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See page 9 for our article published in the Canadian Christian newspaper, Change.

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Change Summer 2012

  1. 1. Vol. 3.1ACTOR STEPHEN BALDWIN,UNUSUAL SUSPECTBy Klaus SonnenbergOne of 3 real miraclesin my lifetimeBy Reuben SchmunkWhen YouHold Shaun Murray:Us Steadyby Pierre-A. Hébert Wake‐Boarding for Jesus Adapted Stu Burger
  2. 2. CHURCH DIRECTORY With every “Why Jesu pu of a Bible, rchase the book s” will be free of char includedBritish Columbia Terrace Saskatoon North Bay Sydney CANADA ge.Anahim Lake Terrace Pentecostal Church Lawson Heights Faith Chapel Christian Center Sydney Pentecostal Church Pastor Lowell Holmquist Pentecostal Assembly Pastor Byron Jones Pastor Ron CooleAnahim Lake Chapel 3511 Eby St Pastor John Drisner a 367 Delaware Ave a 20 Victoria Road CLC Bookstore Westmount CLC Bookstore AhuntsicPastor Charlotte Cyr e 250 635-2434 a 233 Pinehouse Drive e 705 476-5704 4257, Ste-Catherine West 650, blvd. Gouin Easte 250 742-3750 e 902 562-0700 e 306 934-7100 Westmount, Que. Montreal, Que.y Sun 10:30am @ @ @ 514 933-9466 514 904-2033 W @ Orillia y Sun 10:30am & 7pmBarriereChristian Life Assembly y Sun 10:30am Vernon W y Sat 6pm & Sun 11am Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle Truro, Bible Hill Pastor Lindsay Stevenson 1 877 222-4253Pastor Lance Naylor Cornerstone Assembly w w w.CLCcanada.coma 4818 Annesty Full Gospel Church Manitoba a 375 Westmount Dr North Pastor Joe Lucas Pastor Wilf Burger e 705 325-2146 a 14 Cornerstone Dre 250 672-0111 Brandon a 5871 Okanagan Landing Rd @ e 902 897-2833y Sun 10:30am Bethel Christian Assembly e 250 542-8011 W www.cptorillia.comFort St. John Pastor Mike Davis @ @ a 440 Richmond Av Rockland y Sun 10amThe Journey y Sun 10am & 6pm e 204 727-0639Pastor Larry Lorentz Tent of David Ministries Windsor Watson Lake @ Pastor Daniel Rosborough Glad Tidings Worship Centera At the Cultural Center Watson Lake Gospel Chapel a 2197 Old Highway #17 Pastor Stephen Williamse 250 263-2661 Winnipeg Pastor John LaSante e 613 679-4320 a 5398 Chester Rd@ Christian Life Assembly a 713-8 St South th @ e 902 798-4473y Sun 10:30am Pastor Ivan Blakney e 867 536-2249 W www.tentofdavid.caKelowna a 1042 Jefferson Ave @ @ e 204 694-6875 Quebec W www.gtwindsor.comFirst Mennonite Church y Sun 10am y Sun 10:45am & 6:30pmPastors Kevin Barkowsky & @ Greenfield ParkReuben Schmunk Alberta W South Shore Community Church Newfoundlanda 1305 Gordon Dr. Beaumont y Sun 9:30am & 11am Pastor Tony Silveira Bonavistae 250 762-4522 Eaglemont Christian Church Evangel Chapel a 30 Churchill Blvd Grace Pentecostal Churchy Sun 9:45am Pastor Marlo Jenkins Pastor Dan Krebs e 450 671-8716 Pastor Darryl Lidstone a 5002 – 62 St. a 1073 St. Mary’s RdLangley @ e 709 468-7220 e 780 929-5111 e 204 257-0143 y Sun 10:30amLangley Full Gospel Church @ dmlidstone@eastlink.caPastor Darrell Peregrym @ @ LaSalle Carboneara 19869 Fraser Hwy W W y Sun 10:30 am Trinity Pentecostal Church Calvary Pentecostal Churche 778 549-9311 Calgary Pastor Ron Rust Pastor Deano Young a 1050 Blvd Shevchenko@ Church in the Hills Ontario e 514 363-1500 a 56 LeMarchant Sty Sun 2:30pm at the Notre Dame High School Cobourg e 709 596-4769Logan Lake Pastor Doug Frederick W @ a 11900 Country Villag ae Link NE Church on the Hill MistissiniChurch on the Hill Pastor Ewen Butler y Sun 11am & 6:30pm e 403 226-5221(Highland Valley Baptist & a 594 Courthouse Rd Living Water Assembly Cornerbrook @ e 905 372-7342 Pastor Johnny Dixon First Pentecostal ChurchLogan Lake Pentecostal) W @ office@churchonthehillonline. e 304 Amisk a Pastor Velmer BesseyPastor Harry Holmquist North West Family Churcha 237 Jasper Drive com 418 923-3365 a 58 Premier Drive Pastor Roy Holmquiste 250 523-6918 a 10307 Eamon Rd NW W St. Sauveur e 709 634-4641W e 403 241-8822 y Sun 10:30am & 6pm Christian Fellowship @ fpc@nf.aibn.comy Sun 10am W Cornwall Pastor Kevin Cullen W y Sun 10am a 33 de l’Église y 11am & 6:30pmNanoose Bay Cornwall Pentecostal Church Pastor Russell Bates e 450 229-5029 Grand Falls‐WindsorGenesis Christian Centre DrumhellerPastor Dan Cousins Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle a 208 2nd St E @ Windsor Pentecostal Churcha 2210 Morello Rd Pastor Daniel Dannhauer e 613 937-3737 y Sun 10am Pastor Gary Andrewse 250 740-0555 a 295-1st St W Etobicoke New Brunswick a 97 King St@ e 403 823-3207 e 709 489-6635 Abundant Life Assembly BathurstW @ Pastor Allan Bowen Bathurst Christian Fellowship @ wpc@nfld.nety Sun 10:30am W a 145 Dixon Rd Pastor Doug Peto W www.wpc@nf.orgNelson y Sun 10:30am e 416 249-7891 a 603 King Ave y Sun 11am & 6:30pmBethel Christian Centre Edmonton @ e 506 546-8782 Happy Valley – Goose BayPastor Ken Keber Gospel Centre Pentecostal Church W y Sun 10:30am & 6pm Bethel Pentecostal Tabernaclea 623 Gordon Rd Pastor Terry Snowe 250 352-9322 Pastor Murray Coughlan Exeter Nova Scotia a 250 Hamilton River Rd a 9445-153 St Exeter Pentecostal Church Distribution ADP ADP is proud to present Bridgewater e 709 896-2156@ e 780 484-0085 Pastor Robert Loohuizen “Healing”, a brand new instrumentalW New Life Christian Church W @ a 670 Main St South Pastor Jim MacInnes album from Quebec flutist, Isabelle Tremblay.y Sun 10am W e 519 235-2991 y Sun 11am & 6pm Listen to compositions from famous artists such as a 42 Elm StPort Alberni y Sun 10am @ e 902 543-3377 Stephenville David Phelps, Steve Green, Michael W Smith and othersElim Tabernacle W Zion Pentecostal Church as you’ve never heard them before! Northwest Pentecostal Assembly y Sun 10:30am @ Pastor Moral BessPastor Bruce Greenwoodr “Healing” will warm your heart and soothe your spirita 3946 Wallace St Pastor George Feller Kingston a 51 Carolina Ave Hamiltone 