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  • British records online past present future

    1. 1. British Records Online:Past, Present and Future Darris G. Williams, AG®
    2. 2. PAST
    3. 3. Dr. Williams’s Library• Opened at Red Cross Street, Cripplegate, Lon don in 1729.• One of the first libraries open to the public.• Moved three times but still a center of nonconformist studies.
    4. 4. Dr. Williams’s Library• Has information about different types of nonconformity and where to look for more information• Dr. Williams’s Library registers are not here• Surman index to careers of Congregational and Presbyterian (Unitarian) ministers• Some local history documents
    5. 5. Society of Genealogists• Incorporated 8 May 1911• Centenary celebration• Unique collections being made available online
    6. 6. Society of Genealogists• Several indexes at the Society of Genealogists Library are still in card files
    7. 7. Society of Genealogists• The Griffiths index for Wales is full of good information gleaned from many sources still not online.
    8. 8. The Genealogical Society of Utah• Founded in 1894 by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints• 1938 microfilming began• Family history centers started in 1964
    9. 9. The Genealogical Society of Utah• A storage vault was excavated in a granite mountain in the 1960s
    10. 10. The Genealogical Society of Utah• Ancestral File allowed people to submit pedigree information to be added to a computer database• 1998 development began on• 24 May 1999 the website went live then crashed due to overload
    11. 11. PRESENT
    12. 12. Present• Archives• Libraries• Websites• More websites• Social media
    13. 13. FamilySearch 2011camera locations & numbers
    14. 14. Part of the Free FamilyFreeREG, FreeBMD, FreeCEN
    15. 15. Hayes Manuscript Sources• 1941 project start• 1,000 libraries visited• 30 countries• Identified almost 100,000 manuscripts• 17,000 pages published in 1965 & 1975
    16. 16. Providing a picture of everyday life
    17. 17. Scottish Kirk Session records are being made available online
    18. 18. Royal Commission on Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales
    19. 19. FUTURE
    20. 20. Partnerships• FindMyPast/British Library• Welsh Archives Group/FindMyPast• FamilySearch/Ancestry• FamilySearch/FindMyPast• Ancestry/Archives & Societies• FindMyPast/Archives & Societies• National Library of Wales/Ohio Welsh• Origins: National Will Index
    21. 21. Family and Community Reconstitution
    22. 22. A one-place-study (OPS) considersyour ancestors in their physical andsocial context.
    23. 23. I went on in my constant course of preaching, since good god was blessed to do by me, ourdivisions were about church – Government … ourfriends at olny were miserably plundered at olny: and I lay at peace without disturbance…
    24. 24. If you could buy thesefor 5 cents each wouldyou get more of them?
    25. 25. Convert Civil Registration References to a Parish Name
    26. 26. Decades of experience is being applied to new technology
    27. 27. FamilySearch Indexing
    28. 28. Post 1837 Marriage Indexing