Set ii 6 richard i


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Powerpoint by XAvier about his king

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Set ii 6 richard i

  1. 1. Richard I The Lionheart 1157-1199
  2. 2. Family and youth  He was born on 8 September 1157. Probably in Oxford England. Son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.  He had four brother and three sister
  3. 3. Family and youth  He was an educated man. He showed significant political and military ability  In March 1159 it was arranged that Richard would marry one of the daughters of Ramon Bereguer .  But these arrangements failed. In June 1172 Richard was recognized as Duke Of Aquitaine.
  4. 4. Richard I´s Coronation  He was invested as duke of Normandy on 20 July 1189 . Henry II died and he was crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey on 3 September 1189.  Richard barred all Jews and women from the ceremony.  Richard swore an oath to renounce his past wickedness in order to show himself worthy to take the cross. Richard set out on the crusade in summer 1190
  5. 5. Richard I´s Coronation He appointed as Regents Hugh de Puiset, Bishop of Durham, and William de Mandeville, 3rd Earl of Essex.  Richard's brother John was not satisfied by this decision and started scheming against William.  Richard was far more concerned with his more extensive French lands. During the duration of his 10 years reign Richard only spent six months in England
  6. 6. Third Crusade And His Legacy  Richard landed in Acre on 8 June 1191. William was killed by the Assassin soon after Richard had left Acre. Altaïr proved the victor, and so Richard accepted the Assassin's version of events. 1191–92 he won victories at Cyprus, Acre, and Arsuf (against Saladin). While returning overland he was captured by the Duke of Austria. On his release he returned briefly to England, where his brother John had been ruling in his stead.
  7. 7. Third Crusade And His Legacy His later years were spent in warfare in France. He was killed by a crossbow bolt while besieging Châlus- Chabrol in 1199. He left no heir.
  8. 8. Third Crusade And His Legacy Many people admired him as a crusader and man of God. The people did an heroic statue to him outside the Houses of Parliament. Richard produced no legitimate heirs and acknowledged only one illegitimate son, Philip of Cognac. John as new King of England.
  9. 9. Activities 1) Read the PDF “RICHARD THE FIRST” and answer the questions. A. When did Richard I born? B. Who were his parents? C. What did Richard I do in his youth? D. When was Richard´s Coronation ? E. What did Richard do during his reign? F. What happened in the year 1191-92? G. How did Richard I death? H. How long remained his reign? I. Did Richard I leave any heir?
  10. 10. Sources ngland+imagenes