250 724-3371 a 9949 – 169 Ave Trinity Pentecostal Church e 709 643-2744 FOR MORE INFO: e 780 473-7756 People’s Church Pastor Scott Herring@ Pastor Tony Sawler a 468 Central Ave @ www.distributionadp.comy Sun 10:30am @ a 510 Mohawk Road West W 819-477-7421 (Drummondville, Qc) W e 902 765-2234Salmon Arm e 905 574-3900 y Sun 11am & 6pm Distribution ADP is the exclusive y Sun 11am @ Canadian distributor for over 450 French,Five Corners Pentecostal Church @ y 10:30am & 6:30pm English and instrumental Gospel music.Pastor Ken Finstad Grimshaw W Look us up and listen to thousands of MP3s.a 3160-10th Ave SE Grimshaw Family Christian Centre Kitchener‐Waterlooe 250 832-3121 Pastor Marvin Dueck a 5414 – 50 Ave Gospel Church of Waterloo@ Pastor Klaus Sonnenberg e 780 332-2459W a 223 Union St E, WaterlooSummerland Jasper e 519 896-1632Summerland Pentecostal Church Jasper Pentecostal Church W www.gospelchurchwaterloo.comPastor Jack McNeil Pastor Mark Hendricks Livelya 9918 Julia St a 822 Connaught Dr e 780 852-5454 Cornerstone Community Churche 250 494-8248 Pastor Mike GordonSurrey @ a 225 Sixth Ave Lloydminster e 705 692-1658Surrey Pentecostal AssemblyPastor Wes Daase Living Faith @ mike@cornerstonelively.coma 16879-80th Ave Pentecostal Tabernacle Manitouwadgee 604 574-2403 Pastor Tim Acey e 780 875-5464 Bethany Pentecostal Chapel@ Pastor Gary BurtW @ a 52 Ohsweken Rdy Sun 10:30am & 6:30pm Saskatchewan e 807 826-3358New Life AssemblyPastor Martin Miles Melvillea 8868-128 St th Melville Pentecostal Church Pastor Doug Braune 604 590-6131 a 115-11th St West@ e 306 728-3100W y Sun 10:30am2 Change / Vol 3.1
  3. 3. Editorial BY STU BURGERSpeedIt seems man has been obsessed with increasing performance speed since the An important element comes forward in this discussion – it appears the same Designer slowing down the universe is escalating the course of events on ourbeginning of time, whether in locomotion, communications, production orwhatever else. planet. This rapid pace of life was admittedly a concern of William Turner in 1844Perhaps, this is a result of man’s recognition of his finiteness – he simply wishes to when he painted Rain, Steam and Speed.accomplish as much as possible before he starts pushing daisies. It is interesting God allowed 120 years for Noah and his boys to build an ark –Stories in this edition of CHANGE illustrate parts of this race. Jacques Dumont and part of the reason it took so long was probably because Noah spent so much timeNathalie Bernier, for example, experience dramatic change in their personal bodies preaching, telling populations about the coming catastrophe and how to avoid it.overnight or in an instant. Others like Oscar Masseau, Cristina, Walid Shoebat, Zev Unfortunately, his presentations appear unsuccessful except for his own family.Porat and Shaun Murray experience change over longer periods of time, usually We notice also, if it took 120 years to build the ark, it only took 40 days and nightsafter a “moment of truth” when they come to terms with what Jesus did for them. of torrential rain to reformat the earth.Most of us probably identify with John Smith who, when issues seem never to It can be argued, though the message of hope personified in Jesus has beenend, depend on daily contact with Jesus to find our way through. preached for thousands of years and much more successfully, proclamation effortsHowever, other elements of speed also come forward. Though unimportant have still not been successful enough. It is also interesting that the reformattingoutside of family circles and silent for centuries, 2000 years have amplified the of people will occur not in 40 days but in an instant. In the Bible expression “theimportance of the inscription of James Ossuary – the discovery of this limestone twinkling of an eye,” the author Paul actually refers to the word  “atom” which inbox is considered emphatic, the most important archeological find of all time. Greek means indivisible. Until the discovery of radioactivity, atoms were deemed indivisible entities. Today, the smallest unit of time, approximately 10−43 seconds,Speed clearly influences us. A year for a youngster waiting for Christmas is is known scientifically as “Planck time.”infinitely longer than a year for ‘retired’ adults as birthdays just zip by at a dizzyingpace. A few minutes in the dentist’s chair can seem years long. Just as airplanes It is amazing how this instant of Planck time will irreversibly change all of futureand rockets need speed to fly, planets need speed to orbit. One wonders, however, and introduce a huge separation between those who believe in Jesus and thoseabout the purpose of a solar system that is slowing down. Yet, there can be no who don’t.doubt – speed itself is a critical element in any equation. For more information, you may wish to google Change published quarterly by non-profit Nations Publishing Inc., Calgary, Alberta. Editors : Rev. Stu Burger – B.Ed., M.A. Dr. Allan Curnew – B.A., B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D Rev. Klaus Sonnenberg – B.Ed., M.Div. Layout and Graphic Arts: Board of Directors: Randy Barnetson, Vancouver BC (Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada), Allan Bowen, Etobicoke ON (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada), Wilf Burger, Vernon BC (Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada) Kevin Cullen, St-Sauveur QC (Christian Congregational Church of Canada), Claude Favreau, Drummond- ville QC (Elim Fellowship of Canada), Doug Peto, Bathurst NB (Foursquare Gospel Church of Canada) Jean Ruland, Ste-Foy QC (Assemblées de la pentecôte du Canada) Letters to the Editor: CHANGE does not set a word limit on letters to the editor, but articles must be kept short and to the point. CHANGE reserves