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XXIX Charleston Conf 2009   Semantic Web   Gunter
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XXIX Charleston Conf 2009 Semantic Web Gunter


Semantic Web Panel with presentations from Collexis, AIP and Silverchair.

Semantic Web Panel with presentations from Collexis, AIP and Silverchair.

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  • Trends & New Tools Search has evolved and will continue to evolve over the years. Basic, advanced, Boolean search has served a purpose but with the explosion of data that the research community is now facing, they are requiring more sophisticated tools that will take them from searching to knowing. There is a great paper from Project 10X titled Semantic Wave 2008 Report: Industry Roadmap to Web 3.0 & Multibillion Dollar Market Opportunities. The paper was authored by Mills Davis, Managing Director, Project 10X.   Mills Davis talks about how the internet will evolve from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, the emergence of semantic technologies and this new industry segment will grow into multibillion dollar businesses. On this matrix he shows the semantic wave that consists of four growth stages. Stage 1 is the basic web that connects information. Stage 2 is the social web that connects people. Stage 3 is the semantic web that connects knowledge. I would dare to say that we are at the exciting beginnings of this stage. Stage 4 (the future) is the ubiquitous web that connects intelligence.   Mills further demonstrates how Web 3.0 is different from the previous stages of the internet evolution as it knowledge computing power helps to solves complex problems and greatly improves productivity. This graph shows the various stages of knowledge discovery and the components of the technical foundation to make this possible.


  • 1. The Semantic Web: What you need to know and why it is important for your user community. Darrell W. Gunter EVP / CMO Collexis Holdings, Inc. November 5, 2009
  • 2. Our Panel For Today
    • Panelist
      • Terry Hulbert, AIP, Director of Business Development
      • Steve Leicht, EVP / COO, Collexis Holdings, Inc.
      • Thane Kerner, President & CEO, Silver Chair
    • Moderator
      • Darrell W. Gunter, CMO, Collexis Holdings, Inc.
  • 3. The Semantic Web and Its Developments! 10
  • 4. Explore instead of Searching!
  • 5. A Sampling of Semantic Companies
  • 6. Thank You!
    • Darrell W. Gunter
    • [email_address]
    • +1.973.454.3475