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PLN 1:1 Advice

  1. 1. PLN 1:1 ADVICE
  2. 2. Darcy1968 Help. I am continuing my series of posts. Question: what are 10 things a 'school' can do in preparation for 1:1 laptops in classrooms? #L4L
  3. 3. ictguy @ Darcy1968 The big thing teachers need 4 '1 to 1' is being open 2 new ways of learning 4 students and teachers. It's all about the attitude!
  4. 4. TheDramaTeacher @ Darcy1968 involve students - how can the L4L aid their learning.
  5. 5. melissagiddins @ Darcy1968 Identify some 'early adopters' to run ahead of the pack. Start PD now in small bite-sized chunks. Create an 'ideas bank'.
  6. 6. ictguy @ Darcy1968 When talking '1 to1' – Will Richardson's Unlearning curve comes to mind!
  7. 7. stuhasic @ Darcy1968 #L4L School needs to come to consensus on all the policy issues. How do laptops fit in the current UAP and Discipline policies?
  8. 8. pilgram @ Darcy1968 1:1 Laptops- eSafety and responsible use no1 priority #L4L
  9. 9. stuhasic @ Darcy1968 #L4L School needs to arrange accom. for the netbooks pool and the on-site L4L officer. In the Job ads on 3/6/09!!
  10. 10. Lilylauren @ Darcy1968 a school can refuse to accept a deficit model of teacher learning & understand that in 2009 it is not on to ignore technology
  11. 11. onepmb @ darcy1968 . #10 – Current and future in"fast"ructure- fast as in get on it now and always stay ahead of its curve
  12. 12. Cramster @ Darcy1968 Educate faculties about social learning sites, encourage students to embrace social learning
  13. 13. piphowell @ Darcy1968 #L4L set up shared Delicious account for each faculty. Share web 2 tools, learning objects and sites easily among faculty staff
  14. 14. oliverquinlan @ Darcy1968 Are you doing a blog post on 1:1 laptops? Be very interested to see your thoughts/findings.
  15. 15. wotsa @ Darcy1968 the 'school' could make opportunities for stakeholders to air their feelings, fears and ideas. Unearth some nuggets.
  16. 16. TheDramaTeacher @ Darcy1968 encourage reluctant staff to attend DYNAMIC presentations showing L4L in action, model positive practices, relevant to teach KLA
  17. 17. Lofts1964 @ Darcy1968 , create mentor groups in year 9. 'Guide on the Side'. They will be the champions. Just like my year 8 class showed me a few tips.
  18. 18. Lofts1964 @ Darcy1968 ensure you survey your parents, on use at home & school. Find the 'champions' amongst your parents. They will be handy.
  19. 19. pryorcommitment @ Darcy1968 Only say 'No' when there's a very good reason not to say YES
  20. 20. intrepidteacher @ Darcy1968 Create school ethos, where teachers also use tech ubiquitously. Hard to do...
  21. 21. melissagiddins @ Darcy1968 have a policy for what to do when kids turn up without batteries charged, forget their laptops, etc.
  22. 22. pilgram @ Darcy1968 Collaboration, Cooperation, Sharing- through projector, learning platform etc. eg Pedagogy #L4L
  23. 23. neilyc @ Darcy1968 Obvious things like, extra powerpoints, pervasive wireless, secure lockups, smooth desks, screen-friendly lighting #L4L
  24. 24. Deangroom @ Darcy1968 #L4L - Word cloud of 'students must/must not' policy - spot the learning worlds ... shiesh.
  25. 25. SimonBorgert @ Darcy1968 teach from the back of the classroom
  26. 26. john_larkin @ Darcy1968 Have a supply of 'images' so that a machine can be rapidly rebirthed.
  27. 27. digitalmaverick @ Darcy1968 1 thing would be for them to remember when it is best NOT to use a computer :-)
  28. 28. <ul><li>melissagiddins @ Darcy1968 </li></ul><ul><li>plan for offline and online use </li></ul><ul><li>be ready with plans and </li></ul><ul><li>activities for both - prevent offline </li></ul><ul><li>from meaning 'not used'. </li></ul>
  29. 29. melissagiddins @ Darcy1968 School policy for battery charging. Work out where they live – in school bags when bags are outside rooms in prac classes?
  30. 30. john_larkin @ Darcy1968 Develop a logical labelling system for each laptop and its specific peripherals. Count them out. Count them in.
  31. 31. SimonBorgert @ Darcy1968 ensure that arrangements are made to cater for students that have uncharged/unservicable laptop for all classes during the day
  32. 32. THANKS FOLKS! 