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Opal rt presentation-e_phaso_rsim_june 2013

Opal rt presentation-e_phaso_rsim_june 2013



Learn more about OPAL-RT's solution for large-scale power system simulations. ...

Learn more about OPAL-RT's solution for large-scale power system simulations.
ePHASORsim simulates electro-mechanical transient stability phenomenon of very large power grids with thousands of buses, generators, transformers, transmission lines, loads and controllers.



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    Opal rt presentation-e_phaso_rsim_june 2013 Opal rt presentation-e_phaso_rsim_june 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • 1From Imagination to Real-TimeePHASORsim
    • 2ePHASORsim presentation– Introduction– Features– Applications– Timeline and future developmentsLive demonstration– The Québec transmission systemAgenda
    • Real-time Transient Stability Simulator3Power system under study Nominal frequencyPositive sequence transmission3-phase distributionTime-step Fixed (typically few ms)
    • 4Cover the complete spectrum of power system analysis & studiesePOWERgrid Product FamilyePHASORsimReal-Time TransientStability Simulator10 ms time stepNEWHYPERsimLarge Scale Power SystemSimulation for Utilities & Manufacturers10 µs to 100 µs time stepNEWeFPGAsimPower Electronics Simulation on FPGA1 µs to 100 ns time stepNEW1 s(1 Hz)10,00050002500100010010010 ms(100 Hz)50 µs(20 KHz)10 µs(100 KHz)1µs(1 MHz)100 ns(10 MHz)10 ns(100 MHz)20,000Period (frequency) of transient phenomena simulatedNumber ofNodeseMEGAsimPower System & Power Electronics SimulationBased on Matlab/Simulink and SimPowerSystem7 µs to 100 µs time step
    • 5Applications of ePHASORsimePHASORsimfor Large-ScalePower SystemsUDMSimulationHardware-In-the-LoopParallelProcessingDistributionSystemsTestSCADASystemsOperatorTrainingSimulatorTransientStabilityReal-timeSimulation
    • 6Existing ToolsOffline Phasor Toolstime-step: millisecondPSS/eETAPEUROSTAGCYMEReal-time Simulatorstime-step: microsecondeMEGAsimHypersimRTDS…ePHASORsim
    • 7Data Entry for ePHASORsim
    • 8ePHASORsim vs SPS Phasor modeFeatures ePHASORsim SPS with Phasor optionCircuit editor Excel spreadsheet or PSS/e v.32 files SPS circuit editorInterface with external devices Using Simulink Using SimulinkTransmission system Yes YesUnbalanced system Yes YesSupported components Fundamental models A comprehensive libraryLargest system size tested 20k bus, 5k machine 200bus, 28 machineCompilation time witheMEGAsim for largest system45 s 32m:42sLoad time with eMEGAsim less than 5 seconds few secondsNumber of CPU cores 1 9Just opening the model inMatlab (offline)Normal 4 minsFacility to split the system Not implemented yet, but there is nolimitationThere must be long lines, or atransformer with stub-line. It needscompensation. SSN blocks do notwork in SPS Phasor modeManual change of parametersduring simulationAll parameters are accessible There are limitations
    • 9Performance of ePHASORsimSimulation time: 10s, time-step: 10msNumber of CPU cores: 1Case 1 Case 2 Case 3Number ofcomponentsBuses 4992 9984 19968Generators 1280 2560 5120Controllers 2304 4610 9216Others 9144 18368 36820Computationtime (ms)Normal 1.62 3.28 6.68Disturbance 3.49 7.43 16.61Overruns NO NO YES
    • 1. Large-scale power systems in Real-time• 10,000 buses on-fly2. Open and scalable hardware platform• Integrated with a chassis equipped with FPGA and I/Os• Interfaced with communication protocols such as IEC61850,DNP3 (+-10ms), C37.118, OPC (+-100ms)3. Test automation platform• Perform test automation using Python scripts• Use ScopeView to record, display and analyze results• Interfaced with LabView to implement realistic control panels• Modify parameters while the simulation is runningFeatures
    • 4. Third-party connectivity• Interfaced with Simulink, SimPowerSystems and SimScape toenable users to develop their own load, control and protectionmodels• Interface with the Excel™ spreadsheet and with PTI’s PSS/e toimport the network data filesFeatures
    • ePHASORsim with DNP3 and IOsePHASORsim
    • ePHASORsim and EMT
    • 0 (No External PSS)1 (External PSS)0 (UDM PSS)1 (SPS PSS)1Out1Line Out/InLoad Out/InBus FaultVrefMarea12(s+1)(s+2)Zero-Pole1s(s+0.10)Zero-PolespeedGoto2ExternalDevice PSSmodelIn VstabGenericPower System Stabilizer2GainspeedExternalDeviceExternalDevicePSSmodel0External PSS Type1External PSS0Constant20Constant1<speed>ePHASORsim and UDM with SPS blocks
    • ePHASORsim with PMUs and PDCLive demo:Quebec transmission systemSize of systemBus 38Machine 7Exciter 7Stabilizer 7Turbine-governor 7Line 19Transformer 9Series Capacitor 13PMU 10
    • Timeline2010Project started2011First demo (HQ), simulation foroperator trainingDistribution system components added1st client delivery (GE-DTE)20122013API for externally coded modulesStandalone ePHASORsim,integrated with new I/O server2014Parallel ePHASORsimNew components
    • The future• Several topics have been identified as important, butrequire further analysis:– GUI– Import from / export to other formats (e.g. CIM)– Interface with other software (e.g. ETAP)– HYPERSIM integration– Mixed-mode simulations (EMT + Phasor)
    • Conclusion• ePHASORsim is a phasor-mode, real-time simulator oflarge-scale transmission and distribution systems• high performance• flexible• extensible• We demonstrated the advantages of ePHASORsim invarious scenarios:– External control prototyping– Test SCADA system– Hybrid simulation– and more
    • ePHASORsim with PMUs and PDCLive demo:Quebec transmission systemSize of systemBus 38Machine 7Exciter 7Stabilizer 7Turbine-governor 7Line 19Transformer 9Series Capacitor 13PMU 10
    • ModelsGenerator, Voltage sourceLoad (ZIP)Transmission lineExcitation systemPower System StabilizerTurbine-GovernorTransformer (with Tap-Changer)ReactorCapacitor banksExternal Simulink Blocks(UDM)External SPS Controller BlocksePHASORsim LibraryEvents and ActionsBalanced and unbalanced faultsOpen-connector conditionsTransmission line tripFaults on transmission linesectionGenerator outageLoad shedding/restorationTap-changer adjustmentAVR adjustmentReclosing commandsLoss of excitation…