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  • We placed an advert on their website for our custom banner printing service, for 30 days. The advert was to sell our custom printed products. We sell hundreds of these items every week via other popular sites and from our own website. We were hoping to appeal to a larger audience and chose gumtree. They currently have a TV advert running and thought is was a well known brand. The advert did not bring in any sales. Gumtree market themselves well for sellers but does very little to promote it's services to buyers. Ebay and amazon on the other hand market to both seller and buyers. I asked Gumtree for a partial refund and they declined. If you want to sell something, pay the extra and use ebay.
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Gumtree Review

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION After conducting a review on the well known website Gumtree we discovered why itattracts thousands of people each day. Gumtree is like your online swap meet, except Australia wide. It offers a free service which allows users to buy and sell items. The types of items listed are endless. Ads for cars, pets, beauty services, photography or concert tickets. It’s easy to use and well organised. The popularity of Gumtree is growing, so lets see what its all about.....
  3. 3. FIRST IMPRESSIONS• Fast download, • Free to• No buy and interruptions. sell.• Well organised & • Attractive easy to images. understand. • Categories, headings • Encourages user to and sub headings to search for an item. be easily accessed.
  4. 4. NAVIGATION • Very user friendly. • Search item, category and location are viewable on all pages for easy access. • Able to change criteria at any time. • Tabs, headings and sub- headings easily guide users around the site. • Ads are detailed and informative, but simple and structured.
  5. 5. CONTENT• Buy and sell items in Australia for free.• Ads posted include description, photos, location and contact details.• Various items from cars to books are available and all listed in easy to find categories• Items are added daily and the site is kept up-to-date.
  6. 6. ATTRACTORS• Posting an ad and registering is all free.• Registration is optional.• Option to view item before purchase.• Criteria based searches make items easy to find.• Thousands access the site everyday, making it the ideal site to buy or sell.• Well organised and structured site encourages further use.
  7. 7. FINDABILITY • Gumtree’s growing popularity means its becoming increasingly more available. • Now advertises on popular social networking sites. • Many sponsored links increase findability. • Partners with another popular website • Easy to find in Google search engine with related keywords.
  8. 8. M C A O K N I T N A G C T• Instant confirmation once placing an ad and confirmation the ad has been accepted within 24 hours.• Sellers phone and email contact details are easily accessible to buyers. Response time varies.
  9. 9. T A A U R D G I E E T N C E• Although the website caters for a wide range of audiences, the website it primarily targeting those aged 18 plus as they are able to independently buy and sell items.
  10. 10. • Free, easy to use, organised and fast responses creates instant satisfaction for the user. • Countless positive feedback. • Positive feedback encourages more traffic to the site, making it more effective and attractive to the user. • No cost creates much more satisfaction that it’s competitors who charge for their services.USER SATISFACTION
  11. 11. KNOWLEDGE OF USERS• Gumtree is easy to use and only requires basic computer skills to use the website.
  12. 12. ConclusionForget the old newspaper ads, Gumtree is the way of the future. It allows user to easilyaccess any item quickly and results find the item that best suits your chosen criteria.You can view the item through photos, see the location of the seller, know the askingprice and more detailed description is an easy to follow format. The best part is you cando all this searching without ever leaving the house. Gumtree is a progressive websitethat is leading the way for online buying and selling