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This is the WIKI of information management of AIESEC Torino.

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Im Vision (Wiki)

  1. 1. Welcome to :AIESEC Torino IM Vision 12-13 AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  2. 2. What is IM?? AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  3. 3. INFORMATION MANAGEMENTIs divided in 3 main areas : 1) Internal Comunication2) Knowledge Management 3) Internal Management AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  4. 4. INFORMATION MANAGEMENTInternal Comunication is about find a simpleand effective way to communicate with every part of the committee. AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  5. 5. INFORMATION MANAGEMENTKnowledge management works to ensure : - Education of AIESECers - Management of files AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  6. 6. INFORMATION MANAGEMENTIn general, Internal Management threats the Business Intelligence of a company. AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  7. 7. Business Intelligence means adopt a strategyin order to : Gather Store Analyze Share information! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  8. 8. Every company adopt a strategy of BI tosupport, and in some case automate :Measure processControll processAnalysis of results processIn order to make predictions about futurestrategies and discover the new trends andneeds about itself and its surroudings.. AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  9. 9. In order to do these things every company usea software ad hoc. They pay a lot to use this!Becouse to coordinate the work of a lot ofpeople its fundamental use efficient tool!AIESEC uses for this reason,but... its not enough for these 3 areas (InternalComunication, Knowledge Management,Internal Management)So... AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  10. 10. AIESEC Torino 2012-13 Explained in the next slides ...
  11. 11. We will use these other channelsto support our work!1) GMAIL1.Team Mailing List2.Committee Mailing List3.Other Google Tools2) DROPBOX1.AIESEC Torino Directory3) FACEBOOK1.Official/Enjoy Groups AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  12. 12. 1) GMAILThis channel is ESPECIALLY FOR AIESEC INFORMATION , infact, this is the main channel of AIESEC in general!(for example its usage is for a project, to organize the team worketc) AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  13. 13. 1.1 TEAM MAILING LISTWhat is it a Mailing List?? Its a kind of email-contact withwhich you can send email to a group of people writing asreceiver only one representative email-contact! So, itsreally powerful to send email very quickly to your team!(without writing all email-contact of every member!)For example you send email only toeduchange11-12to@aiesec.netAnd every members of Educhange will receive the email!Then, they could answer even to same email! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  14. 14. Another example : AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  15. 15. 1.2 COMMITTEE MAILING LISTEspecially, you will RECEIVE email across thesechannels!The flow of every information is :- creation by Responsible (TL/PM/IM Responsible)- filtering by VP IM- forward by VP IM/Responsible (see below for more info)The final step will realized with one of these : 1) Newsletter 2) Special Email AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  16. 16. For example (special email case)The PM of Summer Camp is going to inform wholecommittee about his final event, so he :1) writes the messagge that he want to lanch2) he forwards his messagge to VP IM, he reads themessagge. He finds an error and warns the PM3) the PM sends the correct email to whole committee AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  17. 17. 1.2.1 NEWSLETTERYou will receive the weekly newsletter (for example everymonday).This could contain information like :- Congress- Events- Current state of projets- Internal initiatives- External initiatives AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  18. 18. 1.2.2 SPECIAL EMAILThese ones are not regular, and they could leave from aVP, TL, PM or Final Responsible IM.(for example, an email from TL OGX to organize the EPSelection).You can find all rules into the shared file : “IM | Policy | 12-13” AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  19. 19. 1.3 OTHER GOOGLE TOOLSGoogle tools are really effective to organize your work.The most important are : 1) Calendar 2) Documents 3) Sites AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  20. 20. 1.3.1 CALENDARThis tool is useful to have a personal calendar, andespecially a shared calendar! So, all committee could havea unique calendar and every member could know in everymoment what will happen in every single day! Really usefulto remember Events, LC Meeting, Team Meeting ecc eccalso because, its possible to send automatic remind(pop-up, email and also SMS if you want!!) AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  21. 21. The calendar of committee will be : “LC Torino”Also for this, you can find all rules in the share file“IM | Policy | 12-13”. AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  22. 22. AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  23. 23. 1.3.2 DOCUMENTSThere are many types of available doc in Gdocuments, themost important are the spreadsheet! Its like Exel sheet, butmore powerful!Becouse they could be shared with other people! And youcan work on them in the same time! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  24. 24. But... too many documents could confuse us! So it will bereally useful :- Use shared directory (directory similar to those you use in your computer)- Use a common policy for naming (AREA | PROCESS (or name) | YEAR | other specific) (for example : “ICX | CSR | 12-13 | summer-autumn”) (another example : “TM | Recruiting | 12-13 | spring”) AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  25. 25. AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  26. 26. For example (naming file)IncompleteIncompleteWrongAlmost ok, but wrongPerfect! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  27. 27. In any case, really soon we will start to use... Standard Spreadsheet!!In order to compact and simplify everything!Especially for OGX and ICX area. These will includeinformation about every area in synergy with itself. AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  28. 28. 1.3.3 SITESThis will be the major novity! For a large committee beaware about what happen and accesses fastly everyinformation could be really hard. So, it will be really usefulthis tool! It will be possible to create easily an internal web-site, and it will contain for example :- Archive of newsletter- List of (link of) WIKIs- Updates of current Projets- Archive of old Projets- Committees news AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  29. 29. Soon working : AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  30. 30. 2) DROPBOXDropbox is a powerful platform where the FILE SHARING isreally quick and easy!! (for Internet experts, Dropbox is CLOUD-based).2.1 AIESEC Torino DirectoryThe main use of this channel is STORAGE OF OLD MATERIAL! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  31. 31. 2.1.1 Archived ProjetsWhat does happen when a project end? Everything islost? No! The report and other useful files(spreadsheet, selling Sheet, grafic material etc) will beavailable here! AIESEC Torino account on DropBox willsave everything!So, if you need something about old project forexample, you have only to search into the shareddirectory! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  32. 32. 2.1.2 OtherInto AIESEC Torino Directory you can find other files,target list, sponsor list, partner list of previous yearsand much more material! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  33. 33. 2.2 Sharing!This is a instrument that you can use also outside ofAIESEC! If you need to share quickly some large file(video, programs etc also over 2 GB!!) with yourfriends, you can use this useful channel! AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  34. 34. 3) FACEBOOKThis channel is …. TO HAVE FUN!! Yes, its reallyimportant also enjoy with other AIESECers! We are notrobot! Sometimes we need to to have fun =) AIESEC Torino 2012-13
  35. 35. 3.1 LC TorinoDespite the finality of this channel (have fun), its alsopossible to remind some important AIESEC info alsohere, (after sending by email).Especially for common message to launch onFacebook.(for example for initiative like EP recruiting, event eccecc) AIESEC Torino 2012-13
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