the right to edit or reject letters for publication. All letters must be signed and include full name, address and phone number. Unsigned letters will not be printed. Letters will not be acknowledged. Though copyright remains with author, CHANGE is free to reproduce at its discretion. Send your letters to: Letters to the Editor, CHANGE, 10307 Eamon Rd NW, Calgary Alberta, T3G 5H2, or to Translation: Gilles Lafleur, CHANGE offers translation services, from English to French or from French to English. Change Send requests for information to: Translation Editor, CHANGE, 10307 Eamon Rd NW, Calgary Alberta, (Please indicate your choice) T3G 5H2, or to Permission to reproduce: Quantity Number of Issues Duration Price All material published in this paper may be copied or reproduced without express permission from the publisher, but must remain unaltered. All changes must obtain permission of the editor prior to publication. Personal Subscription Form 1 copy 4 (1 year) $10 H Donations: 8 (2 yrs) $18 H Income Tax Receipts are not available for those wishing to donate to this ministry. Please make out (includes newspaper, taxes, postage and handling) your cheque or money order to “Nations Publishing Incorporated” and send to CHANGE, 10307 Eamon 12 (3 yrs) $25 H Rd NW, Calgary Alberta, T3G 5H2. Nations Publishing may use part or all of donations made to send free or discounted copies to qualified churches, organizations or individuals. 2 copies 4 (1 year) $14 H Name: Printer: 8 (2 yrs) $37 H CHANGE is printed by Central Webb, Calgary Alberta. Tel: 403.730.8990 Multiple copy subscriptions: Address: 12 (3 yrs) $55 H Please send request for info re multiple copy subscriptions to: Subscriptions, CHANGE, 10307 Eamon Rd NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3G 5H2. City: Province : Postal Code : 5 copies 4 (1 year) $24 H Advertising: 8 (2 yrs) $47 H Please request for info re advertising and rates to: Advertising, CHANGE, 10307 Eamon Rd NW, Calgary Email Alberta, T3G 5H2, or to The publisher reserves the right to refuse 12 (3 yrs) $70 H or cancel any advertising for any reason or no stated reason. © All rights reserved, Nations Publishing Inc., Calgary, Alberta Subscription start: Year 20 Season : Note : For gift subscriptions, please photocopy form and include in Other Notices envelope. Please do not send cash, but cheques or money orders Complete form and return with your cheque or money order to only. Please allow 30 days for activation. For larger quantities, please PASS IT FORWARD Subscriptions, CHANGE, 10307 Eamon Rd NW, Calgary, Alberta, T3G 5H2. contact us at If you have enjoyed your read, why not pass the paper forward to a friend or neighbor? Joy shared is joy that grows.Change / Vol 3.1 3
  4. 4. ACTOR STEPHEN BALDWIN,UNUSUAL SUSPECT I n his early days as an actor and model As Stephen remembers it: “So in New York, Stephen Baldwin (born my wife comes to me and says May 12, 1966) earned a reputation ‘Uh, you know, honey, I was as the life of the party. According to his talking to Agousta and she says oldest brother Alec, “He was one of the that someone in her church in great playboy nightlife people in the Brazil said she should come to By Klaus Sonnenberg annals of Manhattan nightlife. He was America and work for a couple like having a panther for a pet – this who will become born-again exotic animal who was so beautiful Christians and be involved inand everyone loved him.” Stephen, the youngest  of the Christian ministry.’ What do yourenowned Baldwin brothers acting family, protests: “I never think of that?” What Stephenreally did anything too bad. I didn’t commit any crimes ‘thought of that’ at first wasthat anyone was able to…convict.” Doubtless because of that his wife was ‘going off thehis older siblings’ fame, Stephen’s ‘star’ rose speedily. Still deep end’. “I mean, you know, Iyoung, he has already appeared in over 65 films and dozens was dialing 9-1-1,” he says.of television roles. ‘THE WIFE’SFAME AND FORTUNE  AND FRUSTRATION CHANGE OF HEART’With his Baldwin-good-looks, an incredible singing voice and a Kennya Baldwin nonethelessbroad acting range, Stephen quickly established himself in the New recognized that there wasYork acting community. He met the girl of his dreams, Kennya, on a something genuine in theManhattan bus. The actor remembers the feeling: “I said, I just met whole demeanor of her newthe girl I’m going to marry and she’s gonna have our kids. And what housekeeper. She recounts:we never could have known then (that we understand now) is that “Agousta would always talkit was all part of God’s plan.” about Jesus and I said to her ‘IHe did marry the stunning Brazilian beauty (he and Kennya now want to know about this Jesus. Who is this Jesus?’ I dealt with household] was like the Brady Bunch on . . . espresso.” As a formerhave two teen-aged daughters), but he also encountered another my hang-ups, with my fears, with my arrogance, and my pride. Hollywood bad boy now ‘on fire’ for Jesus, he personifies therisk of the show business culture: an addiction to drugs and alcohol. There was so much in me that God showed me I had to change.” At “unusual suspect” – the last person you’d suspect of being a sold-His pastor, John Carter, says: “He had a lot of stuff in his life that was first, Stephen was an observer as his wife began her new walk in out, hard-core Christian. He frequently talks about his conversionmessing him up; and even though he had fame and was a handsome Christ. “I was cool with it,” he says, “and at some point it registered experience; and he doesn’t worry about negative reviews anymore.guy… with a beautiful wife…all the things that everybody thinks in me somewhere that it was genuine. Something was changing He has stated, “I don’t care