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Steel series sensei laser gaming mouse raw edition (rubberized black)

Steel series sensei laser gaming mouse raw edition (rubberized black)






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    Steel series sensei laser gaming mouse raw edition (rubberized black) Steel series sensei laser gaming mouse raw edition (rubberized black) Document Transcript

    • SteelSeries Sensei Laser Gaming Mouse Raw Edition(Rubberized Black) Price : CHECK PRICE Average Customer Rating 4.4 out of 5 TECHNICAL DETAILS: q Delivers only what you need to help you eliminate the competition. q Available in two different textures: Glossy smooth and Rubberized anti-sweat. q Light up your wheel, CPI indicator or SteelSeries logo. Or turn it all off. q CPI toggle for on-the-fly high/low sensitivity adjustments. q Scalable pointer speed from 90 up to 5670 in increments of 90 so you can be exact. q Improved durability and tangle-free via its double braided nylon cord. q Program your buttons, define your sensitivity, and create unlimited profiles. q Read morePRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Since the release of our first mouse, we have been using Japanese-inspiration in our naming of them. Our mice are builtfor performance and tournament-style play; Ikari means anger, Xai means talent, and the list of product names goes on.The Sensei is our version of the grand-master in our Do Jo. It is the teacher. The Sensei [RAW] is that master in his pureand focused form. With tournament grade components and focused intent, the Sensei [RAW] is the essence ofperformance delivering only what you need to eliminate your challengers. Read morePRODUCT DESCRIPTION:SteelSeries Sensei is the original mouse extraordinaire from SteelSeries. Its the worlds most customizable mouse andfeatures its own 32bit ARM processor (which allows double the sensitivity, to 11,400 DCPI), and can be configuredthrough a built-in LCD menu system on the back with support for up to 16.8 million colors.SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] did away with processor, the LCD menu system and the on-board memory. If you dont travelaround the world as a pro gamer, if you dont plug into tournament computers and if you dont need all the colors, the[RAW] will deliver the same world-class performance and same amazing customization options using the SteelSeries
    • Engine. And Sensei [RAW] is available in 2 versions: one with rubberized soft-touch surface, one with smooth glossysurface--pick your favorite feel and start fragging.Record even extremely long and advancedmacros to the Sensei [RAW]SteelSeries Engine enhances the Sensei [RAW]with advanced customization options. ViewlargerBow to the Master, AgainSince the release of their first mouse, SteelSeries has been using Japanese inspiration in the naming of them.SteelSeries mice are built for performance and tournament-style play; Ikari means anger, Xai means talent, and the listof product names goes on. The Sensei is the version of the grand-master in the SteelSeries dojo. It is the teacher. TheSensei [RAW] is that master in his pure and focused form. With tournament grade components and focused intent, theSensei [RAW] is the essence of performance, delivering only what you need to eliminate your challengers.The Sensei [RAW] is available with a rubberized or glossy surface to suit your gaming style
    • Light em up with the built-in white illuminationWinning, Its the Way of the SenseiThe SteelSeries [RAW] is the purified form of the original SteelSeries Sensei. It is the essence of performance andembodies everything SteelSeries has learned about mice, everything ever researched, everything ever discovered,everything that makes a mouse great. The DNA of Sensei is programmed to win. These are those rare hardwareproducts forged by love and science, trial and error, passion from professional gamers, and a desire to push theenvelope. SteelSeries Sensei mice were born for tournament victory; they are built to help you win.Advanced MacrosThanks to the support of the SteelSeries Engine software, you can record even extremely long and advanced macros tothe Sensei [RAW]. The macros can not only be layered and can include keystrokes and precise timing, but they canspan across your peripherals allowing you to have a mouse button assigned to perform keyboard strokes and mouseclicks in the same macro. How you will decide to use this advanced feature is up to you (choose your configurationswisely and adhere to any rules that you may need to abide by during gameplay); the Sensei only presents you with thecapabilities for endless possibilities.Developed with the BestSteelSeries is proud to be associated with some of the best players in the world of eSports. SteelSeries maintains strongrelationships and has continuous dialogue with teams like SK Gaming, Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, Natus Vincere, and otherswho help in the development and improvement of gaming products.To ensure maximum performance in all gaming scenarios, SteelSeries enlisted help from world-class StarCraft II,Counter-Strike, DotA, League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, WarCraft III, and Doom players. Thanks to them, Sensei[RAW] has the same performance as the original Master--so if you like the Sensei these are the players who helpedmake it happen.Plug, Play, WinThere’s no need to install software of any kind in order to use the Sensei [RAW]. It is completely capable of operatingflawlessly with default settings. SteelSeries Engine enhances the Sensei [RAW] with advanced customization optionslike CPI settings, programmable buttons, LED intensity, and lighting modes. The Sensei [RAW] is supported bySteelSeries Engine technology, but will work out of the box with any computer or laptop.Light Em UpThe brilliant white illumination is capable of several modes of operation including: solid, slow, medium, and fast pulse.You can also vary the intensity of the illumination between low, medium, and high. For those of you who don’t likeglowing shiny stuff on your desktop, you can completely switch off all illumination.It also brings a very real benefit to users who utilize multiple profiles: by giving them brightnesses, you can quicklyswitch between profiles and always know which profile is active.SENSEI VS. SENSEI [RAW]
    • SENSEI SENSEI [RAW]Ambidextrous shapeSurface material/treatment Metal Rubberized or GlossyPro grade laser sensorOmron switches7 programmable buttonsSteelSeries Engine supportBraided, anti-tangle cord3 zone illumination 16.8 mill White32 bit ARM processorOn-board profiles 5 1LCD menu systemCounts Per Inch (CPI) 1 - 5,700 90 - 5,700Double Counts Per Inch (DCPI) 5,701 - 11,400Frames Per Second (FPS) 12,000 12,000Read moreYou May Also LikeSteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)SteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Red Cherry Switches EditionSteelSeries 6Gv2 Mechanical Gaming KeyboardSteelSeries 9HD Large Professional Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)