Corel after shot pro for pc [download]


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Corel after shot pro for pc [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Corel AfterShot Pro for PC [Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.0 out of 5Product FeatureBatch processing - Corel AfterShot Pro saves youqtime with some of the most advanced and flexiblebatch processing tools available.Flexible photo management - Whether you?reqreviewing, adjusting or exporting images, CorelAfterShot Pro gives you the freedom to work theway you want.Robust search tools - Browse and search yourqphotos with ease using the powerful metadatafeatures in Corel AfterShot ProNon-destructive editing - With the non-destructiveqediting tools in Corel AfterShot Pro, you can refineand enhance your photos without ever alteringyour original image.Selective editing -The unique Regions and Layersqcapabilities in Corel AfterShot Pro give youincredible control over image adjustments byletting you apply them exactly where you want.Read moreqProduct DescriptionCorel AfterShot Pro is a fast, flexible photos workflow solution that combines robust photo management,advanced non-destructive editing and complete RAW processing. Organize your photos in catalogs or folders.Find images quickly with extensive Metadata tools. Experiment with and alter images freely withnon-destructive adjustments and apply enhancements precisely with selective editing. With RAW support,powerful batch processing and a variety of output options, AfterShot Pro is the fast way to professional photos.
  2. 2. Thumbnail view assists in accessing images(view larger).Tabs make iteasier to worko n i m a g e s(view larger).Selectively edit pictures (view larger).
  3. 3. Select pictures and formats for editing (viewlarger).Complete RAW WorkflowWhether viewing, rating, sorting, editing, or exporting images, AfterShot Pro provides workflow options notfound anywhere else. Other applications make you import a file before you can even view it, but there’s noneed with AfterShot Pro. Whether a photo is in an existing catalog, in another folder on your system, or still ona memory card, AfterShot Pro lets you work with it.Flexible Photo ManagementMost photo-workflow programs only allow you to access a single catalog or database at a time, limiting the totalnumber of images you can manage and edit in any one session. AfterShot Pro lets you use one catalog, manycatalogs, or no asset management at all. With no restrictions or pre-defined process to follow, you can workwhatever way suits you best.Advanced, Non-Destructive EditingInspired by the renowned selective-editing features that made Bibble Labs a force in the industry, AfterShot Prolets you non-destructively apply any adjustment or correction to all or a portion of a photo. And a fully stockedimageediting toolset allows you to do your work in AfterShot Pro without switching over to a deeper editing tool.Breakthrough PerformanceAfterShot Pro is nimble enough to run on netbooks, but powerful enough to get the most out of 16-coreworkstations. It’s fully multithreaded and optimized for multi-core and multi-CPU computers, so you’ll noticefaster output, conversion, on-screen performance, and image browsing. AfterShot Pro is designed takeadvantage of every CPU at its disposal.Whats IncludedCorel AfterShot Pro — Windows, Macintosh, and Linux versions128-page printed user guideHTML HelpSystem RequirementsWindowsMicrosoft Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with the latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-biteditions)Intel Pentium 4 or later or AMD Athlon 64 or later2 GB RAM250 MB of free hard drive space
  4. 4. Minimum display resolution: 1024 x 600CD-ROM driveMacintoshMac OS X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7All Intel Mac models are supported2 GB RAM250 MB of free hard drive spaceMinimum display resolution: 1024 x 600CD-ROM driveLinux VersionFedora Core 10 or Ubuntu 8.04 or later (32-bit or 64-bit distributions)Intel Pentium 4 or later or AMD Athlon 64 or later2 GB RAM250 MB of free hard drive spaceMinimum display resolution: 1024 x 600CD-ROM driveDependencies: GLib 2.4, KDE, or Gnome recommendedEnable desktop compositing recommended64-bit distributions require 32-bit compatibility libraries (ia32-libs)Supported FormatsRAW file support from most leading camera manufacturers; see for the latest listing: ARW, CR2,CRW, DCR, DNG, MRW, NEF, NRW, ORF, PEF, RAW, RW2, RWL, SR2JPEG, TIFRead moreYou May Also LikeAdobe Photoshop Elements 10 for Mac [Download] [OLD VERSION]PaintShop Pro X5 Ultimate [Download]