what reviewers think. If somebodyyou gotta have…he still wasn’t happy inside.” in her, and it was real. Then 9-11 happened. hates a performance of mine, I kind of get a kick out of it.” It was a day and an event where, for me, the impossible became possible.” LIFE AFTER 911 Very soon after 9-11, Stephen Baldwin dedicated his life to Christ. He tells it in his own way:    “When I decided to become a Christian, it was a full-on, gloves-off, throw- down, kick-boxing match between me and God.” Apparently, God won; and Stephen’s been living the true life ever since. It’s been a wild ride – from the creation (with Kevin Palau) of the Livin It action sports ministry to White House prayer sessions to the The youngest Baldwin has developed a special respect and National Republican Convention. His first film appreciation for the action sports athletes – and their legions of for PalauFest Productions – Livin It – became young fans and followers – that are an integral part of his Livin It one of the most successful action sports DVD’s ever produced inA SERIES OF SUPERNATURAL SCENARIOS films and national tours. “I really feel that these are the people that the genre. He’s been involved with other projects too: developing God has called me to relate to,” he says. “The Livin It skateboardersKennya eventually issued an ultimatum: “(I told him) I needed printed outreach tools (graphic novels, testimony anthologies, and and BMX’ers are hard core, but God has gifted them to communicatesomebody who was going to be straight and who was not going to his own autobiography). the Good News, especially to kids.”be lying to me and…living a double life.”  His response: “I realizedit wasn’t working and it wasn’t okay.” So Stephen entered a 12-step THE ‘ODD MAN IN’ POSITIVE PRIORITIES AND PURPOSEFUL CHANGEprogram and has been sober for 20+ years. He recognizes now that Coming from an outspoken family better known for their liberal “[T]oday – and I hope this doesn’t sound too hokey – I am the guyGod had plans for the two of them. He reflects: “Looking back – (it views, he’s at peace with his brothers and rock-solid in his purpose. that I couldn’t become on my own. I couldn’t become the man thatwas) totally the hand of God orchestrating a series of events and ‘Kid brother’ Baldwin claims: “My whole family . . . has been very I wanted to [be] until I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I am in no wayscenarios that would lead to who I am today.” supportive of me. [W]hen my faith-based motivations led me perfect but I’m a far better husband and father. I’m a man whoThe Baldwins moved out west to Arizona when Stephen landed a to support the re-election of [President Bush] at the Republican understands what his purpose is. The Bible says God creates us, firstrole on a television series called The Young Riders. Long days on National Convention….let’s just say the boys [his older brothers] and foremost, to . . . love Him first, to seek His will and serve Him.the set, combined with the demands of a young family, compelled were a little concerned.” His mother Carol explains: “When Stephen This is a point . . . in my life that is so far beyond the word ‘best’ thatthem to hire a Brazilian housekeeper named Agousta. The woman, was inside speaking at the Republican Convention, his brother Billy I couldn’t even use words to describe it.” !an outspoken and joyous Christian, told Kennya (in Portuguese) was out on the sidewalk protesting.”that she was definitely NOT there simply to clean their house. First, Through a growing faith, Stephen Baldwin finds the courage to Adapted from www.lifestory.orgit was Kennya who was curious about her housekeeper’s faith. take a stand for his beliefs. He recalls: “Growing up [in the Baldwin Klaus Sonnenberg is pastor of Gospel Church in Waterloo, Ontario4 Change / Vol 3.1
  5. 5. How to Escape the Coming Calamities M any signals (natural, geo-political, permit life in a salty ocean and later in fresh water rivers and financial, religious, etc.) point to a streams. Most ocean life will die in fresh water and vice versa. non-distant massive conflagration Resurrection accounts of Jesus Christ give us further insights that threatens life as we know it. The of the new body. Jesus appeared out of seemingly nowhere difference between this and past horrors and disappeared, yet ate food and could be touched. He (wars, genocides, famines, man-made and became a non-local person, not confined to time and space. By Armin A. Wolff natural catastrophes) is that this new terror will be world-wide. Bible texts indicate this QUANTUM PHYSICSmisery will be the most severe, intense time the earth will ever have It is interesting to note in quantum physics,known, including Noah’s flood.* a particle can be non-local. Simply put,Jesus said if this time was not The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principleshortened, no one would survive. demonstrates the location of an isolatedRemarkably, just as God made particle in time and space cannot be knownprovision for escape in Noah’s day exactly. When there are many particles,– even if Noah and his sons had such as in our physical world, because of their huge numbers, their aggregate place in time PROACTIVE DECISIONSto build the ark themselves and ittook 120 years to complete, Bible and space can be ascertained to a greater degree What is clearly most important for every one of us now is to seizeauthors talk about an end-time of certainty. However weird and strange, the the day and determine a positive outcome. It is definitely bothplan that will allow believers to quantum world is very real, giving us tiny hints of advisable and possible to get on the Jesus “ark” right away andescape in an event commonly called p owe r s avoid the coming