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Channel 4

  1. 1. This channel is the most widely acceptable channel there is as they are not scared of trying new things and allowing everybody to have an equal chance within there company’s.<br />Not only do they have a broad workforce of people they also have many programmes as well containing people with a disability. <br />Cast Off’s<br />Hollyoaks<br />
  2. 2. Hollyoaks – Channel 4<br />This is a popular well known teenage drama, from channel 4, that is watched by many teenagers and influences them. Therefore it has a responsibility to show interactions and social situations and how they are able to be dealt with. Within this Hollyoaks has faced the issues of disability by having 2 characters with disabilities and how they cope with everyday life and the abuse they can be subjected too just for being classed as different. <br />Hollyoaks use everyday problems that happen to help the viewers grasp the pain they can be put through and to show the young viewers that they are the same as them. Hollyoaks is helping the youth of today create a more inclusive society. <br />
  3. 3. Haley Ramsey <br />Played By Kelly-Marie Stewart<br />Hayley has an older brother who is over-protective and worries about her mainly cause of her disability <br />She had to make her former boyfriend Reece overcome his fear of her disability before he would date her because he didn’t know how to act with her.<br />Haley is a wheelchair bound girl that has no problem dealing with her disability herself and is out to prove how competent she is.<br />A strong character like Haley is a good person to look up to as she is strong confident and doesn’t let her disability control her.<br />She is a fantastic singer and tried to be in a band with 2 of the lads from the show – she got victimised because she was in a wheel chair and was not going to cut it in the music industry just because of this. Hollyoaks has clearly used this to show how although we attempt to be an inclusive society, when it comes to music it is all about selling yourself rather then just if you have a good voice.<br />
  4. 4. Spencer Gray<br />Played By Darren Langford<br />He struggles to fit in with other people his age as he doesn’t know how to behave in social situations.<br />People get stressed with the character as he is slow and gets in the way easily.<br />Spencer is the brother of the drama’s gangster character and shows this characters soft side when it comes to his brother. He is other protective though and worry’s about his inability’s.<br />Now his brother has died he has taken over his businesses and doesn’t really know how to cope with the general run of things. However he still wants to have control and wont let all the people try and take over just because they know how to do it as he wants to do it for his brother.<br />
  5. 5. Both Spencer and Hayley represent the two ends of coping with disabilities. Hayley is co-dependant and can look after herself making sure everyone around her knows that her chair just makes her more confident where as Spencer is always dependent on other people and when he does try and do things alone he just causes problems and makes things worse. <br />Hollyoaks uses both these situations to help make there series be more realistic as disability is something that is in everyday life and shouldn’t be dismissed when it is an important part. Hollyoaks is helping to create a more inclusive society and stop the bullying and exclusion that a disability can cause for a person.<br />
  6. 6. Cast Off’s <br />Channel 4’s fake reality show for disabled contestants.<br />
  7. 7. Channel 4 goes where no one has dared go before creating a entire series of a show with all disabled cast. This fake reality show, is used to embrace disability rather then shun it by putting the group of people into the reality TV show that we are used to in everyday life. <br />Through out the series you see the contestants go through a lot of stress to try and win the money which is the same as a show such as Big Brother or I’m a Celebrity.. Combined to have the contestants put onto a remote island and they have to live with the bare essentials. <br />This is a hard hitting show that brings television into a new light and a more inclusive society. <br />
  8. 8. Gabriella<br />Played by Sophie Woolley <br />April<br />Victoria Wright<br />Gabby (deaf) may be charging towards the altar but there&apos;s also the small matter of her baby bump...<br />An unexpected birthday party for April ( cherubism ) turns out to be a surprise in more ways than one.<br />
  9. 9. Will<br />Carrie<br />KirunaStamell<br />Will (thalidomide affected) may be campaigning to become the disabled community&apos;s answer to Barack Obama but will he succeed? Not if people won&apos;t listen...<br />Carrie (dwarfism) can&apos;t wait to get away from the island but will she like what she hears in the future?<br />
  10. 10. Tom<br />Dan<br />Played By Tim Gebbels<br />Sardonic, dry and very funny, Tom (blind) is also perpetually lazy. Luckily, he&apos;s also a bit handy with a shotgun.<br />Sweet and slightly naive, Dan (paraplegic) is in for quite a ride<br />
  11. 11. Sophie Woolley’s Interview:<br /><br />Tim Gebbel’s Interview:<br /><br />‘help increase the employment of disabled cast members’<br />