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Logistics executive   ceo executive series - april 2014
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Logistics executive ceo executive series - april 2014


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Investment in Learning and Development does more …

Investment in Learning and Development does more
than just up-skilling your employees, it has the ability
to empower your workforce to greatest - but
where to start? writes Brian Cartwright, Managing
Director for Logistics Executive Middle East and

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1. Upcoming Event Oasis Africa Annual Gala Celebrity Fundraiser - Sydney, Australia ! Logistics Executive Group and Oasis Africa in Australia invites you to attend a Cocktail Evening and Charity Auction. The funds raised will make a difference in the lives of 1,000’s of disadvantaged, abandoned and orphaned Kenyan children. ! Read the remarkable Oasis Africa Story - click here!! Where: Upstairs at the Civic Hotel 388 Pitt Street Sydney, Thursday May 1st 2014, 6.30pm to 10pm.!" Post Expo Asia 2014, Hong Kong Logistics Executive Group is pleased to partner with POST EXPO ASIA." POST-EXPO is the world's leading exhibition and conference for the postal, parcel and courier industries. In Hong Kong, China on 20-21 May, POST-EXPO Asia Pacific will deliver a high-level two- day conference and exhibition focused on business development and innovation in the region. ! " Logistics Executive Global News Logistics Executive and Oasis Africa Release of Limited Edition Fine Artwork Logistics Executive Announces Release of Limited Edition Fine Art Print and Photography Collection at it's Annual Oasis Africa Gala Celebrity Fundraising being held May 1st, 6.30pm Civic Hotel CBD Sydney - for more information email Mr Kim Winter -! NEWS & EVENTS THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE! LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT - EMPOWERING A WORKFORCE ! I am often asked how important is it for anyone wanting to enter or progress in the Supply Chain sector to hold a supply chain qualification or even an MBA and I always say that in my opinion getting a qualification and continuing further education is important, bordering on imperative! - particularly in the Middle East where I am based.! Education isn’t just about MBA’s, it’s also about developing technical and EQ skills which are best learnt on small short programs that can be easily invested in and absorbed quickly - then taken back to the workplace. This trend is why Logistics Executive Group started it’s training academy and designed short, sharp courses, complimented with longer more formalised ones.! Before you even consider starting a training course or qualification my advice is to think carefully about what’s going to add the most value to your skills and experience supporting you in reaching your future career goals.! ! Investment in Learning and Development does more than just up-skilling your employees, it has the abili- ty to empower your workforce to greatest - but where to start? writes Brian Cartwright, Managing Director for Logistics Executive Middle East and Africa. ! CEO EXECUTIVE SERIES! 24 APRIL 2014 © 2014 LRS Group Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved! PAGE 1
  • 2. The simple question to ask yourself is what are the most essential skills that today’s logisticians need to be trained and educated in? Where do you see yourself lacking?! Be ruthless in your self-assessment, what could you do better?, what aspects of the Supply chain do you need to learn more about?! When considering this we also need to take into account the shift in the dynamics of the end to end Supply Chain, globalization has had a major impact on supply chains, volatility is the new norm, consumer choice is effecting demand, speed and price are more important than ever, technology is constantly advancing, market size has increased and competition is greater.! With all of the above in mind training and education needs to provide a balanced mixed of tertiary qualifications and technical training as well as soft skills training with the ultimate goal of equipping employees with broader levels of commercial acumen, In-depth technical and operational knowledge, Leadership skills, Financial aptitude, Cross cultural awareness, and a much broader range of soft business skills – people, communication, empathy, gravitas, creativity.! When it comes to the current level, quantity and quality of logistics education provision in the Middle East it becomes far less straight forward mainly because there are many training providers in the region with vastly differing levels of quality and expertise which can cause confusion  when people are deciding who to conduct training with.! At Logistics Executive Group we see the frustration this causes with people regularly asking us to recommend the best training programs and providers in order to enhance their career in Logistics.! Hence the roll-out of the Logistics Executive Academy in collaboration with accredited partners including the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT).! Our goal with Logistics Executive  Academy is to connect people to highly  recommended providers for all levels of training & education from short courses to full