terror.the “Rapture.” The original Greek in theword “harpazo” is translated “pluck age toup” or “take away by force,” such as come.when someone is arrested. The word “raptor” and images of birds Non-locality also confersof prey such as eagles or hawks snatching up small animals comes the ability to be in anyfrom the Latin word “raptus.” A man named Enoch was raptured, number of places attaken away by God before Noah’s flood. Concerning our times, one the same time. Whenauthor wrote, “Jesus […] rescues us from the coming wrath” (I we talk about GodThess 1:10) and that “God did not appoint us to suffer wrath… but being omnipresent, weto receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ” (I Thess 5:9). understand He is non- local, having the abilityTHIEVES AT NIGHT to be anywhere orNumerous references add credence to this event. Essentially everywhere in time and/however, “the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night” (I or space.Thess 5:1,2) but not “until […] the man of lawlessness is revealed” Coming back to the(2 Thess 2:3). When finally we hear “the voice of the archangel Rapture, whenever orand […] the trumpet call of God” (I Thess 4:16), our bodies will however it transpires,morph “in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye” (I Cor 15:52). In we may anticipate anthe metamorphosis from a mortal to an immortal body, DNA important outcome.information will be upgraded rendering the new body capable of To avoid global panic,living on earth as well as in heavenly dimensions. powers-that-be will tryObviously, such concepts put our finite brains into overload, but very hard to come up with fancifulexamples from nature may help us understand. Caterpillars are explanations for the huge numbers of children and adults who From the very beginning, the test about belief has always been,limited to crawling. After a time in a cocoon, they are transformed vanished without a trace. Stories of alien abductions and invasions not so much what we believe, but who we believe. Adam failedinto butterflies. Now they can fly. Metabolism changes in salmon from another world kidnapping to believe God. The best known verse in the millions will fill headlines. In fact, Bible (John 3:16) is all about believing, not this program of misinformation has in a doctrine or philosophy, but in the person already begun. Just take a walk Jesus Christ. through the children’s section of your You may wish to tell him something like this: local library or a toy store. A Google “Dear God, I am not always sure you exist, search of the phrase “alien abduction” but by faith, I believe Jesus died so I could produces almost 5 million hits. live. I want with all my heart to belong to you and for you to remove sin from me. Live Unfortunately, Bible authors also in me and help me live in harmony with forecast much grief as a result of the you and people. Enable me to live my life in Rapture. Apparently, many people your love and power through your son Jesus who didn’t believe in Jesus before the Christ. – Amen. ! Rapture will believe afterward (**) Notes: and purchase their faith with their lives. There is talk of beheadings and * See the section “The Judgment Itself” in “The Great Assize” : http://www.sermonindex. flowing blood. One has the impression net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_ id=21001&forum=34&2. Robespierre’s Reign of Terror and other bloody revolutions and inquisitions ** A story, the parable of 10 virgins, in the Bible indicates about half of the world’s so-called Chris- will pale in comparison. Grisly stuff. tians will not be ‘ready’ for the Rapture.Change / Vol 3.1 5
  6. 6. SPORTSJeremy Lin: Star “out of nowhere”? T he phenomenon Jeremy Lin prompts a couple of questions: How does a guy almost as much in the image he portrays, as in from the beginning. It probably just the skill he possesses. went unnoticed.” “Linsanity” Lin essence, who is he really? whose parents are so short (both just five feet, six The Associated Press (AP) called Jeremy Lin “the What stats young Jeremy Lin (born 1988) will He was a leader in Harvard University’s Asian inches), and whose family most surprising story in the NBA.” His personality tally in the records of the NBA, nobody knows. American Christian Fellowship during his time By Klaus Sonnenberg roots are in the Far East, and presence, both on and off the courts, have He has credited his success (so far) to playing there. He hopes to become a pastor one day make it into the prestigious sparked a wave of popularity without pressure. “I’ve who can head up non-profit organizations, National Basketball Association (NBA) of the perhaps not seen since surrendered that to either in the U.S. or abroad; and he has talked USA? Even more puzzling: how is it that Lin has ‘Beatlemania’ in the late God,” he says. “I’m of working in inner-city communities to help attained such popularity (and so quickly) in the 60s. In the case of this young not in a battle with underprivileged children. wake of not being recognized by the big teams?  Asian-American basketball what everybody else sensation, the mania is thinks anymore.” A place of his own He received no athletic scholarship offers out of high school – and he was also passed over at the called ‘linsanity.’ The sports He attempts to Early in 2012, before his Knicks contract became time of the college draft. Apparently, the scouts magazine publishers have remain low-key in guaranteed, Jeremy slept on his brother’s couch saw other players whose skill impressed them ‘gone all out’ finding puns his approach to life in in a one-bedroom apartment on the Lower more. However, despite earlier doubts about his to include Lin’s name: general and basketball East Side of Manhattan; and the night before playing, Lin is now doing a commendable job words and phrases such his breakout game, he slept on the couch of in particular. Despite playing point guard for the New York Knicks. as ‘lincredible’ - ‘linning teammate Landry Fields. Now, with an NBA Lin’s sudden rise to streak’ - ‘lin your face’ - contract and a variety of endorsements, he can As for the question about height, there is fame, Sacramento ‘May the best man lin’, afford a place of his own. apparently some tallness in the family gene pool: Kings coach Keith etc. Even an airline got his great grand-dad on his mom’s side was over Smart stated, “I knew His arrival on the pro-sports scene, and his into the word-play, six feet. I have no idea what the average height him before [there] was quick rise to the limelight, reminds me of a advertising ‘linsanely in the NBA is, but Lin’s six-three frame is probably Linmania. He’s still the principle verbalized by Jesus in the Gospels: He low prices.’ To buy nothing spectacular. As for the question about same humble guy. The who humbles himself will be exalted (Matthew Jeremy’s rookie card, his meteoric rise to stardom, the answer may lie guy has not changed a 23:12b). Lin has been candid about his one devoted fan bid over $21,000. bit, which is real special dependency on his Maker. He apparently knows for a young man.” Yet the ‘linsanity’ is still that his gifts and talents come from God; and As for his skill as a player, scouts don’t see spreading. “[N]o player,” said NBA commissioner everything. After Lin scored 38 points in a game on David Stern, “has created the interest and the he seems ready, by aiming to serve the needy, February 10, 2012, Kobe Bryant of the L.A. Lakers frenzy in this short period of time, in any sport, to serve Jesus Christ, the All-time Star of the commented: “Players playing that well don’t that I’m aware of like Jeremy Lin has.” game. ! usually come out of nowhere. It seems like they Klaus Sonnenberg is pastor of Gospel Church in Wa- come out of nowhere, but if you can go back and By natural birth, Jeremy is a Californian; but by terloo, Ontario. take a look, his skill level was probably there spiritual birth he is an evangelical Christian. When You N ot only do Microchips allow us now to trace and find quality time and obtain real values and we live in a a pet that somehow escaped. Everyone results: exchanging thoughts and ideas Hold microwave generation, thinks this is great… the same chip helps companies trace their employees between husband and wife, investing time and interest in our children, and Us Steady where we become impatient when at their work. cultivating friendships. It’s frustrating to realize this progress It’s important as well to slow down long by Pierre-A. Hébert waiting for the is reducing freedom on one hand and enough to recognize how quickly time 30-second timer producing isolation on the other. for our hotdog… but in an instant escapes us. A Psalm in the Bible says, environment where we expect instant I noticed two work colleagues in an “Teach us to number our days that we gratification of our desires. elevator last week heading to the may gain a heart of wisdom… Satisfy us lunchroom. They didn’t speak – they in the morning with your unfailing love At the round-point intersection of my were texting each other. Not only did that we may sing for joy and be glad all town, to wait more than 30 seconds electronics replace their vocal chords, our days.” (90:12,14) makes me think ‘highway congestion!’ electronics dictated the parameters of A discipline I enjoy, even when I’m loaded If I neglect to reply to someone’s email their social networking. with work, involves ‘investing’ the first during the next hour or two, I get a How can it not be apparent in this moments of the day with the living God. phone call inquiring about my health. ocean of information, this hurricane of I start with a Proverb (I choose the same On my phone, I can obtain sports scores knowledge that is blurring our vision and chapter as the corresponding day of the the instant they happen. International understanding, that we are becoming month) and a couple of Psalms. Psalms news is the same. alienated and isolated? In the meantime, connect us to God, and Proverbs teach So they say everything is relative… the time passes… we seem unable to stop us about relationships, how to live right, speed of the information highway has and focus on what’s important. and so forth. also transformed our social media. It’s The Essential is Invisible Reading the Bible will always bear almost impossible to not be up to date, It will obviously require effort to slow fruit. It’s the manufacturer’s Instruction and this contributes to our high anxiety down long enough in order to devote Manual. ! and stress levels.6 Change / Vol 3.1
  7. 7. Shaun Murray: Wake-Boarding for Jesus Early life I don’t know if I can pinpoint my spiritual awakening on an injury, reading, and I feel that’s been a huge anchor for me. I feel that Shaun Murray was born on April 28, 1976 in but it was definitely on a period of recovery. It was probably six keeps me focused, keeps things in perspective. Mission Viejo, California, and started water to eight months I Would Give it all up for Jesus skiing at the age of 8. In 1988, he moved with after I totally blew apart my knee. It Like I said, I grew up in the his family to Lake St. Louis, Missouri, where church. I would go to summer he honed his skills as a member of the Lake was a long road to recovery for me camps and winter camps. I Adapted by Stu Burger St. Louis Water Ski Club. After graduating remember at a certain winter from high school, he moved to Florida to ride but I was kind of battling God a little camp when it finally hit me,for the Florida Southern