Impact of telivision


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Impact of Television

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Impact of telivision

  1. 1. Submitted ToMr. Rahul Rajan
  2. 2. An electronic system of transmitting transient imagesof fixed or moving objects together with sound overa wire or through space by apparatus that convertslight and sound into electrical waves and reconvertsthem into visible light rays and audible sound
  3. 3. Year 2008 2009 2010 2011T.V 254 267 264 274Internet 137 146 155 167Radio 102 98 96 94Mobile 32 39 50 65Newspaper 38 33 30 26Magazines 25 22 20 18Other 48 46 46 48Total 635 650 660 693
  5. 5. Malayalam TV ChannelsIndiaVision Live Asianet Asianet GlobalAsianet News Live Asianet NewsMCN TV Live Drishyam TVPower Vision TV Live Kiran TvACV Manorama NewsAmrita TV Shalom TvDoordharshan Surya TvJeevan Tv Asianet World Jaihind TVKairali Tv India VisionWe Tv
  6. 6. English News ChannelsBBC WorldCNBC-TV18CNNCNN IBN EnglishET NowHeadlines TodayNDTV 24x7 NewsNDTV ProfitNewsXTimes Now ChannelsBloomberg UTVDD Newslive todayTV 99s7newsdaily jammu metronews 9 bangalore
  7. 7. Malayalam News Channels Indiavision Asianet News Reporter Television Manorama News Kairali People
  8. 8. Indian TV ChannelsIndian TV Channels telecast varieties of programmes including dramas, reality shows, comedies, Music,thrillers, movies are being offered in various regional languages.
  9. 9. Indian Television Serials Indian television serials are the main attractions Television serials, entertain the audiences over the week and also during weekends.
  10. 10. Indian TV Channels
  11. 11. Thus A Structure of Mind is Formed
  12. 12. This instrument can teach, it can illuminateYes and it can even inspire. But it can do so only tothe extend that humans are determined to use it tothose ends. Otherwise , it is nothing but wires andlights in a box.
  13. 13. Television is aninescapable part ofmodern culture. Wedepend on TVfor entertainment, news,education, culture,weather, sports—andeven music, since theadvent of Telivision
  14. 14. Because of its ability to create powerfultouchstones, TV enables young people to sharecultural experiences with others.
  15. 15. Shared viewing gives family members of allages an opportunity to spend time together.
  16. 16. Parents can use TV as a catalyst to get kids reading—following up on TV programs by getting books on thesame subjects or reading authors whose work wasadapted for the programs.
  17. 17. Educationalprogramming can develop young childrenssocialization and learning skills.
  18. 18. TV programs often explores controversial or sensitiveissues, which can make it easier for parents and kids todiscuss them.
  19. 19. Documentaries can help develop criticalthinking about society and the world.
  20. 20. Television has the potential to unite communities,provide information to allow positive cultural, socialand environmental change, and to create a true globalvillage.
  21. 21. effects of violence of tv on children
  22. 22. Televisions Impact on KidsTelevision is one of the most prevalent media influences inkids lives. According to Kids Take on Media, a surveyconducted in 2003 by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation,watching TV is a daily pastime for 75 percent of Canadianchildren, both boys and girls from Grade 3 to Grade 10.
  23. 23. How much impactTV has on childrendepends on manyfactors: how muchthey watch, their ageand personality,whether they watchalone or with adults,and whether theirparents talk withthem about what theysee on TV.
  24. 24. To minimize the potential negative effects oftelevision, its important to understand what theimpact of television can be on children. Belowyou will find information on some areas ofconcern.
  25. 25. ViolenceOver the past two decades, hundreds of studieshave examined how violent programming on TVaffects children and young people. While a direct"cause and effect" link is difficult to establish,there is a growing consensus that some childrenmay be vulnerable to violent images andmessages.
  26. 26. By age 18, the average American child sees 200,000 violentacts on TV.By age 18, children witnesses almost 20,000 murders on TV— most by handguns.73% of the time the people in TV dramas who commitviolent acts go unpunished.47% percent of violent situations show no real harm to thevictims, and 58 percent show no real pain.Only 4 percent of violent programs show nonviolentalternatives to solve programs.80% of Hollywood executives think there is a link betweenTV violence and real-life violence.
  27. 27. Increased fear—also known as the"mean and scary world" syndromeIncreased aggressive behaviourDesensitization to real-life violence
  28. 28. Sexual contentKids today are bombarded with sexual messages and images inall media—television,While television can be a powerful tool for educating youngpeople about the responsibilities and risks of sexual behaviour,such issues are seldom mentioned or dealt with in a meaningfulway in programs containing sexual content.According to a 2001 study from the Kaiser Family Foundation,entitled Sex on TV, three out of four prime time shows containsexual references. Situation comedies top the list: 84 per centcontain sexual content.
  29. 29. TV and ObesityDuring Saturday morning cartoons there are typically morethan 200 "junk- food" commercials.At least 12 medical studies link excessive television watchingto increasing rates of obesity.In 1963, 4.5% of children ages 6 to 11 were seriouslyoverweight; by 2009, this percentage had more than tripled.
  30. 30. TV and Commercials
  31. 31. HorrorIt is especially appealing to adolescents, becausethey are in a period of life when they arestriving for mastery over their emotions.Overcoming terror and revulsion makes themfeel strong and grown-up.
  32. 32. The media desensitize them to horror,making them more callous to evil andits consequences. The result is thatthey will find it easier to bringhorror, or at least pain and sorrow,into the lives of other people.
  33. 33. The Cult of Beauty In the effort to attract viewers and sell products, television and the other visual media constantly offer a gallery of the worlds most beautiful people. A modern man sees more world-class female beauty in a single day than his forefathers saw in a lifetime.
  34. 34. As a result of the mediasrelentless campaign topromote bodyconsciousness, peopletoday are more obsessedwith beauty than everbefore.
  35. 35. Reality television is a genreof television programmingthat presents unscripteddramatic or humoroussituations, documents actualevents, and usually featuresordinary people instead ofprofessional actors,sometimes in a contest orother situation where a prizeis awarded.
  36. 36. The impact of reality television on the televisionindustry has been that of a low-cost way to tellentertaining stories and get big audiences, it hasforced scripted television, to become morecreative
  37. 37. It is the only College in the University without thestudent units of the political organizations like SFI,KSU and ABVP. No strike was held in the campus,though all the other colleges in the University hadtheproblem.