MBA programs.! In my opinion the provision and delivery of logistics education in the Middle East region has not been keeping up fast enough with developments within the industry? (eg: technological advances, management procedures).! Actually this doesn’t just apply to the Middle East it applies globally. ! Advances in technology and workplace culture and environment are changing faster than ever before. Education needs to be better aligned to suit  each  generation, and this comes down to u n d e r s t a n d i n g  w h a t  m a k e s e a c h generation tick. The gap in experience between generations is vast and we cannot afford to lose the skills and experience of the mature and experienced professionals in the sector or we are facing disaster. ! With this in mind each generation must be provided for in a flexible way which appeals to their differing learning styles, The Gen-Y’s (Millennials) should be accommodated  for with their technological and flexibility requirements with online & apps based training, brainstorming, group workshops etc. For the baby boomers and previous generations classroom based learning may prove more effective.  ! TRAINING AND STAFF PERFORMANCE Logistics Executive in conjunction with partners is committed to providing the most relevant and cutting-edge Supply Chain, Logistics & Executive development to your employees upgrading their future skills and helping to retrain. Our short and long-term courses include industry specific seminars, tier one accredited courses, and on-site customised training developed for Supply Chain and Logistics employ- ers. Logistics Executive Training Academy provides Quality Training and Development for companies and or- ganisations that meet their individual needs. We provide training and assessment services that are relevant, flexible and of the highest quality. More Information on Logistics Executive Academy Training and Development Programs iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- ! CEO EXECUTIVE SERIES! 24 APRIL 2014 © 2014 LRS Group Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved! PAGE 2
  • 3. Logistics Executive !Australia Sydney Ph: +61 2 8262 9800 Melbourne Ph: +61 3 9863 9488 Brisbane Ph: +61 3 9863 9488 Asia Shanghai Ph: +86 21 6427 6697 Singapore Ph: +65 6692 9202 Hong Kong Ph: +852 3125 7654 Mumbai Ph: +91 22  6608 9532 New Delhi Ph: +91 124 469 6680 Chennai Ph: +91 44 4202 4819 Middle East UAE Dubai Ph: +971 4 361 6275 Europe London Ph: +44 20 3239 7624 For a copy of the 2014 Logistics Executive Global Employment Report email: ! or ! AUTHOR PROFILE: BRIAN CARTWRIGHT ! MANAGING DIRECTOR MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA, ! LOGISTICS EXECUTIVE ! Brian Cartwright is an experienced executive headhunter and business leader based from our Dubai office where he is responsible for managing the Logistics Executive business across the Middle East and Africa. He has over 12 years business management experience and has worked in the recruitment sector for the past 9 years. Brian has built a solid reputation within the Logistics & Supply Chain community as one of the leading recruiters for the sector since moving to the Middle East in 2008 and serves as a key member of the senior management team. Brian can be contacted on email: In my opinion, we must understand that today’s workplace has people working together with   vastly differing age ranges, values and experience. ! One  solution which is slowly being adopted by a growing number of organizations is training on generational awareness in order to create a better understanding and more e f f e c t i v e i n t e r n a l communication. It’s time to get savvy and adopt  technology, build creative brand energy, and be open to new ideas.! A whole lot more needs to be done to ensure that the next generation of logistics professionals are trained to handle the most up-to-date technology, equipment and techniques required from the modern-day logistics industry.! More commitment is required f r o m o r g a n i z a t i o n s i n delivering ongoing career development programs with the influence of well-educated, well-trained and experienced leadership and a constant focus on full 360 degree employment life cycle talent management, from an attraction, acquisition, engagement, development and retention perspective.! The employment market g l o b a l l y i s u n d e rg o i n g unprecedented, structural changes which are seriously changing the way we work with the convergence of social, demographic and technology forces.! Generation – Y (the  Millennial generation) are entering employment in vast numbers so attracting and continuously developing the best of these millennial workers is critical to the future of the Logistics sector.! Their career aspirations, attitudes about work and knowledge of new technologies will define the culture of workplaces in the region.! Organizations should invest in training aimed at up skilling c u r re n t e m p l o y e e s a n d attracting and developing local talent. They should transfer international talent knowledge, implement extensive and organized graduate engagement programs, and partner with training  institutions welcoming the next generation of talent without alienating their mature work force.! ! CEO EXECUTIVE SERIES! 24 APRIL 2014 © 2014 LRS Group Pty. Ltd. All rights reserved! PAGE 3