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The City of Waterloo is a community of choice to live, work, learn and play. The strength of our city lies within the pillars of our economic vitality: technology, knowledge and education, finance and insurance, manufacturing and community.

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City of Waterloo - We Are Waterloo brochure

  2. 2. pILLERS Manufacturing Plant BlackBerry North Campus DOTz Connection Hub MANULIFE Financial CONESTOGA COLLEGE WILFRID LAURIER Waterloo Campus University CIGI Centre for International Governance Innovation WATERLOO Public Square WATERLOO CITY CENTRE RIM pARk Community Sports Facility
  3. 3. I’m proud to be the Mayor of a diverse community that offers a high quality of life, strong tradition of industry, entrepreneurship and is internationally recognized in the fields of research, science, technology and innovation. We welcome and support new ideas, businesses and relationships. Waterloo Mayor Brenda Halloran INSIDE COVER
  4. 4. we are _finance _technology _community _opportunities _manufacturing _knowledge & education PAGE 1
  5. 5. We are a dynamic, leading-edge community, fostering innovation and preserving heritage. In Waterloo, you’ll find the best of both worlds – small town hospitality and big city sophistication. Surrounded by green farmland, our city is a modern, dynamic, internationally recognized community with all the amenities of a big city including world class architectural buildings. Located within Canada’s Technology Triangle, residents experience the benefit of a smaller, well networked community, balanced with the synergies of global recognition and international opportunity. Waterloo is a modern, vigorous business and industrial community, yet small enough to boast the best lifestyle, while close to all the amenities of larger metropolitan areas. The Conference Board of Canada named Waterloo one of the “Top 6” municipalities in Canada in its City Magnet II study on the attractiveness of Canadian cities to migration (both within and outside of Canada). Waterloo is also recognized as one of the world’s top 20 startup ecosystems as compiled by Startup Genome and Telefonica Digital. Companies locating here will find a highly skilled and well-trained labour force. We have a diverse and expanding technology sector complemented by a strong insurance and financial services sector, plus advanced manufacturing and university-related enterprises. Waterloo ranks very high in education, average hours worked, wage and salary rates,cost of living, responsive city government and a strong manufacturing base. We are a dynamic, leading-edge community, fostering innovation and preserving heritage. In Waterloo, you’ll find the best of both worlds – small town hospitality and big city sophistication. Waterloo Public Square
  6. 6. Waterloo’s Economic Development Strategy is built on input and wide community consultation. Economic vitality is one of Waterloo’s top six strategic imperatives and the City of Waterloo is committed to building on our pillars of collaboration and innovation with our community partners. In 2011 the City of Waterloo established a corporate strategic plan through broad citizen consultation. The purpose of the 2011-2014 strategic plan is to guide our direction, with a focus on six key pillars: • Sustainability and our living environment • Public engagement • Healthy and safe community • Vibrant neighbourhoods • Getting around • Economic vitality Under economic vitality, several strategic objectives have been identified: • Be the location of choice for a young, educated labour force • Enable and strengthen our learning institutions • Continue to build the knowledge economy • Act globally but think locally Each of these objectives has additional action items. More information is available at: The City of Waterloo’s strategy is visionary, proactive, and delivers on the community’s shared vision for Waterloo’s “North Star.”
  7. 7. Our innovation ecosystem, our universities and research institutions, our technological savvy – Waterloo’s achievements and competitive advantages make it a desirable community both locally and internationally. As Mayor of the City of Waterloo, and chair emeritus of the Intelligent Community Forum, Mayor Brenda Halloran is often a guest at conferences in China, India, Belgium, New York City and Toronto, where she promotes Waterloo’s status as one of the world’s most innovative and intelligent communities. 2011 – Chongqing International Garden Expo, China 2012 – Canada China Business Council Mayor’s Forum, China 2012 – Technopolicy Conference, Belgium 2012 – Tech Mahindra Conference, India 2013 – Smart Cities Canada Summit, Toronto 2013 – Canada China Investment Association Mayor’s Trade Mission, China 2013 – Intelligent Community Forum Annual Summit, New York City Waterloo is seen as a leading model of an innovative community and we look forward to sharing more of our success stories with our international friends.
