MGLOBALTEK Industries - QI Group and QNET Global Partnership
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MGLOBALTEK Industries - QI Group and QNET Global Partnership



MGLOBALTEK Industries - QI Group and QNET Global Partnership

MGLOBALTEK Industries - QI Group and QNET Global Partnership



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MGLOBALTEK Industries - QI Group and QNET Global Partnership MGLOBALTEK Industries - QI Group and QNET Global Partnership Presentation Transcript

  • MGLOBALTEK Industries, QI GROUP & QNET • In the Information Age a lot of money is being made in leveraging E-Commerce and Direct Selling together. In fact it is a $1.5 Trillion USD Industry • MGLOBALTEK saw an opportunity to leverage QNET’s E-Commerce platform to generate global funds, networks and customers for MGLOBALTEK’s Investment Projects • QNET is now over 15 years old, Well Established, Proven. Legal and Debt Free • QNET has 10 Million Customers and Generates $2 to Billion USD • QNET is now expanding into Europe with new offices opened in Germany and Russia • You have the opportunity also to leverage QNET’s E-Commerce Platform and generate funds for your own projects • See QNET as a tool and even your own bank. More educated professionals are joining to supplement their current jobs • QNET recently sponsored the Manchester United Verses Swansea City Barclays Premier League on August 17th 2013... This is a clear indication that QNET is coming to Europe creating new opportunities. In a world of recession we can all create a new income stream • Bloomberg TV this year named QNET as the Business of the 21st Century and we would like to share the success with you
  • DIRECT SELLING: A Global View Direct Selling is: • A $153.7 Billion (US$) Industry Worldwide (WFDSA—2011) • Involving Over 91.5 Million Distributors Worldwide (WFDSA—2011) • 21 Countries Do Over $1 Billion (US$) in Direct Sales Annually
  • “Home Based Business” Statistics • ―Home Based Business‖ is a $427 Billion a Year Industry • 150 Million People in North America • Involve 34.3—36.6 Million home based businesses • An estimated 8,500 new jobs created daily by Home Based Businesses—the ―NEW MIDDLE CLASS‖ Economic Engine
  • United States “Home Based Business” Statistics • 70% of ―Home-Based Businesses‖ Succeed for at Least 3 Years vs. 29% of ―Non-Home Based Ventures‖ • 12% of All Households Operate a ―Home- Based Business‖ • Forecast in 2013-2023: Over 50% of All Households Will Operate a ―Home-Based Business‖ • 48% of Operators are College Graduates
  • • Flexible Time Schedule • Combine Family/Work • ―Home Office‖ Tax Deductions • Independence/Self Determination “Home Based Business”: Advantages
  • ―The Rise of the Rest‖ • United States Annual Growth – 2-3 % • Developing Countries – 10-15 % • American Companies Relocating in Developing Countries • Evolution of World Power: United States - ‖The‖ Super Power • New World: United States—A Power China, India, Brazil—New Powers • Global Direct Selling Changing
  • Major Global Growth: The Outlook* Global Developing Markets • 20%- 30% Middle/ Upper Middle Class Population • 908 Million- 1.362 Billion Almost Population for either India or China *United Nations Estimates-2011
  • Country Retail Sales % by Region QNET Sales % by Region Asia/ Pacific 36.7% 53% Southeast Asia 19% Central Asia 19% South Asia 15% Africa/ Middle East 0.8% 37% US/ Canada 33.2% N/A Sou/ Cen America 15.5% N/A Europe 13.8% 10% TOTAL GLOBAL 100.0% 100.0% QNET Market Sales Distributed By Region - 2011
  • QNET in 2011 • Sales Growth + 15-20% over 2010 • QNET posted no significant penetration in top 10 Billion dollar Global Markets • Middle East/ North Africa sales suffered due to hostility of ―Arab Spring‖ • Great growth potential across Asia
  • Formulation Concentration Momentum Stability TIME 50 We Are Here! Four Phases Of Growth-2013
  • The Power of the QI Group: • QNET…Main Subsidiary of Conglomerate: The QI Group • The QI Group- Engaged in: • Direct Selling/E-Commerce • Lifestyle and Leisure • Property/Resort Management • Training/Conference Operations
  • QNET’S CORE VALUES: “S.T.I.R.” Service • Dedicated to service of others Teamwork • Work together as a unified team with a common goal Integrity • Conduct ourselves with utmost integrity Results Oriented • Dedicated to achieving highest results
  • QNET’S MISSION: “RYTHM” • ―…Help individuals reach their potential and their goals by offering entrepreneurial opportunities and the highest quality products practices while practicing ―RYTHM‖ • RAISE YOURSELF TO HELP MANKIND (RYTHM)
  • QNET’S BUSINESS MODEL: “Global Reach, Local Presence…” • World Headquarters— Hong Kong • Regional Offices • Affiliate Companies • Franchise Companies • Agents
  • QNET’S PRODUCTS: Selection Criteria • Innovation • Exclusivity • Quality • Fit with QNET Philosophy • Fulfillment of Market Need
  • QNET’S PRODUCT GROUPS Energy Fashion Accessories Home Care Personal Care Weight Management Education Luxury/ Collectibles Nutrition Holiday/ Travel
  • Smart Savings and Cash Back on Holiday Travel CUSTOMER: BRONZE HOLIDAY: $2,010 USD excluding UK VAT and $30 registration 21 nights 3 to 5 Stars Up to 4 people A choice of 3800 + resorts as we own the holiday exchange SAVINGS: £50 for 4 people Per Night CASH BACK: Can earn money from your holidays by simply recommending the Bronze Club Membership to others You will earn $105 each time BUSINESS PARTNER: ROI on your purchase will be seen by recommending 20+ people directly or indirectly Keep recommending to create a profitable income stream A Bronze Package also comes with 3 Online Franchises Each Franchise is capped at $491,400 profit each per year More information is provided upon request
  • Generating New Funds JOB / Business Private Projects Investments Business/ies Property/ies Retirement Clear Mortgage Re Pay Loans/Credit Cards Private School Education Wedding Car Upgrade Others...Can your Job or Business Fund all your Private Projects? If Not, use QNET as an additional Funding Tool. NO RISK because you still have your job PAY DAY EVERY TUESDAY if working the Business Properly and Ethically Your Income is Unlimited YOU Could $250, $500, $1000, $2000 etc... a week make a difference in your pocket? $/£ $/£
  • Credibility, Integrity, Trust & Success • To join QNET there is no obligation to be part of MGLOBALTEK • However, Darren Matadeen Founder and CEO of MGLOBALTEK has already built Credibility, Integrity, Trust and Success building his Global Network with Strong Family Values • Darren’s leadership background is from Accenture, BP and Microsoft, and Darren also served as a C-Level Executive in a number of world-class companies • Apart from the additional income, you will gain incentives, rewards, bonuses, leadership, team building, communication & presentation skills and a lot more. • You are building towards a real asset