College ski team and teach skiing at the really hard, what Jesus had doneBenzel Ski School. Murray decided he would take one semester off bit because I was trying to justify for me. You know, Him dying onof school to focus on wakeboarding. But as he got better, he gained the cross and the suffering Hescholarships and joined some of the biggest teams in the sport. His what I wanted to do. I was trying went through. It brought me tocareer took off and he still has not been back to school because of tears. I remember everyone hadhis success. to find a reason what why I’ve been left this service at the winterCareer & Accomplishments taught my whole camp, and it just brought me toShaun’s wakeboarding career started in 1995 and has been full life growing up in tears. It took me a while but I justof innovation and accomplishment, including many Pro tour and church wasn’t the really embraced what He hadWorld championship titles. He promoted his own “Backyard Tour” way I was taught in done. And then later throughwith pro-rider and friend Gerry Nunn, has been featured in many school. As soon as I could disprove God, then I wasn’t accountable. I my years of wakeboarding, like Iwakeboard movies, magazine and television pieces, created his could do what I wanted. I tried hard. said, I tried to find reasons to disbelieve that, to walk away fromown wakeboard instructional series entitled “Detention”, and is that, but I couldn’t. I’d have discussion with friends and some were real about it. Somethe star of his own video game, Wakeboarding Unleashed. In the would just shove scripture back into my face. But I wanted real Salvation deals with eternity and for us to even fathom how longsummer of 2004, Shaun dislocated his knee while riding. He tore discussions. So I even got more upset with the church and more that is, we can’t even begin to comprehend it. To not be able tohis ACL, PCL, and MCL. After reconstructive surgery he was told he upset with religion. I wanted to connect with someone and I didn’t spend it with God is totally unfathomable. So for me, I would givemight not ride again. But, just months later he was back riding. get much of that. So I was involved with things I knew weren’t all the success I’ve been having with wakeboarding for one person,He has helped develop signature products that include boats, right and I knew were keeping me from having an open-line to have a life with God through eternity, through salvation withwakeboards, life jackets, wet suits, and clothing lines. communication with God. And I still felt like no matter how far I Jesus Christ. !Today Shaun runs a wakeboard camp (The Boarding School) with walked away, from my spiritual home, I felt I could turn around andfriend Travis Moye. Travis is known industry-wide as one of the see a little light on in the house. God was sitting there waiting forfinest boat drivers and coaches in the world. Shaun has had dozens me to come home.of wakeboard titles in his career which has spanned from 1998 to I knew I was doing things that weren’t rightthe present. He was the first wakeboarder ever to land a 900. He isthe only rider ever to hold World, Pro Tour and National champion played guitar since high school – never anything too serious, but Ititles at once, and was given a “Legend” award from Wakeboard was still going to church all the while. So my buddy at church said,magazine in 2005. Shaun’s sponsors include Hyperlite, Fox, “Come to my office. Try it out. See if you wanna play with us.” AndNautiques, Reef, Jet Pilot and Freestyle performance. so I ended up playing at church while I was still involved in these things I knew weren’t right. It was probably into a couple of monthsThis is My Story doing this I was standing up there realizing that I couldn’t get awayI started out on a scurfer. That’s what a surf board originally was. from God because He’s just there in my face. I just knew that deepIt was like a mini-surf board with some straps. You’d go scurfing in my heart. I decided then and there, while I was up there onbehind the boat. the stage, that I was going to stop what I wasI moved to St. Louis Missouri and I was doing. I was going to go home and throwable to ski every day because we were away the things I needed to throw awayblessed to move beside a lake. We were and put away the things that I neededalways out on the water. to get away from. So that day was in February, 2004. And I completelyThe time came to move on to college walked away from those things,down in Florida. Had the opportunity try out at a local contest. I neverreally competed before and did pretty I also decided then Iwell. The editor of magazine came up was going to read theand said, “Hey, you should give us a Bible front to back.shot.” He kind of got my attention. So I wasn’t going toI asked my dad if I could get a semester care how longoff school. He said, “You can as long as it was goingyou reach these goals. If you don’t, you get right back into school. to take – just a coupleIf you do, you can take another semester off, and see how it goes.” pages a day. It was 2 years when I gotAnd so I gave it a shot and things went better than I ever imagined. through. I got toI haven’t gone back to school yet, but it’s been an incredible ride the end, andso far. I startedI had to really go out and work for it at first. Not that I don’t work again. So,for it now, but I went and travelled with two boat shows on my I’m stillown dime so I could just get my face out there. I lived with guy,Dean, a real big name out there in the 90’s. So then the life startedhappening. I was travelling everywhere, I was picking up sponsors,I was competing and I was winning contests. Things have just beenunreal.God Was Keeping a Light OnYou know, I grew up in church, I knew what was right and Shaun Murray, four-time World Champion Wakeboarder, has built up an extremely successful career around himself including Pro Tour and World Champion titles, starring in his own video game called Wakeboarding Unleashed, developing signature boarding products, and runningI knew what I should be doing, but a lot of times, I’d find numerous wakeboarding camps. Watch and see in his video how Shaun was challenged in his faith and found his true Christian foundationreasons to push that aside. through Jesus’ enduring love and God’s word at / Vol 3.1 7