  8. 8. Companies in India and China are already working with us to develop concrete win-win initiatives in the areas of: • • • • • • • • • Science & technology Innovation Commercialization Health & life sciences Education and training Trade and investment Governance Energy Environment and health These initiatives aim at bringing prosperity and competitiveness to these communities in an increasingly globalized world. We look forward to building new relationships with additional international companies and communities. Chongqing delegates with Mayor Brenda Halloran at Waterloo City Centre, Waterloo ON Mayor Brenda Halloran and John Jung, from Canada’s Tech Triangle, attending the 2012 Tech Mahindra conference in India
  9. 9. WE ARE FINANCE CITY OF WATERLOO FINANCE & INSURANCE INDUSTRY HISTORICALLY, FINANCE HAS PLAYED AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY. DURING THE 1950 AND 60’S, WATERLOO WAS KNOWN AS THE “HARTFORD OF THE NORTH” WITH ITS CONCENTRATION OF PROMINENT INSURANCE COMPANIES. Today’s insurance giants include Economical Insurance, Equitable Life of Canada, Manulife Financial and Sun Life Financial. Together, these and other insurance companies employ about 7,500 people in our community, all contributing to our moniker “Hartford of the North.” The revitalization and success of our uptown core is due in large part to major financial institutions setting up offices and industries there. Today, there are over 400 businesses in the core area including PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), KPMG, BMO, CIBC, RBC, TD Bank and other financial institutions including HSBC that opened in 2011, among others. The financial industry has also supported strong residential and ICI sectors. Since 2005, there has been over $1.9 billion in construction value generated in Waterloo, with $345 million of construction in the uptown core; $375 million of construction in academic buildings and over $600 million of construction in student housing accommodations. During the last five years, there has been over 1.5 million square feet of office space built in our community, including floor space in the BlackBerry North Campus, the David Johnston Research + Technology Park and several office parks across the city. Overall, Waterloo is a great place to do business. The region consistently places high in economic competitiveness rankings, and the Province of Ontario was named the most competitive province in Canada, largely due to the influence of global firms and global talent – a great strength of the Waterloo community.
  10. 10. • OVER 30,000 PEOPLE WORK IN THE TECHNOLOGY SECTOR (WATERLOO REGION) • ABOUT 7,500 PEOPLE WORK IN THE LOCAL INSURANCE INDUSTRY • DURING THE LAST FIVE YEARS, THERE HAS BEEN OVER 1,500 HOUSING UNITS APPROVED AND BUILT IN THE UPTOWN CORE WITH MORE ON THE WAY… • WITH THE LARGEST CONCENTRATION OF OFFICE SPACE (5.3M SF) AND A VACANCY RATE OF 2.7%, WATERLOO IS IN HIGH DEMAND 400 BUSINESSES In the core area. 375 MILLION 345 In construction in academic buildings. MILLION In construction in the uptown core. 1.5 MILLION 600 MILLION In construction in student housing. square feet of office space built. we are _finance _technology _community _opportunities _manufacturing _knowledge & education
  11. 11. WE ARE TECHNOLOGY OUR GROWING TECH COMMUNITY AND THE BIRTH OF THE “SMARTPHONE”—THE BLACKBERRY THE CITY OF WATERLOO IS WIDELY RECOGNIZED FOR ITS TECHNOLOGY SECTOR, WHICH INCLUDES A BROAD RANGE OF COMPANIES AND STARTUPS THAT ARE REDEFINING OUR ECONOMY ON A LOCAL, PROVINCIAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL SCALE. Without question, the technology sector is the fastest growing sector in our community. Today, there are over 30,000 technology professionals working in Waterloo Region, with over 50 per cent of the technology firms located in our city! The technology sector is anchored by strong companies such as BlackBerry, OpenText, Descartes, Sybase, McAfee Inc., Cisco and many new companies emerging from the Accelerator Centre and