56 Ways To Make YOU Or Your Business Famous With Foursquare!


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Location based softeware works really well for travellers and business people. Brand You is an idea from Tom Peters. Here are 56 ways to promote your brand or business using Social Media.. This in conjuction with other softeware not just Foursquare. This will make YOU or your business very TALKABLE.

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56 Ways To Make YOU Or Your Business Famous With Foursquare!

  1. 1. Check in, 56 ways to be famous or your make you are your business famous on Foursquare and Gowalla and other social networks 1) Register on Google businesses. Mention your FS and Gowalla presence. Google is God. 2)Google Adwords. Spend on your business could be thrown out. Some spend could be thrown out. 3)List in Google Business where you can. It is free and gets crawled. 4) Crowd Mountain Searches top SEO sites. “Be” in these spaces to chat about YOU. Your award winning pizza or your lastest “thing”. 5)SEO link building with top linked these sites and cool offerings. 6) Set up a Facebook page for your Customers, “call the customer king.”
  2. 2. Declare raise independence!! Make them feel good!! 7)Engage with people and build community, around a blog. 8)Do some Foursquare mentions on the page. Do some on social media sites. 9) ---Book a day with you or get an award winning pizza with you. Synch Gowalla with your FB Page. Get a badge and put around “your social media empire”. 10) Brand your Twitter and Friend Feed pages. Check if this all speaks to who you are!! Serious!! 11) Branding social media logo is not always the best idea. Think about showing your employees. 12)Upload video and pictures to both pages. Brand the video a bit with Viddler. 13) Brand all social media pages with your some logos but it may serve you better in the longrun to have a picture of you on these pages. “Especially if you
  3. 3. work in large organization” Remember sell you first!! 14) Jpegs and other documents add to your “charm”. 15)Embed video. Show in your thoughtful leader pose and be a thoughtleader. Show your award winning pizza. 16)Hire a photographer for the profile pics. 17) Write about you what you like and especially “who you are”. Do that some more. But if you cannot say it in 8 words forget about it. 18) Gowalla recommendations, there is a note feature, if you have many events. Put a “badge” into your website especially if you travel a lot, “do not do that so much it sucks for the planet” 19) Think virality. Create a “link between Website” the ecosystem of YOU. Web Badges. ----Create Virality. 20)List yourself on Google Businesses, I said that before, list on blog catalogues
  4. 4. and directories. It works much better than you would think. 21) Clarify status and define USP or UPV -“unique promise of value” to people buying your award winning pizza or you. 22) Take charge of the strategy. But have fun post“being social”- make that artful and worthy of attention. 23)“Listen”, “Listen”, “Listen” oh yeah yeah and “Listen”. 24)No selling just information, even if your in sales. 25)Work on Google rankings a little FS and Gowalla will help. 26) List in online tourist spots and make FS and Gowalla posters. Again “Google is God” but “marketing” is queen to many pawns. 27)Linkbuilding and friend up. 28)Leave Comments and links on blogs. Do that again! And Again! 29) Create a link between Websites, Web Badges. ----Create Virality--
  5. 5. 30)Gowalla and Foursquare mentions include the two other venues you might own. 31) “Promote” other people or things i.e Heading to the The Jolly Rancher.”, “tequila tanker” or whomever. 32)Create a specials list for regulars and Mayors if you want that pizza selling. 33) Gowalla and Foursquare people, (they have to be become a Facebook fan). “Make an Ask”. 34) Have a 1000 Fans goal for this year or other. Have a goal, go! 35) Show the people that cook your pizza, write your speeches, polish your shoes. You are nothing without “your entourage”. 36) Make Foursquare posters for clients if you are “marketing”. We all are!!! 37)Put these in Youth hostels, train stations on coffee shops for on the fly- business people. 38) “Listen” to customers comments 39) Use Social Media sites to generate a ZZZ“buzz” ZZZ around you.
  6. 6. 40)Respond to customer comments. Starbucks early blogs had only negative comments and no responses. 41)“Customer Service is King”. 42)Recommend YOU but better yet get others to do it. 43)“Recommendations” 44) Call some famous friends, we all know someone! 45)Make and continue promotions and recommendations. 46) Ask people to link to the website. 47)Think some more 48)Use Foursquare, Gowalla as much as you can. Use it!!. 49)Use camera and film or photo on all sites including FS and Gowalla. Chat about the pics!! Serious!! Do this!! 50)Find out what the competition are doing and do something that is better and more original. Using more social media, be edgier and be more you..
  7. 7. 51)“Think Authenticity” live it, breath it, feel it and be it!! 52) Update the websites. Create some more virality for the sites, use back- links, link to news stories about your thing. “Have a thing.”.