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  1. 1. Technology File Formats This is an example of an Audio MP3 file format This is an example of a Video MPEG -4 File format File Formats are the original way information is encoded of the storage of a file on your computer. File Formats are created to hold different forms of data. File Formats include different aspects of multimedia such as audio and video. Different types of Audio file formats are MP3 and MP4. The advantages of using MP3 File Formats are The MP3 files have been compressed to the file size smaller which allows the user to rip a huge amount of music and audio file on a disk. A Disadvantage of Using MP3 file formats are they often have low audio quality. However an advantage of using MP4 is it has the same file extensions the MP3 files. However a disadvantage of MP4 is the files are difficult to edit. These Audio file will allow used the add sound and dialogue two the adverts we will be creating for advertising a new brand of energy drink. The one the main types ofVideo file isMPEG4. The Advantage of MPEG4 are its files have a very good quality standard with lower file formats. A Disadvantage of MPEG4 file might not run on every DVD ROM player because it isn’t supported by Microsoft and because of all the file variations. The files Video files also allow the user to edits and created videos. This will help use created the video for our advert on a new energy drink product. Daniel Woolley This is an example of an MP4 File format hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. 2. Technology Compression Compression is where information is encoded reducing the file size of the file making it quicker to be sent. One of the main file compressing softwares is called WINSIP. WINSIP also you to compress files and sent them on. Compression can be either Lossy or Lossless. Lossy data compression is where a file losaes data that can’t be restored and the quality of the file can be lost. For example a lossyimages becomes pixelated and unclear the user. Lossy images also have variations in colour and pixels which are arranged in columns and rows of squares, that are all the same size. However Lossless compression is where the file doesn’t loss its quality and data can be restored. Lossless images aren’t pixelated and are often very good quality. File compression will also help us create our adverts to advertise a new brand of energy when we have to send reports to the client of the production company of our progress in producing these adverts. This is an example of a Lossy image This is an example of a Lossless image. Daniel Woolley “ hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. 3. Streaming methods Downloading When you downloads and file the whole file is saved on to your computer which you can open and view anytime without having to download the file again. An advantage of downloading are it is quicker to access to different parts of the file. However a disadvantage of downloading is you have to wait until the whole file has downloaded before any of the file can be viewed. Downloading will be one of the key element when producing our adverts of a new brand of fizzy drink which will allow us to have permanent access to the video file we are going to produce in the next assignment. Windows downloads the files automatically.How HTTP software can download file to and from a website. This is an example of a downloading software which allows you to download a file to and from a website. hhhhhhhhhhhhhh This is an example of a video streaming site that is Youtube Streaming Streaming allows the user the start watching the file almost as soon as the file begins downloading. You tube is one of the most popular video streaming sites. The advantages of video streaming are it doesn’t involve any waiting and is able to broadcast live events. However and disadvantage of streaming is sometimes it takes a while to buffer. Streaming will become a key element in publishing and advertising the new brand of fizzy drink. Streaming is also used as a marketing by advertising and promoting new products, items or the latest films. Daniel Woolley
  4. 4. Streaming Methods Progressive Downloading Progressive downloading is known as a Hybrid method of streaming. In this Progressive video clips downloading but doesn’t start playing until a portion of the file has been received. The advantages of progressive downloading are it provides and quicker playback time than it would to download and play and when the file arrives, it also allows the user to fast forward and rewind the content of the file. However and disadvantage of Progressive downloading is not all media players can support the file once the file is in a progressive download file format. Windows Media Player is an example of progressive downloading software. Daniel Woolley hhhhhhhhhhhhhh