Ericsson presentation 17 jan 2011
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Ericsson presentation 17 jan 2011



Trends in elearning presentation.

Trends in elearning presentation.



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    Ericsson presentation 17 jan 2011 Ericsson presentation 17 jan 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • Interactive, mobile & immersive learning
      January 17, 2011
      Dan Grönstedt,
      vd, Gronstedt Group
    • The world is changing…
      • 500 million Facebook users
      • 80 million mobile gamers in the U.S.
      • 300,000 apps in the App Store (5,400 educational) down loaded 7 billion times
    • Gronstedt Group
      • Gronstedt Group startades 1997 av doktor Anders Grönstedt, examen från Handelshögskolan, fd professor i marknadskommunikation vid University of Colorado.
      • Kontor i Stockholm och Denver, Colorado.
      • Kunder vi arbetat med i Sverige 2010: Ericsson, SEB, Unionen, Moderaterna, MQ och Birsta City.
      • 2007 vann vi Guld i en av världens högst rankade elearning-tävlingar, Brandon-Hall Excellence in Learning Award, i den största klassen, Custom Content.
      • En säljträning för Ericsson, som internt inom Ericsson utnämnts till den ”mest framgångsrika elearningen någonsin”. Genomfördes av 16 000 personer, mer än 100 procent av målgruppen.
    • Students are changing
    • Your training is not…
    • “Virtual class room”
      = “Motorized horse carriage”
      ©2006 Gronstedt Group, Inc
    • The best that can be said about most eLearning:
      Gives you the sensation of coma without the worry and inconvenience.
      ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
      ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
    • 6 Design principles for disruptive learning
    • 1. Tell a story
      Example: Story-centered, character-rich, video-based simulations for United Healthcare division
    • Webisodes shot in the “mockumentary” style of “The Office”
    • Project Sales is another great example…
    • Brand Basics
      Example: Ericsson training.
    • Stories can be told with professional television-style video…
      … or do it yourself, YouTube-style video on the cheap
    • Litet för att inspirera…
    • Använd riktiga människor och riktiga historier!
    • Tips: Trailer/reklamfilm
    • 2. Gamification of everything
      Points, badges, levels, time-pressure, challenges and rewards to engage reps.
    • Gaming: America´s Army
    • Gaming: NASA
    • 3. Make it immersive
    • Half-day hurricane shelter simulation for NYC
    • Next-gen browser-based virtual worlds developed in Unity
    • Role play
    • Loyalist College Second Life Border Simulation
      Loyalist College Border simulation
      Class room
      Virtual world
      Virtual world
    • Walk inside of products
    • Drive products
    • 3D data visualization
    • Scale and perspective
    • 4. Make it social
    • Lifestore, Sharepoint
      Technology for good… Mer Social media-specifika sajter kan sättas upp!
    • Company internal YouTube and social networks
    • 5. Make everything mobile
      ©2007 Gronstedt Group, Inc
    • Death of Flash? Probably…
    • Games and simulations
      Mobile killer apps
    • 6. Make it fun
    • Och om det inte är (1) roligt, så ska det vara (2) spännande eller (3) berörande.
      Helst två av tre!
    • “First they ignore us, then they laugh at us, then they fight us, then we win." Mahatma Gandhi 
    • Disruptive design principles
      Story telling
      3-D immersive
    • Join our “Train for Success” meetings Thursdays noon ET
      Speakers from IBM, BP and DoE
      “The future is here, just not evenly distributed.” William Gibson