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  1. 1. Deconstruction GTA V
  2. 2. • The visual style of GTA V is professional and fits in with the whole game itself. The game is focused on a island containing two parts of a map. One half is Los Santos; a sprawling metropolis full of gangsters, wealth and crime. The other half is Blaine County; a wasteland containing freaks and dirty cops. Map  Visual Style Characters Michael De Santa – A man who was in his prime back in the day. He was in a crew of robbers and they robbed a heavily guarded bank and Michael faked his own death. Now living in the high end of Los Santos and middle aged with a family he wants to return to his past and end it with a bang. Franklin Clinton – A young man who never had money or an education, moved in with his aunt in Los Santos and had a life of a gangster. He robs sports cars for a low life. Franklin aspires to do more greater things in life and he meets Michael who offers him a place in a new crew. Trevor Phillips – A Canadian psychopath who’s ambition was to fly planes in the army but failed due to mental disabilities. After the bad heist with Michael, Trevor found himself a shack in Sandy Shores and stuck there for a while. After that he hears on the news about a bank robbery and he goes to Los Santos to find Michael still alive. There are many civilians in Los Santos and Blaine County, you see these people wandering the streets and driving around in cars. You can even see people inside shops and talking about things to one another. There are even special locations where certain people ask the protagonists’ to help them out. The police are also a big thing in GTA V as they can chase you and shoot you down; the higher the wanted stars the more worse police come. They will even come in helicopters, put a search light on your character and will also send teams of SWAT after you. The police also chase civilians and shoot them down! The feedback of NPC’s is powerful as your character can have small talk with them. When on heists all characters talk to one another. You can even have one on one fist combat with strangers and they will speak foul.
  3. 3. Interface Gta v is a third person game. Rockstar chose to do this because it gives the game more freedom. Furthermore, by saying freedom it means more of a wider surrounding. This goes with driving and piloting as well.
  4. 4. Gameplay The goals of the game are to go to the mission starts and begin the mission. When completing a mission you will get rewarded with different things but you will also be graded on your mission. The grades are; bronze, silver and gold. Get all gold and you will gain an achievement/trophy! There is some sort of difficulty, as when you get more higher wanted level it will get harder. When it comes to sounds , GTA has a sound for everything; from blowing up jets to deer noises. There are challenges set for most missions, even though you wont know what they are at the beginning it will tell you at the end.
  5. 5. Audience Age & Gender • 15 – 21 • This age range was chosen because, there is a wide young audience that play the game and it also stretches out to an older audience. • Male audience Hard-core Gamers? • The game can be for either hard-core or soft-core gamers. • This can be shown as it has team death match games for the more hard-core users and a free roam mode for the more soft users. Furthermore, a ‘passive mode’ can be activated to make you invulnerable to damage.