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Socialmedia at work
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Socialmedia at work


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An overview of how and why to use social media in the workplace.

An overview of how and why to use social media in the workplace.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Who currently uses social media for work? - in what way? Who of you currently use use social media or social networking tools for personal use?
  • SM enables you to...
  • Recommended tools for businesses
  • Create a company profile: - add yourself - Keep photo & information professional - add your manager - write descriptive profile information - encourage others within the company to connect Discuss developing CEOs online presence - help for comapny se
  • Explain sections - about company, profile Importing your company blog or news feed into the company page will help keep others updated
  • Use the links to promote your organisation and use the option to change them from ‘my website’ to ‘Your company name’
  • Official page provides better search engine rankings Provide information for users who are searching for your brand/product ___ Is your manager a prominent figure? Would they benefit from having a profile page for people to like
  • Use the links to promote your organisation and use the option to change them from ‘my website’ to ‘Your company name’
  • - You can have an official twitter stream for your organisation - Have an official stream from your ‘CEO’ or someone high up in the organisation - Respond to issues relating to your brand
  • What is being said about you/your brand/your organisation/your boss? Set up searches with in your twitter application (tweetdeck, seesmic, twitter site) RSS Feeds
  • Develop as an intranet Allows microblogging, sharing of files, links & images, build communities, a company directory, groups, profiles & a knowledge base. Have a question, put it out to the company. Want to know how people feel about a new tool you might want to use or where does everyone want to go for drinks after work? There is a desktop & mobile app for yammer. Initially free. If you choose to upgrade, which allows you to have an admin & higher security and other control $3 - $5/per person per month.
  • A blog can be connected to a facebook page, auto post to your twitter, into yammer.
  • Can be completely bespoke. A good portal to link into to. A place to share. Also look into simple blog and link options such as Tumblr Posterous
  • Helps exposure in search engines Helps to keep PR stories in one searchable place Easily share Keep private Promote
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media at Work 14 October 2010
    • 2. Social media...
      • Is about conversation
      • Allows brands to reach their target market easily and effectively
      • Enables brands to learn, engage, listen and respond
    • 3. Social media...
      • Will allow monitoring and management of online presence
        • your company
        • your manager
        • your own
      • Provides a platform to share information
    • 4.
      • “ Nearly two-thirds of companies say that social media provides tremendous opportunities for their business.”
      • Econsultancy/Bigmouthmedia survey 2010
    • 5. The difficulty is the choice.
    • 6. Recommended tools
      • LinkedIn
      • Facebook Pages
      • Twitter
      • Yammer
      • Blogs
      • Social Bookmarking
    • 7.
      • 15million users in Europe, 4million in UK
      • Executives from all fortune 500 companies are members
      • 25% of FTSE 100 companies hire through LinkedIn
    • 8.
      • Ideal tool to maintain professional relationships
      • Receive a business card; add them to your network
      • Create a profile for your company
      • Develop a presence for your manager
    • 9.  
    • 10.  
    • 11.
      • Over 500million users
      • Keep your work an business separate
      • Does your company have an official page - should it?
    • 12.  
    • 13.
      • “ More than half of companies surveyed are using Facebook as part of their marketing strategy or planning to.”
      • Econsultancy/Guava UK Search Engine Marketing Report 208
    • 14.
      • Reach a large audience
      • Monitor brand
      • Share information regarding your organisation
        • vacancies
        • news
        • events
        • appointments
    • 15. Buzz monitoring
      • Social Mention
      • Twitter Search
      • Google Alerts
    • 16.  
    • 17. Breakdown
      • What does it all mean?
    • 18.
      • A private network
      • Share what you’re working on with colleagues
      • Share documents
      • Incorporate twitter mentions
      • Sign up with a verified company email
    • 19. Blogs (a web log)
      • A great way to share information with others
      • More personable than a news section
      • Allow interaction with comments, liking, tweeting
    • 20.  
    • 21. Social bookmarking
      • Del.ic.ious
      • StumbleUpon
      • Digg
      • Google bookmarks
    • 22. Thank you Darcie Tanner @Darcie A copy of this with links can be found on slideshare under Darcie Tanner.