startup investment funds. Of note, the City of Waterloo was named the world’s most intelligent community in 2007 and was recently ranked one of the top 20 startup ecosystems in the world. Mike Lazaridis, Chris Shaw and Doug Fregin (L-R). circa 1984 “Budgie” Project Team (would later develop into “BlackBerry”) The City of Waterloo works closely with many organizations, including Canada’s Technology Triangle, the Accelerator Centre, the University of Waterloo, Waterloo Region Small Business Centre, the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce and many local businesses. University of Waterloo student in Waterloo Public Square using BlackBerry smartphone. 2011
  12. 12. • MAGNET FORENSICS HAVE OVER 1,000 CUSTOMERS INCLUDING THE OPP AND SCOTLAND YARD • STARTED IN 2009, OVER 40 MILLION PEOPLE USE KIK INTERACTIVE MESSAGING SERVICE • OVER 80% OF ACCELERATOR CENTRE GRADUATES REMAIN IN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY AND 100% REMAIN IN ONTARIO 70 PERCENT of the world’s GDP runs on Waterloo software 30 THOUSAND Technology professionals in Waterloo region. 50 LARGEST IN CANADA Enterprise content management software company is OpenText. PERCENT of tech business in region located in Waterloo we are _finance _technology _community _opportunities _manufacturing _knowledge & education
  13. 13. WE ARE COMMUNITY WATERLOO IS COMMUNITY, PARKS, LIFESTYLE, EVENTS, CULTURE AND THE ARTS... WATERLOO IS A DYNAMIC, LEADING-EDGE COMMUNITY, FOSTERING INNOVATION AND PRESERVING HERITAGE. IN WATERLOO, YOU’LL FIND THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – SMALL TOWN HOSPITALITY AND BIG CITY SOPHISTICATION. Today, the City of Waterloo is a diverse community that has been defined by its industrial heritage, its strong manufacturing base, its prominent insurance industry, its award winning academic institutions, expanding tech sector and urbanizing neighbourhoods. By 2031, our population is planned to reach over 150,000 people, a 15 per cent increase in population growth. Much of this new growth will be accommodated in several planned neighbourhoods, and over time, more urban living accommodations ranging in scale from executive townhomes to urban towers. For the recreation and leisure enthusiast, Waterloo offers plenty. You can enjoy over 1,700 acres of parkland and over 150 kilometres of trails throughout the city, or experience Waterloo’s many recreational facilities, including RIM Park, Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex, Waterloo Park or Bechtel Park, premier sports fields, Olympic-size ice pads, swimming facilities, golf courses and an urban zoo - the possibilities are endless. The City of Waterloo is a strong, educated and accepting community that is well positioned to attract, retain and expand talent in our community. We value culture and we are home to world class cultural facilities such as the Clay and Glass art gallery. In 2009, we opened the Waterloo Public Square in the uptown which hosts many cultural events including the Sun Life Financial Waterloo Buskers Carnival, Winterloo and many other festivals. In 2013, city council approved plans to enhance Waterloo Park, our largest and oldest park space. Residents and visitors enjoy many restaurants, shops and services particularly in the uptown, at Conestoga Mall and in the evolving Boardwalk centre. Sun Life Financial UpTown Waterloo Jazz Festival
  14. 14. • TODAY, 130,000 POPULATION WITH 45,000 STUDENTS • 15% POPULATION GROWTH OVER LAST 10 YEARS • 15% POPULATION GROWTH TO 2031 • OVER 400 BUSINESSES IN THE UPTOWN CORE 40 22 PERCENT PERCENT of adult population have a University degree. One of the highest in Canada. Diverse population born outside of Canada. 1700 ACRES of park land in Waterloo. 30 MINUTES from Waterloo International Airport. 150 KILOMETERS of public trails in Waterloo area. we are _finance _technology _community _opportunities _manufacturing _knowledge & education
