Journey to jharkhand


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travel through jharkhand while going through this presentation

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Journey to jharkhand

  1. 1. AREA 79,714 km2(30,778 sqm)Area rank 15thPOPULATIONTotal 32,966,238Rank 13thDensity414/km2(1,070/sq mi)CAPITAL RANCHILITERACYRATE ANDOFFICIALLANGUAGELiteracy 67.63% (27th)Hindi, Urdu, Bengali,Maithali, SanthaliBEST TIMETO VISITOctober-marchCLIMATE about 50 °F (10 °C) to 70sF (low 20s C) duringwinters
  2. 2. CITIES FAMOUS FORHERITAGE SPIRITUALITYSanthal parganas RanchiNetarhat ChatraPalamuROMANCEChatraDhanbadHazaribaghJamshedpurADVENTURE WELLNESSDumka RanchiRanchi JamshedpurHazaribagh DhanbadChatra Dumka
  4. 4. CHATRAChatra is the gateway of Jharkhand and is full ofnatural beauty, waterfalls and vivid flora & fauna.Itis placed 101km from ranchi. Tourist attractions inChatra are: Royal Mosque of Chatra, The SangatGurudwara, Dumer Sumer Waterfalls, KeridahWaterfalls, Bichkiliya, Khaya Banaroo, The Cemeteryof Jatrahibagh, Kunda Cave, Kolhua Hill, Bhadulitemple, Kauleshwari Devi Temple, etc.
  5. 5. JAMSHEDPURIt is Jharkhands most populous cityand the first planned industrialcity of India.It is 129km from ranchi.The city is well-known forproducingdifferent types of iron and steel products.Founded by the late JamshedjiTata,Jamshedpuris also known as Steel City or Tata Nagar. TouristAttractions in Jamshedpur are: Jubilee park,Dimna Lake, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, TataSteel Zoological Park, Hudco Lake, Chandil dam,Sir Dorabji Tata Park, Bhuvneswari temple, etc.
  6. 6. HAZARIBAGHThe name Hazaribagh meansa place of thousands garden.It is 149km from ranchi.It is a renowned healthresort for its excellent climate and magnificentsceneries all around. Some of the tourist attractionsare: Hazaribagh National Park, Budhwa MahadevMandir, Canary Hills, Narsingh Temple, HazaribaghLake, Rajrappa Mandir, Jhumri Tillaya Dam, etc.
  7. 7. PALAMUThe Palamu district( 138km from ranchi) ofJharkhand is famous for its esteemed wildlifesanctuary known as Betla Wildlife National Parkwhile the other major attractions are PalamuFort, Vishnu Temple, Hanuman Mandir, DeviMandir, Bhikham Das Mandir, Kali Mandir,Surya Mandir, etc.
  8. 8. ParasnathJain pilgrims, Parasnath islocated at a distance of 179 kmfrom Giridih district. It isnamed after Parsvanatha, the23rd Jain Tirthankara whoattained nirvana here. Thereare 24 Jain Temples each onededicated to one of JainTirthankara. The temple on thehighest peak is of Parsvanatha.
  9. 9. wildlife inJHARKHANDJharkhand is having 29.61% of its total land under forest cover. The Betla NationalPark and the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary are main wildlife sanctuaries of Jharkhand.The Betla National Park spreads over an area of around 250 sq. km. In the year 1974, theBetla National Park was declared Project Tiger Reserve. The Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuaryis situated 135 km away from Ranchi. Apart from these, a Zoological Garden is also locatedat a distance of 16 km from Ranchi, which houses a number of mammalian species. UdhwaBird Sanctuary, the only bird sanctuary of Jharkhand state is located in the district, near aplace called Udhwa.
  10. 10. THINGS TO BUYCrowded markets of Ranchi and Bokaro are the most famous places to hang outfor shopping of tribal handicrafts. Wooden crafts, Paitkar Paintings, Bamboowork, Metalwork, Stone carving and the ornaments are the main shoppingitems.The folk songs, legends and religious epics are generally depicted on canvas.Natural colors made up of crushed stones and tree leaves are used for paintingpurpose.
