Enjoy  the  show  
  • 3. How  do  you  like  your  eggs?  
  • 4. TODAY’S  PRESENTERS  and  HOST    
  • 5. What  we  will  cover  today   •  •  •  •  DefiniNon  of  corporate  governance   Governance  in  an  RTO   What  good  governance  looks  like   Key  issues:   –  Engaging  staff  in  compliance  acNviNes   –  Delivery  and  Assessment  Strategy     –  Training  package  transiNon   –  ValidaNon   –  Professional  development  
  • 6. Stakeholder   interests   Rules  &   processes   Framework   to  achieve   Good   Governance  
  • 7. What  do  the  standards  require?   •  SNR  18  or  AQTF  COR  1  Governance   •  Compliance  across  all  standards  
  • 8. Percentage  compliance  of  RTOs   seeking  re-­‐registraNon  2012-­‐2013   Standards   Percentage  of  compliance   SNR  15:  Quality  Training  and   Assessment   61%   SNR  16:  Access  &  Equity  for  clients   52%   SNR  17  :  Responsive  management   systems   56%   Snr  18:  Governance   62%   SNR  25:  TransiNon   36%  
  • 9. ‘Have  to’  vs  ‘Good  for  Business’   Have  To   Good  for  Business   Begrudging  buy  in  from  staff   ProacNve,  engaged  staff  &   &  senior  management   managers   ReacNve,  just  in  Nme   ProacNve  monitoring   Non-­‐compliances  due  to  lack   EffecNve  funcNoning  &   of  integrated  systems   integraNon  across  the   business   Compliance  with  standards   Quality  data  &  informaNon   across  whole  business  
  • 10. Why  is  it  good  for  business?   •  •  •  •  •    Enhanced  business  reputaNon   Student  retenNon   Less  areas  of  non  compliance   Higher  profitability  and  lower  costs   Clear  accountability  and  delegaNon  
  • 11. What  would  have  helped  that  RTO?   Systems   People   Right  People   Scheduled   Policies   Clear  roles   Support   Accountability  |  Transparency  |  Responsive  |  ParNcipatory  
  • 12. How  do  we  know  it’s  working?   DocumentaNon   CommunicaNon   Monitoring             ReporNng  
  • 13. How  do  we  know  it’s  working?   DocumentaNon   •  Well  wriden  policies   •  Planning  and  Strategy  documents   •  Training  and  Assessment  Materials  
  • 14. How  do  we  know  it’s  working?   CommunicaNon   •  How  is  informaNon  shared   •  How  is  feedback  given  and  received   •  Do  staff  know  how  to  access  and   implement  policy  
  • 15. How  do  we  know  it’s  working?   Monitoring             •  Structured  ConNnuous   Improvement   •  Regular  internal  audits   •  Regular  validaNon  and  moderaNon  
  • 16. How  do  we  know  it’s  working?   ReporNng   •  Mandatory  reporNng   •  Regular  internal  KPI  reporNng  
  • 17. Our  ObservaNons   •  Engaging  staff  in  compliance  acNviNes   •  Delivery  and  Assessment  Strategy   development  and  maintenance   •  Training  package  transiNon   •  Ongoing  professional  development  
  • 18. Wrap  Up   •  Next  webinar:  Wed  Feb  12  –  SystemaNc   Approach  to  ConNnuous  Improvement   •  RTO  Governance  checklist   •  Review  the  Compliance  Scheduling  Tool  
  • 19. Products  and  Services  Available   •  •  •  •  Get  Smart  with  Great  Staff  Guides   RTO  Policy  and  Procedures  Manual   Individual  Policy  Packs   A  range  of  Audit  Services   Products  at     Contact  us    
  • 20. QUESTION  TIME   Please  type  your  quesNon  in  the     quesNon  /  chat    box.