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  • David Paul O’ BrienFirst Amendment
  • Middle of a forest
  • Extends much further


  • 1. Danny Linell and Derek Bertolini
    Non-violent protests during the Vietnam War (1964-1973)
  • 2. Previous Influence
    Civil Right’s Movement had been in full force
    Many forms of Non Violent protest were used
    Students protesting Vietnam got many of their ideas and were greatly influenced by people such as Martin Luther King
    Marches during the Civil Right’s Movement: Birmingham gave students belief that they CAN make a difference
  • 3. Why Were People so Unsupportive of The War?
    As war dragged on, so did body count
    People began to disapprove for the war more and more
    Especially upset about use of chemical weapons and devastating effects the war was taking on the youth of the nation
    US began being compared to Nazis
    Government lied about death toll and progress being made
    Lost public support for war quickly
  • 4. The Changing 60’s
    Student enrollment in schools and universities increased dramatically
    An era of a much more knowledgeable and aware youth
    “New Left” Era activists, protesters, and people wanting change
  • 5. “Hey, Hey, LBJ. How Many Kids Did You Kill today?”
    President Johnson recruits kids for participation in the war. (aka DRAFT)
    Sparked great deal of opposition and anger
    Students felt they did not have to participate in a war they did not feel was justified or morally right
  • 6. Opposition to LBJ
  • 7. Burning Draft Cards
    Draft Cards were publically burnt to express opposition to the draft.
    Government responded by making it illegal to destroy draft certificates.
    Public responded: United States v. O'Brien
    Argued that prohibiting burning draft cards, violated a man’s freedom of speech for he was symbolically expressing himself
    Law was not overturned; however, it ignited public awareness in the matter
  • 8. Opposition to War through Advertisements
  • 9. Chicago University
  • 10. National Moratorium March
    National March with aims to end the war
    Attracted over 500,000 supporters
    Form of Non-Violent approach: marched in single file line down Pennsylvania Avenue.
    Called out names of dead soldiers as they marched
    Marched all the way to the White House
    Gained publicity and national attention
  • 11. Extreme Non Violent Techniques1965
    Norman Morrison
    Burned himself to death in public in resentment to the war
    Wanted to take a strong stand and attract support in opposition to the war
    Two others soon followed him in the form of protest
  • 12. Non Violent Protests through Music, Drugs, and Love
    Counter Culture
    Hippies evolved; rejected American values—particularly Vietnam
    Drugs, especially hallucinogenic, became a prominent part of the counterculture
    Way of expressing a free, nonviolent part of themselves
  • 13. Woodstock Music Festival
    Attracted Hundreds of Thousand from around the world
    1969; White Lake, New York
    Festival About Much More than Just Music: National Movement For Peace
    Woodstock used music as an expression of their feelings, they spoke their rejection and opposition through the music.
  • 14. 3 Days of Peace and Music
  • 15. How Non-Violent Was Woodstock?
    Over 500,000 people attended and no major fights broke out
    Two babies were born over the three day span
    Everyone came together as one
    Mutual feeling that people had enough of war and just wanted peace
  • 16. Country Joe And The Fish - Vietnam Song Lyrics
    “And it's one, two, three,What are we fighting for ?Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,Next stop is Vietnam;And it's five, six, seven,Open up the pearly gates,Well there ain't no time to wonder why,Whoopee! we're all gonna die”
  • 17. Woodstock
  • 18. Non Violent Vietnam Recap
    Non Violence came in forms of:
    Student Protests
    Music, Drugs, Expression
    All in All, Public rejection and protests towards activity in Vietnam played a grave role in our retraction from Vietnam
  • 19. THE END
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