  11. 11. ADVENTUREIN JHARKHANDThe vibrant state of Jharkhand is rising as a hot destination for adventure tourists.Jharkhand offer scuba diving, rafting, canoeing, sailing, hot air balloon show,paddleboat, paragliding, parasailing, mountaineering, trekking, rock climbing.Adventure sites includes Sita falls, Dimna Lake, Kanke dam, Buridih Lake,Chandil Lake, Massanjore, Maithon dam, Sahebganj, Tillaiyya dam, Tenughat,Betla, Kelaghagh (Simdega), Rukka dam, Hazaribagh ,Latehar and Chandwa.
  12. 12. FAMOUS DANCESLocal Folk Music of Jharkhand includes Akhariya Domkach, Dohari Domkach,Janani Jhumar, Mardana Jhumar, Faguwa, Udasi, Pawas, Daidhara, Pahilsanjha,Adhratiya, Vinsariya, Pratkali, Jhumta etc. Folk dances of Jharkhand includePaika, Chaw, Jadur, Karma, Nachni, Natua, Agni, Choukara, Santhal, Jamda,Ghatwari, Matha, Sohrai, Lurisayro etc.
  13. 13. FAIRS AND FESTIVALSJharkhand celebrates a number of fairs and festivals round the year. Kunda Mela(Pratappur) is one of the major cattle fairs of Jharkhand and it is held at the timeof Phalgun Shivratri. Chatra Mela is another major festival of the state and it isalso a cattle fair held during the time of Durga Puja. Some of the important fairsand festival of Jharkhand include Barura Sharif, Bhadli Mela Itkhori, KolhaiyaMela Chatra, Lawalong Mela, Sangat, Tutilawa Mela Simaria, Belgada MelaSimaria, Rabda Sharif, Kolhua Mela Hunterganj and Kundri Mela Chatra.
  14. 14. Jharkhand cuisine is traditional and combination of various locality in JharkhandRegion.Some major cuisines those are used in all the seasons such as Rice, Roti, Daal,Tarkari and sweets.In general, the food cooked in Jharkhand is considered to be very light on the stomach andeasy to digest. This fact can very well be demonstrated by the nature of Jharkhand foodhabits that have been imbibed by the native folks. Litti and Chokha also form an importantportion of Jharkhand food. The mouth-watering non-vegetarian Jharkhand foodpreparations like spicy chicken are also popular with a considerable section of Jharkhand.The cuisine mainly associated with this state also bears a faint touch of the robust Mughalswhich is vividly visible in the food of Jharkhand.CUISINES
  15. 15. How to reachJharkhandTravel to Jharkhand by Air: Ranchi Airport is the main airport of Jharkhand,which is well connected with Patna, Kolkata, New Delhi and Mumbai by regularIndian Airline, Kingfisher Red and Jetlite services.Travel to Jharkhand by Rail: Ranchi Railway Station and Hazaribagh are themain railheads of Jharkhand. Several express trains connect Ranchi andHazaribagh with Patna, Kolkata, New Delhi and other significant places of India.Travel to Jharkhand by Road: Ranchi, the capital city is situated at the junctionof National Highways 23 and 33. A wide network of roads connects various placesof Jharkhand with each other.
  16. 16. DO’S AND DONT’SDO’SRead culture of jharkhand i.e. about their traditions and perceptionKnow about the temperature prevailing at the time of visitProper planning is to be done to avoid wastage of timeFollow all instructions on roads for safe journeyCheck about photography permission / video filming at any monument Keep valuables in hotel locker / safe deposit vaults and get receiptDONT’SAvoid travelling to hilly areas and near rivers in rainy seasonDon’t make obscure scenes on roadsDon’t travel without tickets in public transportsDont encourage beggars.Dont accept food or drink from strangers.Dont buy articles made from rare and endangered spices of animals which are banned.Refrain from showing affection overtly.Smoking and drinking is not allowed in public places