Miami Ad School #DUMBO Mobile Presentation


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we did a short discussion on mobile w/ the MAS DUMBO students, they did a great job tackling the micro brief.

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Miami Ad School #DUMBO Mobile Presentation

  1. 1. Moving Targets Miami Ad School #DUMBO 10/18/2010 @DanielLammon :: @AdamWohl :: @DarrellWhitelaw :: @MIRNewYork
  2. 2. @DanielLammon Strategy Director
  3. 3. Planning for Mobile (very) General Guidelines
  4. 4. Always Always ALWAYS! start with behavior It should guide everything you do
  5. 5. What does your target do that you can help them do better? And where does your brand fit into the picture?
  6. 6. How does location fit into your plan? How does social?
  7. 7. Consider the devices that are common among your target It isnʼt always the iPhone
  8. 8. There are many facets to mobile Utility Mobile Web Native Apps Mcommerce Mobile Experience = Social Integration GeoLocation SMS/MMS Gaming Building an app is not always the answer
  9. 9. Everything should provide CONTINUAL value On e tric kp ony One-offs are a deathtrap
  10. 10. Value usually takes the forms of Entertainment, Utility, Information, or Incentive
  11. 11. Where behavior, value, and location intersect is your mobile sweet spot
  12. 12. Mobile brings strategy & creative into the same room ...or at least it should
  13. 13. @AdamWohl Group Creative Director
  14. 14. disruption: ? what’s going to make people stop and notice
  15. 15. disruption: ? what’s going to make people stop and notice • shocking • unique • relatable • association
  16. 16. ? inspiration: what’s going to make people take action ( ) kick the tires download the app participate / interact share
  17. 17. ? inspiration: what’s going to make people take action quality experience providing • entertainment • utility • education
  18. 18. @DarrellWhitelaw Technical Creative Director
  19. 19. where storytelling meets technology
  20. 20. know what makes your ideas work c/c++/.net/javascript/xhtml/objective-c/java/css/pascal
  21. 21. it only gets more complicated
  22. 22. your ideas are only as good as my skillset
  23. 23. it’s all about the backend
  24. 24. you don’t have to touch it to be awesome
  25. 25. dont forget your user! (interface and experience)
  26. 26. it’s the mobile web, not the iphone web image:
  27. 27. think about mobile first work with your dev team learn to make concessions push boundaries, know limitations the mobile web is still young
  28. 28. The Brief
  29. 29. Client •Frito Lay / SunChips Campaign •“Live Brightly” Background •SunChips is a leading maker of healthy, wholegrain snacks. The brandʼs image is reflective of its name: vibrant, sunny, natural and wholesome. SunChips has been engaged in a long term campaign to convey the steps theyʼve made toward becoming a more sustainable, environmentally responsible company. • Their Modesto, CA chip factory (1 of 8) uses Solar Energy to produce their chips • Theyʼve created a 100% compostable bag that is currently used on specially marked bags with plans to implement the compostable bags across the product line. Purpose •Communicate that SunChips are not just about a healthy body, but a healthy planet •Empower consumers to to make environmentally conscious choices. •Make SunChips a more social brand using mobile platforms Target consumers •18-34 skewed slightly female •Likely to engage in activities like hiking, yoga, biking, running and recycling •They describe themselves as “wholesome, active, eco-conscious, and driven by the latest trends” - which, in this case, are green causes •Index high for iPhone use. Likely to text, download apps, use mobile web, take pictures, and visit social networks via their mobile. Consumer insights •Eco-conscious - They make environmentally friendly decisions when possible and convenient, but they arenʼt “green-nazis.” •Many express interest in wanting to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, but havenʼt taken the necessary steps to carry it out.