  15. 15. WE ARE OPPORTUNITIES HOME TO GLOBAL THINK-TANKS, START-UP INCUBATORS AND “QUANTUM VALLEY” THE QUANTUM-NANO CENTRE REPRESENTS A $160-MILLION INVESTMENT IN THE CUTTING EDGE OF QUANTUM COMPUTING AND NANOTECHNOLOGY. LOCATED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, THE QNC BOLSTERS THE UNIVERSITY’S LONG TRADITION OF INNOVATION. The City of Waterloo presents many investment opportunities – opportunities to invest in local startup companies, opportunities to invest in the real estate and housing market, to purchase or build new businesses in business parks or in university research parks, and to work with others particularly in the area of research and quantum physics – a significant growth industry that will change the world! There are many opportunities in Waterloo – we encourage you to contact us so we can work together. Over the next several years, there will be new investment opportunities for land development along the planned rapid transit route opening in 2017, and in new business park lands owned by the city and other private land holdings. City council recently approved a new brownfield policy including a tax increment grant program that will encourage the redevelopment and intensification of underutilized lands and buildings around Waterloo. There are several economic clusters in the city that are being driven by emerging employment centres and local startup companies such as DOTZ engaged, the Waterloo Corporate Campus (former NCR Lands), a state-of-the-art medical facility located in the Boardwalk centre and a long-term care and research facility at the Schlegel Learning Research Innovation Centre being developed on the University of Waterloo’s north campus. Two students at the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics, Steven Hawking wing.
  16. 16. • IN 2013, MIKE LAZARIDIS AND DOUG FREGIN ANNOUNCED A $100 MILLION QUANTUM VALLEY INVESTMENT FUND • THE CITY OF WATERLOO HAS 150 ACRES OF VACANT LANDS THAT ARE BEING PLANNED FOR HIGH END BUSINESS PARK USERS • THE BOARDWALK IS A MASTER PLANNED AREA FOR OVER 200,000 SQUARE FEET OF QUALITY OFFICE SPACE WITH THE FIRST 80,000 SF MEDICAL BUILDING TO OPEN IN 2013 1.5 MILLION sq. ft. of office space constructed in 5 years. 150 ACRES vacant land planned for high-end business parks. 2013 OPENING 200,000 sq.ft of office space, first 80,000 sq.ft medical building at “The Boardwalk.” (a commercial development) 800 THOUSAND sq. ft. commercial centre developing near rapid transit station. we are _finance _technology _community _opportunities _manufacturing _knowledge & education
  17. 17. WE ARE MANUFACTURING WATERLOO BOASTS A MULTI-FACETED WORKFORCE WITH IT’S MANUFACTURING INNOVATION NETWORK WATERLOO IS WELL KNOWN FOR ITS STRONG MANUFACTURING BASE DATING BACK TO THE EARLY 1800’S. FOOD PRODUCTION WAS A MAINSTAY OF THE MENNONITE PIONEERS THAT PAVED THE WAY FOR LOCAL FIRMS SUCH AS PILLER’S, MARTIN’S FAMILY FRUIT FARM AND MANY OTHERS. The University of Waterloo has also played an important role in the local manufacturing sector, including the Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research as one of Canada’s premier automotive research centres linked to the broader regional and global economy. There are also many technology firms linked to the manufacturing sector including BlackBerry - prototype manufacturing facilities are located in Waterloo. Other technology related manufacturing companies include Raytheon Canada Ltd., Teledyne DALSA and Virtek Vision International Inc. The City of Waterloo, and its businesses, are also associated with the Waterloo Region Manufacturing Innovation Network. This is an online resource that helps businesses self-promote and connect with other local suppliers and employees. Manufacturing is alive and well in our city and we will continue to support this industry to remain competitive locally, nationally and internationally. Waterloo North Business Park, Viessmann Building