  8. 8. A rough ride to Jesus O n July 3rd 1990, my life as a rough arm was completely disabled. At this point, he drove the knife all coming out of my right side, water and blood were spraying out. and tough biker would come to a the way into the lower left side of my stomach. The blade was 8 Blood was pouring out of my mouth, my vision was blurring, and sudden halt. inches long and serrated on the one side. This was the only stab suddenly my body felt on fire. The pain was unbearable. I knew The first blow was from behind. At first I wound of several I felt. My stomach felt on fire. if I didn’t get to the apartment door, I’d die. I didn’t know where thought I’d been hit with a tire iron or a I let go of his throat and in one fast motion I hit him with everything he was, and I knew if he attacked me again, I wouldn’t have the pipe. I didn’t see nor feel the blade cutting I had with my left elbow. He screamed in pain and rolled off the car strength to fight him off. by Jesse Garrett through my flesh, severing my right shoulder, onto the groundbreaking my collar bone and puncturing my right lung. but he held ontoI turned to face my attacker. I had pushed him backwards just the knife. As heseconds before because I didn’t want to hurt him. ripped it from my stomach, my smallHe was a small man, and I knew he was a coward. I had never seen bowel (intestine)him before but I knew of him. I knew he was a woman beater and came out becausehad no guts. What I didn’t know was he used a 12-inch rambo it got caught onknife hidden behind his back to stabbed me with. the serrated edgeWhen I turned to face him I didn’t notice the blood running down of the knife.his arm. What I noticed was his face, how it had completely He was laying onchanged. White foam came out of each side of his mouth, his eyes the ground…were blood red and bulging out and he was screaming in a sick not moving. Ihigh pitched voice, “I’m going to kill you…I’m going to kill you…” thought I hadIt was strange – I couldn’t feel pain, and everything seemed to knocked him out.go into slow motion. The Doctor told me later I was already going I staggered towardinto shock. the apartmentMy years on the street and with the bikers taught me how to fight building, holdingand defend myself, but at that time, I didn’t know how seriously my intestines inI was hurt. with my left hand. I could feel bloodI lunged forward and grabbed him by the throat with my left running down myhand. I shoved him backwards over the hood of a parked car – a chest and back, from the shoulder wound and also down my leftred Pontiac Trans Am with a firebird on the hood. I’ll never forget leg from my stomach. What I remember most vividly, however, is that for the first timethat car. Every time I see one like it, that night comes back as if to in my life, I cried out to Jesus Christ for help. !haunt me and I relive horror all over again. I thought he was out cold… but he wasn’t. I had only staggered about twenty feet, and didn’t see him coming. He had picked upI him by the throat and he was kicking and gasping for breath, my the knife, ran up behind me, and drove the knife with both handsonly thought was to punch him in the face with my right fist and into the back of my neck. I felt the blade tear into my neck and Editorial note:knock him out. blood started pouring into my mouth… I could taste 1. Please see CHANGE Vol 3.2 for the next episode in “A rough ride to Jesus.” it. I still remember the taste the blood and metal 2. Jessi Garrett and his wife Debbie live near Peterborough Ontario, and travel throughout North America speaking and performing Country Gospel even now when writing this. Music to whoever will listen. If you wish to order CDs or book a concert, please visit When I dropped to my knees and fell forward, he jumped on me and started stabbing me in the back. 3. Coming soon – download Garret Country Music on iTunes I could feel the blows, I could feel my ribs breaking, but no pain. I knew if I didn’t get him off, he would kill me. So with every ounce of strength I had left, I rolled over and pushed him off. He got up and came at me again, screaming with that high-pitched scream. I had cowboy boots with steel toe-caps that I wore riding myWhile all this was going on, something warm and wet was motorcycle. Laying on my back, I kicked outspraying on the right side of my face. I went to make a fist to hit at him with my right foot with everything Ihim but couldn’t. I turned my head right to look at my arm and had, right in the groin. He screamed, fell on mesuddenly realized what was spraying on my face, it was blood… holding the knife in both hands, driving it intomy blood. My right arm was hanging limp, my shoulder was torn the right side of my chest. I felt ribs breaking aswide open so that I could see the bone protruding out. Something the knife went through my right lung.that looked like a piece of white plastic was sticking out of my He was also screaming in pain. I shoved himchest. I found out later that it was my collar-bone. off of me and started staggering again towardI still had him by the throat but I couldn’t do anything – my right the apartment building. I could hear the air8 Change / Vol 3.1