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Power brands services and process

  1. 1. Power Brands is the leading beverage formulation,development and management firm in the U.S.We focus exclusively on the beverage industry.The services we provide include:• Beverage Formulation• Packaging Development• Package Design• Prototype Development• Production
  2. 2. Why Choose Power Brands?•Power Brands has been in your shoes. We havesuccessfully launched our own beverage brands, as wellas many Client brands.•Power Brands has successfully launched brands withmulti-million dollar budgets as well as shoestringexercises.•We provide broad expertise under one roof: formulation,graphic design, sales and marketing strategy, productlaunch strategy, financing and investor expertise.
  3. 3. Our projects begin with a Creative Brief meeting with each client andPower Brands executive team and staff. Beverage formulation anddevelopment projects typically require 60 – 120 days from concept tofinal approved formulation and packaging design.Beverage Development CycleCreativeBriefFormulationContainerSelectionLabel DesignClientReviewDesign andFormulaRevisionsIdentifySuppliersPrototypes/Production
  4. 4. Creative Brief•Every development project begins with a Creative Brief meeting,which includes the Client and a cross-functional Power Brands teamrepresenting the lab, graphic design, and the executive team.•The Creative Brief will cover:• Ingredients• Flavors• Packaging• Graphic design• Cost and retail price estimates/targets• Timelines and deliverables•The Power Brands team will complete an A1 form summarizing theproject and email to the Client for signature within 24 hours.
  5. 5. Beverage Formulation•Power Brands beverage laboratory is in-house. Clients are always welcome to visitin-person to expedite their project.•Beverage R&D: Power Brands employs highly experienced beverage scientistsdedicated to beverage development.•Power Brands enjoys relationships with best-in-class flavor houses, chemicalsuppliers, and raw materials suppliers across the industry.•Power Brands brings expertise across all beverage segments, some examplesinclude:Soft Drinks TeaEnhanced Water CoffeeEnergy Drinks JuicesOrganic Beverages Sports Drinks•Clients are allowed up to 3 rounds of beverage formulation
  6. 6. Container SelectionOur development team provides beverage packagingexpertise for any type of beverage application.P.E.T.: Hot Fill or Cold Fill GlassAluminum: Cans or Bottles Tetra PakFlexible Packaging Custom Applications• With extensive knowledge of beverage processing options andpackaging resources, Power Brands expertly matches packaging toproduct.• Once packaging is determined, Power Brands will forward vendorinformation to the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to establisha relationship with the vendor, secure pricing, availability, MOQ andtiming.
  7. 7. Label Design•The Power Brands creative design team includes a team offull time in-house graphic designers who specialize in beveragelabel and packaging design.• Our design team brings expertise in each label substrate,including can design, shrink band labels, paper wraps, andpressure sensitive labels.•Clients are allowed 3 rounds of front panel concept artwork.Once this is approved, the designer will move to layflat stage(includes side panels and back panel). The Client will receivetwo rounds of layflat artwork.
  8. 8. Client Review and Approval•FORMULATION: The Client will receive first round samples for sensoryevaluation typically within 10 business days of submitting the signed A1form. Once feedback is provided, second round samples are typicallyprovided within 5 business days. The Client receives 3 rounds of samples ina typical product development agreement.•ARTWORK: Similar to formulation samples, the Client will receive firstround creative concepts within 10 business days of submitting the signed A1form. The Client receives 3 rounds of concept artwork. Once approved, theClient then receives 2 rounds of layflat artwork to complete the project.
  9. 9. Identify SuppliersPower Brands identifies and matches the right vendors based onlocation, capabilities and cost efficiencies. We supply each client withvendor contact information and it is the Client’s responsibility:•Establish relationships with vendors•Determine pricing•Determine minimum order quantity (MOQ)•Establish timelines
  10. 10. Prototypes• Prior to going into full scale production, Power Brands will alwaysrecommend Clients explore prototype development. Prototypes anda solid business plan or presentation will help the Client: Secure interest from investors Secure purchase orders from retailers or distributors Perform focus group testing Sell product in independent grocers
  11. 11. Production• If the Client is fully funded and is determined to go into manufacturing,Power Brands will always recommend the Client manufacture theminimum amount of product possible.• Power Brands will identify appropriate contract manufacturers based oncapability, geography, and cost efficiencies. Power Brands will providethe Client with all relevant contact information, it is the Clientsresponsibility to establish relationships, negotiate pricing, and determinetimelines.• Power Brands enjoys contract manufacturing relationships across theU.S. and also abroad, with key contacts in: Asia Europe Africa Caribbean North America: USA, Mexico, Canada
  12. 12. Product ManagementFor select Clients, Power Brands will manage a full scale market rollout. Thisservice includes:• Managing production process: securing vendors, ordering andoverseeing contract manufacturing• Creating and implementing sales strategy Hiring, training sales staff Developing sales tools (sell sheets, POS, pricing sheets, etc.) Defining territories and target distributors/retailers Creating pricing architecture based on brand P&L• Creating and implementing brand marketing strategy Hiring, training key marketing personnel Managing all in-market activity, i.e. guerrilla sampling, in-store events,sponsorship opportunities, promotional events Assisting in web and on-line marketing, including basic SEO, social media• Metrics and Reporting Together with Client, Power Brands will define key metrics and setup weeklyreporting All brand personnel will be clear on accountability and measurability
  13. 13. Project Samples