  18. 18. • THE NORTHLAND BUSINESS PARK HAS OVER 3.5 MILLION SF OF INDUSTRIAL SPACE • DURING THE LAST FIVE YEARS, THERE HAS BEEN ABOUT $500 MILLION IN INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION VALUE BUILT ACROSS THE CITY • WATERLOO REGION IS CANADA’S SECOND MOST MANUFACTURING INTENSIVE ECONOMY WITH 20% BUSINESSES IN MANUFACTURING 18 PERCENT of our workforce in 2011was in manufacturing. 265 THOUSAND sq. ft. of production space in Waterloo belongs to Fischer Canada, a world leading producer of superior quality stainless steel tubing. 50 PLACES CAMERAS produced by Waterloo company Teledyne DALSA, equip NASA’s Curiosity Rover. Waterloo ranks in the Top 50 Places to live in Canada. we are _finance _technology _community _opportunities _manufacturing _knowledge & education
  19. 19. WE ARE KNOWLEDGE & EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO QUANTUM-NANO CENTRE (QNC) WE ARE VERY FORTUNATE TO HAVE SIGNIFICANT AWARD WINNING INSTITUTIONS LOCATED IN OUR CITY, INCLUDING THE UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO, WILFRID LAURIER UNIVERSITY AND CONESTOGA COLLEGE AND OVER 150 RESEARCH INSTITUTES. Of note, the University of Waterloo is consistently ranked as Canada’s most innovative university and has the first, and largest, co-op education program in the world! Wilfrid Laurier, a leading Canadian university with offices in Chongqing PRC., has a particular expertise in business, an important tradition in our community. Laurier will soon open its new Global Innovation Exchange to meet the growing local and global demand for business and math leadership. Conestoga College is recognized as a top college in the province (accredited poly-technical university), and has a campus in Waterloo. Almost half of the regional population has participated in training and education activities at Conestoga. All three institutions have a significant impact on the local, provincial and national economy and are at the forefront in the creation of new industries including Quantum computing – perhaps one of the most significant breakthroughs of our time. In 2013, BlackBerry co-founders Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin launched the “Quantum Valley Fund”, a $100 million private fund to advance the development of breakthroughs in quantum information science. Waterloo has many research institutions that have a significant local, national and international impact. For example, the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics was founded in 1999, and over a short time, has doubled in size with the Stephen Hawking Centre to become the world’s largest institute of theoretical physics. There are many other research institutes, including the Centre for International Governance Innovation Campus with the Balsillie School of International Affairs and the Academic Council of the United Nations, the Waterloo Institute for Nano Technology and many more. In fact, with the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, the Stephen Hawking Centre, the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Lazaridis Quantum Nano Centre, we are achieving a new 21st century reputation as “Quantum Valley.” There is tremendous potential and opportunity in the City of Waterloo.
  20. 20. • UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO HAS A UNIQUE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY THAT ALLOWS THE ORIGINATOR OR SPONSOR TO OWN THE RESEARCH – NOT THE INSTITUTION • 22% OF ALL UNIVERSITY SPIN-OFF COMPANIES IN CANADA LAUNCHED FROM RESEARCH INITIATED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO • CANADA RANKED FIRST IN CITATION IMPACT IN PHYSICS AMONG G8 COUNTRIES IN 2010; WITHOUT PERIMETER INSTITUTE, IT WOULD HAVE RANKED FOURTH 1999 2007 PERIMETER INSTITUTE WINNER of Theoretical Physics was founded, it has doubled in size with the Stephen Hawking Centre as the world’s largest institute of theoretical physics. Most Intelligent Community in the World. 12 QUBIT quantum computer, the largest in the world is located at the University of Waterloo, Mike and Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum Nano Centre. we are _finance _technology _community _opportunities _manufacturing _knowledge & education