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  • Going straight to browse does not allow the ability to see the number of records or date “Last Updated”.
  • The choice you make of which link to follow will lead to the same place but the title link provides additional details about the collection you will be viewing.
  • Hidden treasures in family search

    1. 1. Hidden Treasures in
    2. 2. FAMILYSEARCH HASCHANGEDhttps://www.familysearch.org/
    3. 3. In the last five yearsFamilySearch haschanged from amicrofilm processingorganization to a digitalimage processingorganization.Last year FamilySearchpublished about 80million images onlinefor free access to all.Many times thatnumber will bepublished in 2011.
    4. 4. Click on “Get Started”
    5. 5. If the rate of increase stays the same there will be 251 European collections by 17 October 2012 17 Feb 2011 17 October 2011
    6. 6. You may need toscroll down tothe country ofinterest.
    7. 7. Records page layout
    8. 8. Post 1837 Marriages in Parish Registers
    9. 9. Use the arrows to expand the info view
    10. 10. http://maps.familysearch.org/PARISH MAPS OF ENGLAND
    11. 11. England Jurisdictions 1851http://maps.familysearch.org/
    12. 12. Place SearchMore than parish names:Julia Coult emigrated toAmerica and told herchildren she was fromDorsey, Essex. Printedbooks did not showDorsey as a place inEngland.A woman from Essexexplained to me that shegrew up in TolleshuntDarcy and everyone therejust called it Dorsey.
    13. 13. Search results and map location
    14. 14. Search results and map location
    15. 15. Point at theplace icon nextto the parishname to seeadditional placenamereferences.
    16. 16. Click on the“Layers” tab tosee additionaloptions for themap.
    17. 17. LayersThe default is toshow countyand parishboundaries.You can selectany of the listedjurisdictions tobe shown.
    18. 18. Search results and map location
    19. 19. Search results and map location
    20. 20. Scroll down for record start dates
    21. 21. Click on the link to update the map
    22. 22. Four options for additional info
    23. 23. Radius options are ¼, ½, 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 miles
    24. 24. Move your pointer to theMove coloured circle and a “Clickyour me for options” link willpointer appear.to thecolouredarea anda “Clickme foroptions”link willappear.
    25. 25. Click on the diocese link for a new map layer and more details
    26. 26. Several lists can be generated for you now
    27. 27. Several lists can be generated for you now
    28. 28. FAMILYSEARCH COMMUNITY TREEShttp://histfam.familysearch.org/
    29. 29. FamilySearch Community Trees
    30. 30. Search here or use the “Advanced Search” button.
    31. 31. Select a database by clicking on the down arrow in the “All Trees” field.
    32. 32. Sources details are always included• [S3] Pedigrees with Index of London Citizens, abt. 1600-1800 (filmed 1954), Boyd, Percival, compiler, (Microf ilm copy of manuscripts at Somerset House, London. Salt Lake City, Utah: Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1954), FHL microfilms 94,515- 94,593., vol. 231 no. 23003, FHL microfilm 94577.
    33. 33. Place Collection IndividualsAustralia South Australia Community Trees 257,754Australia Victoria Community Trees 123,818British Knowles Collection: Jews of the British Isles 104,143 Peerage, Gentry and Colonial AmericanBritish Connections 212,624England Bedfordshire, Eaton Bray Community Tree 18,817England London: Residents of London 209,983England Norfolk Visitations, 1563 23,098India Punjab, Moga District 10,454Scotland Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae 88,274 Records Primarily of the Nobility andWales Gentry 258,209
    34. 34. FAMILYTECHhttp://familytech.familysearch.org/
    35. 35. 5 Topics and the option to “Search”
    36. 36. Software > Image Editing
    37. 37. Devices > Cameras
    38. 38. Internet > Social Network
    39. 39. Each tab becomes a drop down list when you point at it. Click an option for detailed topics.
    40. 40. https://www.familysearch.org/ and http://lib.byu.edu/digital/DIGITAL BOOKS
    41. 41. Click on the “Library Catalog” link
    42. 42. Click on the down arrow in the “Search” options area
    43. 43. Select the “Last names” option then type in a surname
    44. 44. Pay special attention to the “availability” line for “Digital Images”
    45. 45. http://www.lib.byu.edu/fhc/index.php
    46. 46. Click on the book title
    47. 47. A number of options allow you to search, enlarge, save and print
    48. 48. Research Courses FamilySearch offers a variety of free classes online and in person to help you discover your family tree.
    49. 49. 5 Minute Genealogy Episode 5:Choose an Ancestor and Question
    50. 50. More detailed lessons are available.
    51. 51. Get Started Learning about your ancestors can bring perspective and understanding to your own life. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to get started.
    52. 52. For those who prefer shorter steps