20 - Verbs for Reporting


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20 - Verbs for Reporting

  1. 1. Instituto de Estudios Superiores Belén PROFESORADO EN INGLÉS Gramática Inglesa II VERBS USED IN REPORTING Many different verbs are used in reporting. We do not usually report every word that was said or written and these different verbs can help to summarize the original words: '”Would you like to come and stay for the weekend?” • He invited us to stay for the weekend. “No, no, I don't want your money. I'm definitely going to pay for the meal and that's that” • She insisted on paying for the meal. Examples of verbs used in reporting: advise - encourage invite - persuade remind - warn agree - decide offer - promise refuse • SB + inf. • + infinitive accuse SB of advise SB against dissuade SB from persuade SB against • + gerund (ing) agree on/about - apologize for complain about - insist on recommend - suggest warn against - • + gerund (ing) 1
  2. 2. Instituto de Estudios Superiores Belén PROFESORADO EN INGLÉS Gramática Inglesa II agree - announce boast - claim concede - complain decide - insist recommend suggest (+ should) • that clause PRACTICE 49 PUT THE SENTENCES INTO REPORTED SPEECH, SUMMARIZING WHAT WAS SAID AND USING THE VERBS IN THE BOX decide complain offer persuade accuse remind advise warn apologize refuse 1. “I know you've got a lot of work to do at the moment. I'll help you type up that report if you like;” he said. He offered to help me type up the report. 2. A: “I don't think you should hand in your resignation immediately. Give yourself more time to think about it. B: OK. I suppose you're right. I'll leave it for a while then. He persuaded me not to hand in my resignation immediately. 3. “No, I'm not going to discuss it with you. I think it's a waste of time;” he said. ___________________________________________________________________ 4. “I really think I should have been invited to the meeting. I'm very unhappy about the fact that I wasn't,” he said ___________________________________________________________________ 5. “You've been quite ill and you need to recover. I really think you should take it easy for a few days,” the doctor said. ___________________________________________________________________ 2
  3. 3. Instituto de Estudios Superiores Belén PROFESORADO EN INGLÉS Gramática Inglesa II 6. “You must not go near their house again or there will be trouble,” the police said to him. ___________________________________________________________________ 7. “After giving the matter some serious thought, we have now reached a final decision. We are going to close down the naval base in two years’ time,” said the Ministry of Defense. ___________________________________________________________________ 8. “Someone's been reading my diary. I know they have. I found it in the wrong drawer this morning. It was you, wasn't it?” ___________________________________________________________________ 9. “Remember that you've got to apply for a new passport. Yours is out of date now,” he said to me. ___________________________________________________________________ 10. “I'm really sorry about all the trouble I've caused. I didn't mean to,” she said. ___________________________________________________________________ SUMMARIZING WHEN REPORTING When we are reporting, we do not repeat everything that was said or written. As we report, we summarize. A range of different verbs are used and these help to summarize. (See previous section). In addition, we often use adjectives to describe how someone responded, instead of reporting their words: “Oh, that's fantastic. I'm just so pleased. This is the best news we've had in ages.” • She was delighted when we told her the news. Oral Reporting When we report orally, we regularly switch our method of reporting. We use a mixture of direct speech, reported speech and descriptions of the content of the conversation. For example: 3
  4. 4. Instituto de Estudios Superiores Belén PROFESORADO EN INGLÉS Gramática Inglesa II I was talking to Jo last night about the holiday. She thinks we shouldn't book anything up yet because we'll probably get a cheaper deal if we leave it till just before we go. I agreed with her but I said I didn't know what you would think about that. And then of course we have to decide definitely where we want to go. I said we quite fancied going to one of the islands but she said, “Well, I'm not sure Graham will like the idea.” Anyway, in the end she said why don't we talk to him about it when we meet him on Thursday. Written Reporting In written reports, we tend to use reported speech consistently rather than switching from one style of reporting to another. If we are reporting what one person said, it is not necessary to keep repeating She/He/It said… However, we continue to use the reported speech tenses if it is understood that we are still reporting. For example: The meeting was concluded by the Chair of the Governors, who said that although it had been a difficult year, the staff of the school had managed very well. The financial cutbacks had hit hard and it was to be hoped that there would be no further cutbacks in the coming year. Library stocks were severely depleted and he suggested that there should be a series of fundraising activities to help raise money for books. He thanked all the staff for their hard work and hoped that the coming year would be successful. The Headteacher then thanked the Chair of the Governors for his contribution to the school and the meeting was closed at 9.00 p.m. PRACTICE 50 IN YOUR NOTEBOOK, WRITE A SUMMARIZED REPORT OF THE FOLLOWING SPEECH. “I am delighted to have been elected onto the Council and I thank all those voters who came out in the rain today to vote for me. I am very much looking forward to representing the interests of the residents of Kimbridge Valley and hope that I will have the opportunity to do so for many years to come. During the last few weeks, I have spoken to many of the valley residents on the doorstep and I have a clear idea of the issues which are of most concern to them. The proposed closure of the school is understandably causing a great deal of anxiety and I shall do everything in my power to fight against that. I hope that I will be successful. Thanks again to my supporters and a big thank you to all those who helped me during the campaign…” 4
  5. 5. Instituto de Estudios Superiores Belén PROFESORADO EN INGLÉS Gramática Inglesa II Example: In her acceptance speech, Diane Banham said that she was delighted... SOURCE  Elanie WALKER & Steve ELSWORTH: Grammar Practice for Upper-Intermediate Students – with Key. Pearson Education Limited, England - 2000. pp. 134 - 137 5